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Billy's Pre-Show Impressions

by Billy Berghammer - August 23, 2000, 9:59 pm PDT

"I never would have dreamed I would actually take a trip like this..."

Bring on the Big Sho!

I can't freakin' believe it. Space World 2000 is a couple days away. The whole concept of going to Japan is pretty unbelievable. Back when I was working for the N64HQ I priced out a trip to Japan just for kicks. This was when Zelda was to be shown for the first time. This also was the first time the Shoshinkai would be called “Space World.” I never would have dreamed I would actually take a trip like this.

But on Tuesday morning, I will be on my way to Japan. Not only that but I'll be getting to see the Dolphin/GBA first hand. The best part is, I'll get to share this whole experience with you. I'll spare the Kleenex issues, but it makes this whole site worthwhile. It's kind of amazing that we've been doing this site, and all of this speculation, and a whole lot of dreaming for almost 2 years...and we don't even know the freakin' NAME of this thing.

But we will...and a whole lot more I believe. Currently PlanetN2000 has quite a bit of exclusive things lined up to rawk your world. I’d go into more detail, but that would ruin the surprise. Let’s just say we are way ready for this adventure. If all goes well with the internet connection, and everything else….this is going to be killer.

I hope through my correspondence from Japan, I will not only just relay movies, audio, screenshots, and more...but also convey what the whole “Japan” experience is like. Japan, as I've been told by many, and what I am personally realizing daily, is a completely different world. Man, and I thought E3 was going to be nuts! I know zero Japanese. I have been doing a lot of reading up on the different cool things to see, as well as where I can eat something close to normal. And of course, where to get all the games I need. Talk about being a kid in a candy store. Give me my 64DD thank you! Finally! Fortunately I know a bunch of people that are going, so all should be crazy. Gettin' funky in Tokyo. Bring it. :)

Gimme Dolphin! Gimme GBA!

As far as Space World itself is concerned, I have quite a few expectations for this show. So do a truckload of Nintendophiles out there. First of all, I think Nintendo has a bunch of things up their sleeve to bust out Dolphin and GBA wise. I’m not the least bit discouraged that Dolphin isn’t playable this year. I’m not totally thrilled obviously, but I understand why. The second people found out that there would be no Dolphin playability the world seemed to crap their pants. C’mon people! It’s all going to be fine. Granted GBA won’t hit until Spring 2001, and Dolphin most likely won’t make it stateside until Fall 2001…but we’re going to have a lot of Nintendo fun until then.

Nintendo still has some huge titles still coming out before the release of Dolphin/GBA. I guess you could call them the final hurrah for the N64. And we are talking about a big freakin’ Hoo-RAH! Sin and Punishment came out of no where, and it looks like it’s going to be amazing. I’m not a big Mario Party fan, but #3 looks pretty impressive. Also, Nintendo is still looking to rake in some moola still with their cash cow the GBC. You can’t really argue with them on this. Oh yeah, did someone say Mario Tennis for the GBC? The connectivity with the N64 via Transfer Pak was something I had been hoping for ever since I found out Camelot was doing this game.

This is also not taking into consideration the many other titles (outside of Space World titles) we’ll see before Dolphin and GBA hit. Nintendo has plenty of fine games to keep us junkies happy. Mario Tennis (werd), Zelda – Majora’s Mask, Pokemon Silver/Gold, Mickey Kart (well that’s what it is essentially!), Eternal Darkness (a big Grrrrrr to your delay) Dino Planet, Paper Mario, and Banjo-Tooie. I’m sure I’m forgetting titles here.

Sure PS2 will be launched in the US this fall, and Sega will be kickin’ SegaNet in full gear with their second generation DC games. I think Nintendo’s decision to wait until now to reveal Dolphin and GBA is smart. Remember how the PS2 demo seemed to rain all over the Dreamcast launch in Japan? Nintendo seemed to learn something from that. Granted I don’t think this is the only reason Nintendo has waited so long to release Dolphin and GBA information, but it does make a little sense.

And then there’s this thing called the GBA

Yes, the successor to the Game Boy. You know, it’s been out for sometime now, and sold a few copies. The GBA is poised to sell a TON on its release. With it’s expected Graphics, Dolphin connectivity, and Internet/Cell phone capabilities it’s no wonder. It’s huge in Japan and around the world. It will be a feature at Space World for 2 reasons. 1. Dolphin’s not ready, and GBA has been complete for a long time. 2. It’s coming out before Christmas in Japan.

I believe GBA is Nintendo’s ticket to getting it’s crown back in Nintendo’s homeland, and across the globe. Dolphin will help out considerably, but the successor to the greatest handheld game system is destined for greatness.

Mario Kart Advance is also something I feel will turn heads. According to some of our sources, GBA will have at least a 4-way link cable. Instant portable Mario Kart insanity baby! This will take Kart racing to a whole new level. Mario Kart doesn’t just sell well in the US. It sells well in Japan. That is very important to Nintendo. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

The end of Star Cube Stuff?

Well, since its inception of rumor, I have never thought Project Dolphin would be called Star Cube. I give a lot of people credit for the research and speculation that surrounded it. But I am looking forward to finding out what this thing will really be called. I also hope my prediction will be right, and that it will just be the connectivity device between the GBA and the Dolphin, or it will have to do with it’s online connectivity. Either way, we will find out in a couple days.

And just think, like the Datadyne, and N-Space Websites….it draws a lot of attention to Nintendo with out saying anything specific about the product. It’s an interesting advertising tactic that Nintendo is presumably using. I wouldn’t doubt it for a second. Then again, I wouldn’t be upset if the network is called Star Road. :P

Predictions of what I think Nintendo will deliver at Space World 2000.

  • We will see the Dolphin Console
  • We will see the Dolphin Controller, and it will be demonstrated by Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario)
  • We may see the Console live and in action with a Mario Demo
  • We will see plenty of Dolphin Video
  • We will hear the actual final name of Project Dolphin, and get to see the actual Logo
  • We will find out more second, and third party developers
  • We will find out about Nintendo's online plans
  • We will find out the GBA's interactivity with Dolphin, and possibly (hopefully) see a demonstration
  • We will see the GBA design, logo, and control scheme.
  • We will get a full demonstration of GBA, as well as get hands on impressions of all the GBA games
Ideally I'd also like to hear or see these Dolphin games at Space World
  • Mario World Title
  • Zelda
  • Wave Race
  • Mario Kart
  • Metroid
  • Star Fox
  • Star Wars Title
  • Donkey Kong
  • Pilotwings
  • Football and Baseball Titles
  • Fighting Game(s)
  • Pokemon
  • Tetris
  • Perfect Dark/Golden Eye Sequel We will obviously know a lot more in a few days. Man, that will be when the real speculation begins. Heheh. What will really happen here very few people know. Nintendo has been keeping us all in the dark for way too long. But in just a few short days, Dolphin and GBA will be unleashed upon starry eyes. The wait is almost over.

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