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Trying to Get to Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Bar

by Matt Walker - February 7, 2010, 5:10 pm EST
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It just so happens that I work right around the block from there (as well as Konami’s head office!) in Roppongi, so I thought I’d head out there with my girlfriend on the way to a movie the other night. Unfortunately, in order to get in you have to get a number earlier in the day and wait, and since we were already starving we decided to put it off till next week.

That being the case, we did take a look at the menu and got a couple of pictures from the outside. The menu is small but includes some fun Dragon Quest-themed food and drinks (with cute names such as Hoimi Chai Tea). You can even get a Slime-themed steamed bun to go!

Anyhow, we’re planning on going and getting some video of our visit next week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some pictures we took outside the entrance to tide over the Dragon Quest fan in all of our readers.

Luida's Bar: Slime

Every traveller to Luida's Bar is greeted by a friendly Slime out front.

Luida's Bar: Entrance

The front door: cozy, yet classy, don't ya think?


MoronSonOfBoronGarnet Red, Contributing WriterFebruary 07, 2010

I know it's the wrong series, but do they sell Potion there?

SixthAngelFebruary 08, 2010

Are all the girls dressed in bunny outfits?

broodwarsFebruary 08, 2010

*resists with all his might the urge to make a crack about how old the food must taste...but fails.*  ;)

Sounds more than a bit gimmicky, but kind of cool.

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