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Episode 73: Subtle Like Sting

by Patrick Barnett, Danny Bivens, Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - February 16, 2013, 6:21 am PST
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Nintendo Direct, monumental games, and Dead Space 3 on this week's Connectivity!

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Welcome to episode 73 of Connectivity! There's plenty to talk about this week.

Opening the show is our reaction to the latest 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct. Scott, Neal, and Patrick discuss every single announcement from the event and squeal with general excitement. Oh, and they manage to segue into talking about Fire Emblem, Punch Out!!, and Kirby's Epic Yarn for a while.

After that, Danny joins Scott and Neal to talk about games that are tied with monumental or memorable moments in their personal lives. Hear about Ocarina of Time and first kisses, Tetris Attack and meeting your eventual wife, and even going on a killing spree in GoldenEye to avoid confronting the school bully.

Stick around after the outro for a bonus segment all about Dead Space 3 with Scott and Zach. How does the survival horror series hold up in its third iteration? We'll tell you!

As always, you can click here to send us listener mail. Have some thoughts about the Nintendo Direct? Tell us about them!

This episode edited by Scott Thompson.


llafferFebruary 19, 2013

Based on my research, this should be compatible with GameBoy Printer. I don't own one, so I cannot verify. Your mileage may vary...  http://www.rakuten.com/prod/pm-taxi-receipt-thermal-roll-paper-1-5-x-40ft-10-pack-white/216676387.html

As for "my story", the only thing I can think of is related to Final Fantasy VI:

I was an "orchestra/band" geek in high school, graduating in '92.  I participated in four musicals paying either cello or acoustic bass depending on the year.

I stopped playing instruments after high school, but was still interested in VG music in the games that I was playing.Fall of my third year in college, FFVI is released.  I've been a FF fan since the first game, so I pick this game up and start playing.When I got about eight hours in, hitting the opera house scene where Celes takes the place of Maria and you participate in the play, I found that section very entertaining, unexpected game play, and the content hitting close to home.It just stuck out as one of my favorite VG moments and onside red that song in the opera my favorite VG game song if or several years after that.

As to Mario Golf, because of my totally embracing the shiny digital future I don't buy physical 3DS games unless I absolutely have to, and Nintendo's eShop implementation won't let me buy digital games more than once, so I will only be buying the game once. I will probably at some point rebuy Mario Tennis Open digitally, though, and basically every other 3DS game I own physically that gets released that way.

EDIT: Patrick, I will mail you my launch copy of Pilotwings Resort. I was crazy enough to pay the $40 for the digital copy, so I have no use for my physical one anymore, and according to the CAG list GameStop only gives $2 for it, so if you'd like to play it it's yours.

randomflashbangFebruary 23, 2013

Regarding the bonus segment; Alien Crush actually had a sequel on WiiWare. Good times

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