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Club Nintendo Mario Fan and Posters Pictorial

by Pedro Hernandez - November 1, 2010, 11:51 pm EDT
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Pedro takes a look at the Mario goodies courtesy of Club Nintendo.

Question: If this year marks Mario's 25th birthday, then how come I am the one receiving all the goodies? :p

But all kidding aside, in honor of this occassion, I ordered a lot of Mario related goodies from Club Nintendo, including one the recently added Mario Japanese sensu paper fans.

The Mario paper fan

I ordered the white Sensu fan, which features a fully colored Mario jumping across the fan while the traditional baddies adorn the left and right side of the fan. First, the obvious. The paper is very thin and sensitive, so if you plan to order one of these to fan yourself during a heat wave, you better try something else because constant use of it might destroy it. The hinges and the handles are made of bamboo wood, polished to a shine. The fan closes neatly and rarely will you get it stuck.

How the fan looks like packaged

What I really appreciate, though, is how it came packaged. It turns out that the mailman left it on my malbox, and today it had been raining cats and dogs. Lucky for me, water didn't get onto the fan. That's because it is triple protected. First the fan comes in a small light peach pouch that is very soft and even traditional. That pouch is stored inside of a plastic pouch that fully protects it from any harm like water or troublesome shipping processes. At the top is a paper strap that closes the fan shut so it doesn't open on its own when moving it around. I give Nintendo a thumbs up for handling these fans very well.

Close-up of the handle

So as a fan you can use for yourself, it works well enough, but again, constant use of it might destroy it in the long run. As a collectible, however, I love it. The colors are vibrant, and the detail is astounding. I gotta find a neat place to display it as it is way too nice to keep it hidden away.

Mario's enemies

Now, the three-poster Mario set is fairly old. It was introduced sometime at the beggining or middle of the year, and since I am such a big Mario fanboy, I decided to grab them as well.

Mario in the center of the fan

These posters are very high quality, and made with the same glossy paper as the Legend of Zelda poster sets released last year. Funny enough, I am going through the same problem former staff member Lukasz Balicki faced when he received his Zelda posters (as detailed by his blog post here), and that is that the posters are so high quality that I really want to display them in the best way possible. The colors are beautiful, perfectly capturing the happy spirit of the Mario franchise. I am afraid of using cheap tape or something to put them on my wall. If they go up, they need to do so in the best manner possible.

"Mario's History", the abridged poster version

The first of these posters is "Mario's History". The background features the classic Super Mario Bros. stage while artwork of Mario's past games cover the skyscape. Note that this was released before the official anniversary event, so it ends at New Super Mario Bros. Wii instead of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Last year's Zelda poster series also featured a "History of" poster.

"Mario's Family", featuring favorites such as Birdo, Bowser Jr. and WALUIGI!

The second is "Mario's Family". This might be my favorite poster of the three, as rarely do you see all of Mario's friends featured on one poster. The poster features familiar characters like Peach, Luigi, Wario, Bowser, and Donkey Kong, along with lesser known characters like Birdo, Waluigi, and Bowser Jr.

It's a me, Mario! And me! And me! And me!

Finally, "Let's Go!", a bright red poster features Mario's signature victory pose covering a great deal of it while classic Mario renders are featured on the top of it. It's very plain and simple, but the red is very eye-catching and vibrant.

Pedro likes Mario it seems

And that's my recent Mario haul. I couldn't help but indulge myself in everything Mario as Nintendo celebrates the release of his first platforming game, Super Mario Bros. It was the first Nintendo game I ever played and to this day I still play it. Thank you Nintendo for giving us such a wonderful franchise, and may it outlive us all and continue to delight the next generation of gamers, dark shooters and violent games be damned!

Guess I am too much of a Mario FAN-boy! Ha ha ha! OK, I'll stop now...



EnnerNovember 02, 2010

Ooo, those look nice.

I'm still gunning after the Hanafuda cards so I hope I'll get enough points before the points expire.

BlackNMild2k1November 02, 2010

The hinges and the handles are made of strong plastic.

BlackNMild2k1November 03, 2010

I checked the site again


Mario Sensu (Japanese Folding Fan)
Are you a real ‘fan boy’ or ‘fan girl’?!
Sensu (Japanese folding fans) are traditional Japanese accessories that have been in use for hundreds of years. Celebrate your love for Mario™ with this unique item, available exclusively at Club Nintendo.

• The fan opens in one direction only. When holding the fan upright (with hinge at the bottom), open it to the right. Opening the fan incorrectly may cause damage to the fan, or the fan to not open entirely.
• It is natural for the fan to close differently than it opened, and for it to require gentle adjustment to close all the way. Do not overbend or apply excessive force, as damage can result.
Material: Fan (paper, bamboo), Case (polypropylene)

and I can't tell from your pics since the flash was way too bright, but can you clarify that the fan handles are plastic and not bamboo.

BlackNMild2k1November 03, 2010

Alright, since it's pretty obvious that my post is being ignored by the person it was directed at, has anyone else gotten a Club Nintendo fan and can clarify what part of the fan is made from bamboo and what Pap means by the handles are plastic?

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterNovember 04, 2010

Alright, I decided to check and it is indeed made of bamboo wood. But it is very polished to a smooth shine, giving it a plastic feel that confused me the first time I saw it.

BlackNMild2k1November 04, 2010

That's good. As soon as they have more of the Marios ones in stock, I'll probably get 1 or 2 to replace the one my dog destroyed.

Quote from: NWR_pap64

Alright, I decided to check and it is indeed made of bamboo wood. But it is very polished to a smooth shine, giving it a plastic feel that confused me the first time I saw it.

Looks like you got...



Captain N the Game MasterNovember 16, 2010


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