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by Billy Berghammer - August 23, 2000, 2:28 pm PDT

Billy shows his excitement about the upcoming day.

Thursday, 6:18am Japan: That means Good Morning! My time schedule is a little fried so I couldn't really sleep. Damn Geisha. Heheheh. Kidding!

Well today's the big day folks. Just 9 hours away from the press conference! Hell yeah! Ran into the fine folks from Tendo Box last night and exchanged stories and stuff. They've got some video of the conference center up, along with some interesting pics from Mario Golf that look WAY to good for N64. They came from a Japanese Gaming magazine. It's hard to say what the hell it is, meaning if it's Dolphin or not. But they look damn sweet. That's the last scoop you Tendo Box bastards get. Mwhahahahahahah. :) Damn, I need to find some Mountain Dew quick!

Well keep an eye out. This is where you'll see everything happen. Very soon. The time has almost come! Am I the only one that sees Dolphins and Dinosaurs flying?

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