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Episode 44: A Nice Little Romp

by Patrick Barnett, Danny Bivens, Andrew Brown, Zachary Miller, Carmine Red, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - July 28, 2012, 1:25 pm EDT
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This is a show about video games, right? Well then, let's talk about them. 

First off, Carmine, Andrew, and Danny talk about their massive backlogs. How big is yours? I bet ours are bigger. Does the number 50 impress you, because it's pretty close to that. Yeah, I know, don't get me started. 

After that, Neal, Patrick, and Zach talk about the games they actually HAVE played. It's another installment of our evolving Game of the Year list, where we chronicle the best games of the year. I hope your favorite made the list.

And since we couldn't help it, if you stick around after the "real" part of the show, you can listen to Neal, Scott, and Zach blabber on about The Dark Knight Rises. Warning: Spoilers are all up in this segment.

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This week's episode edited by Mike Sklens.


supergttJuly 28, 2012

The mp3 file you uploaded is only 169 bytes. Just fyi.

zeeroidJuly 28, 2012

50? That's paltry!

oksodaScott Thompson, Associate EditorJuly 28, 2012

Actually, it appears that the file was never uploaded at all. We'll get that up ASAP. In the meantime, the AAC file is all good to go.

AVJuly 29, 2012

A little cheat in Pikmin 2 that helps out the caves.

In the Wiimote hit home and do reset.

Each level of the caves is saved, so if you have a rough time in one level you can easily start JUST THAT LEVEL over. To reset and go back into the game it takes less than 20 seconds. This may also help with some of the shitty random levels, the new remixes maybe easier. I guess you could do this on gamecube, but you would have to GET UP AND HIT RESET AND SIT BACK DOWN, on wiimote its super simple.

Pixelated PixiesJuly 30, 2012

Kid Icarus: Uprising better than Xenoblade? You guys are crazy!

Insanity aside though, this segment is beginning to become really interesting. Having a constantly shifting personal top 5, which then influences the overall top 5, makes for some intriguing bargaining and discussion. It's pretty neat.

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