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Zach's Gaming Stuff: Dead Space 2

by Zachary Miller - February 20, 2011, 3:15 pm PST
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One of the better Collector's Editions out there...kind of.

I'm a huge fan of the original Dead Space. That game did horror in a way that I hadn't seen done before in a video game. The music, the ambient noise, and some of the environmental triggers (like a trash can rolling out from behind a corner) really gave the the USG Ishimura an atmosphere that I loved/was terrified of.When Dead Space 2 was finally announced, I was of course thrilled - this would be a Day One purchase for me, no matter what the cost. Eventually, word came 'round of a Collector's Edition. Now, I'm a self-diagnosed "special edition" whore when it comes to video games (but not so much movies...go figure) but even so, I was a little leery about what was in the box...until I read about the Plasma Cutter. Sold. But does the rest of the bonus content make it whole? Let's find out...together.

Of course, the Collector's Edition comes with Dead Space 2. PS3 owners should note that Extraction is included on the disk whether you buy the Collector's Edition or not. You're basically getting one of the Wii's best light-gun games for free either way. I will say that you'll want to play it with the Move, not the DualShock 3.

This means, of course, that it''s the rest of the Collector's Edition that costs twenty extra Necromorphs. The first thing I dug out was this soundtrack CD, which I instantly transferred onto iTunes, stuck on my iPod, and forgot about. It is nice to have, though. I gotta tell you, the music by itself is almost totally forgettable. It's the context of the scene that makes the music work in horror, so without the visual cues, the tension is not really tension. In other words, not something I'd listen to in the car.

Okay, when they say "lithograph," I think it means something nice. Something like an animation cell. Something framed and put behind plastic. This is not that; this lithograph is just a picture on a piece of thick glossy paper. It's basically a storyboard sequence from the opening minutes of the game. Great. But it's pretty low-quality.

Here's the games online pass voucher. This being an EA game, you either have to buy it new or pay after the fact if you buy it used to access online features, like multiplayer. The voucher also gives you exclusive (probably timed) DLC: the Zealot Suit and Zealot Force Gun. The Zealot Suit is very useful for the first half of the game, and it looks badass. The Zealot Force Gun is...a Force Gun with a unique paint scheme. It's no more powerful than the one you'd otherwise buy in the Store. How's the multiplayer? It's...well, it's there.

This is what I'm really excited about, though. WHAT'S IN THE BOX?

It's a Plasma Cutter, bitches! You have to use a jeweler screwdriver to pop open the battery case and then insert 2 AAA batteries to make it light up, but once you do, IT'S ON. Bring on the undead space monsters!

Unfortunately, it is not particularly large. Certainly not 1:1 with the in-game model, but that's okay. Call it a "Pocket Plasma Cutter." Maybe it doesn''t hold as much ammo, but I can only assume it's just as good for dismembering limbs.

Some further indication of its size here. While your index finger rests comfortably on the trigger, there's an space for your middle finger too, for some reason. Sadly, this Plasma Cutter has no alternate fire position, a fact which I am genuinely disappointed with.

But it does light up with colors true to the game. Although I'm not so sure about that green flashlight. All four lights come on at the same time when you press the trigger. It seems like maybe the green light is supposed to function as a flashlight that's on all the time, while the blue lights are, of course, the aiming guides for the plasma rounds. I'm not going to complain too much, though, as I love the effect.

Bang bang! Pew pew!

Well, see, it's not so scary with the light on, is it? The lights are nice and bright, though.

The Collector's Edition of Dead Space 2 is disappointing for a few reasons but awesome in other respects. I love the Plasma Cutter, and actually - I'm not kidding - I put it by my bed and use it as a flashlight when I wake up in the middle of the night and have to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom. The Zealot Suit is a real boon early in the game, as is the Force Gun, which takes care of early enemies pretty handily. The soundtrack is okay and the lithrograph is pretty much a throwaway. For $80, you could certainly do worse in terms of special editions. Plasma Cutter > Cat Helmet.



EnnerFebruary 19, 2011

Shame the cutter isn't bigger, but it still looks really nice.

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