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Connectibites 2012 E3 3DS Reaction Show

by Grant Buell, Andy Goergen, and Scott Thompson - June 6, 2012, 10:09 pm EDT
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Hosted by the other Threediots.

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Remember when everyone was mad about the Nintendo E3 press conference? Well, what a swift turn of events, as palpable rage has acquiesced into quiet befuddlement.

Here to break down the events of Nintendo's, what, like third press conference this week, are Scott, Andy, and Grant. The gents go over what was revealed (or not so revealed, in any case) at the 3DS-centric event.

Enjoy the show. This will probably be the last podcast until next week, but who knows, we might just all find something else we want to complain about. In the meantime, click here to send us some listener mail!

This episode was edited by Scott Thompson. The opening tune is "Simple Pleasures in America" by The Arrivals.


SonofMrPeanutJune 07, 2012

Been digging all the casts this week.  I may edit this later after listening.

If you haven't already, check Nintendo's abridged version of the Developer Roundtable.  Dr. Jonathan Metts makes an appearance @ 9:13.

fixyourface0814June 07, 2012

I never really noticed Connectivity being an overly negative show. Maybe I'm also overly negative? There's certainly PLENTY to be negative about this week. Good job as always.

abeJune 07, 2012

that paper mario demo should have been on the real conference and there should have been only one. also you guys should have talked about the akwardness of that corporate executive suit guy...

oksodaScott Thompson, Associate EditorJune 07, 2012

He was terrible, wasn't he? I think later on we mention how the guy from Treehouse who ran the Paper Mario and NSMB2 demos should have ran the whole thing.

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