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Custom Card Makes Mega Mario

by Andrew Brown - March 14, 2011, 3:43 am EDT
Total comments: 10 Source: http://www.nintendo-master.com/xtnews/news-26429_e..., (Nintendo Master)

Fan-made AR card makes for super-sized Mario.

Inspired by Club Nintendo's announced gift of a giant-sized AR card, French site Nintendo-Master has experimented with their own custom-made card. Using his printer and 36 sheets of A4 paper, fan SpiderPom fashioned a gargantuan replica of the 3DS's original Mario card, measuring over 1.50 meters tall.
As of today it is the largest (so far) in the world.

The experiment proved to be a big success, popping out a larger-than-life plumber. The relatively small resolution of the photo leaves a bit to be desired, but from a technological standpoint, it shows the potential for some interesting game developments in the future. I can't wait until someone inevitably takes a photo of a colossal Mario stomping on buildings or Link doing battle with skyscrapers. Nintendo provides the AR cards in PDF format, so you can try to replicate SpiderPom's results yourself.

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GKMarch 14, 2011

I'd like to see a giant Bowser attacking the city like in Sim City myself.

DannymclMarch 14, 2011

Great AR card but the spider-man mask kinda ruins it.

TJ SpykeMarch 14, 2011

Are those images real or photoshopped? If they are real, that is pretty cool.

ThePermMarch 14, 2011

my brother made his own ar cards for his eye toy, not so hard

ShyGuyMarch 14, 2011

Why the mask? Is he afraid the Nintendo Ninjas will get him?


AVMarch 14, 2011

wouldn't the ? block AR card be more bang for your buck. You could play all the AR games with that in huge way.

what the hail is a meter

1 meter = about 39.37 inches.

AVMarch 20, 2011


This is so cool.

Makes the spider guy look like an amateur

ShyGuyMarch 21, 2011

Wow, Nintendo should do something Godzilla sized.

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