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Golden Sun DS - Soon At Hand?

by James Jones - May 14, 2010, 10:54 am EDT
Total comments: 15 Source: GameStop

The majority of GameStop locations have a TV in their store that plays an in-house network. It features previews of upcoming "major" titles, and profiles of recently released ones. All the features are packaged within a GameStop advertisement ("Talk to a GameStop about reserving this awesome game!").

At lunch today I went into GameStop, looking for nothing in particular, trying to find a "good deal." As I wandered around the store my ears perked up when I heard the TV mention Golden Sun DS.

The segment featured a brief preview of the upcoming DS game. While it didn't have much in the way of new information (all I picked up was that the hero of this game is descended from one of the heroes of the previous GBA titles), it did feature some gameplay videos I didn't recognize.

The interesting bit was in the wrap-up for the piece. "Golden Sun DS, coming soon to GameStop." Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but how soon is "soon?" Generally speaking, they don't feature games too far in advance of their release. Most of the games currently being previewed have early summer release dates (for example Other M is not being featured, and it is in August).

It's been a while since we heard anything about Golden Sun, and GameStop got their gameplay video from somewhere (Nintendo), so perhaps it isn't as far off as we suspected.


TJ SpykeMay 14, 2010

Has Nintendo even mentioned the game since announcing it at E3 last year? I had forgotten about the game TBH.

vuduMay 14, 2010

Did you ask the GameStop employee about reserving the game?  Was there a release date in the system?

Nintendo has mentioned it, but not spoken much of it. Vudu, I didn't ask. If someone does I'll update the blog post.

I can't believe you wandered into a GS voluntarily. I can't believe you were looking for a "good deal" at GameStop, a store that sells used copies of Prototype for $54.95.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterMay 14, 2010

I bet he was drunk at the time... ;)

There are precious few stores who stock any game over a year old. I missed many older titles, that now sell at a deep discount.

I'm surprised they let you look at the TV without having a pre-order.

I had to put down $5 to get my Monster Hunter Demo Disk.

greybrickNathan Mustafa, Staff AlumnusMay 15, 2010

Quote from: Crimm

I had to put down $5 to get my Monster Hunter Demo Disk.

Shit man, if only had an edge card plus.

To be clear, I was joking.  When I got my demo disk I didn't have to pay anyone.  Hell I probably could have taken like 10 of them.

YmeegodMay 17, 2010

I really don't think this game is coming, it's been 7 years+ since the last one and this one is supposed to follow the story (part of the trilogy).  Better off just making a new title and go with that.

No, this game is coming out.  New details leak out every so often.  This is not a smokescreen...or a Kirby console game.  I should note though, that this game has an all new cast (as stated above).  They're doing the Breath of Fire/Lufia descendants of heroes from other games.

More puzzles, smarter battles, less dialogue, please.

DAaaMan64June 04, 2010


Make Jonny hate it MOAR

Less puzzles, dumber battles, more dialog!

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