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Marathon Mario

by Michael Cole - December 7, 2008, 2:47 pm EST
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That's all well and good. But why is it on a Nintendo-centric website? The answer is simple, really. The Naha Marathon is well-known for its costumed participants. These costumes range from silly hats to complete getups from Halloween.

Christmas Runners

I saw a guy running in little more than a loincloth. Another was in a Spiderman suit. Heck, I even saw a one-eyed monster (no, not THAT kind) made out of foam. But what really caught my eye was this happy fellow:

Marathon Mario

Sadly, I did not spot him until after he had finished, so I couldn't watch Mario in action. However, I did spot his less impressive doppelganger.

Mario Wannabe

But what a brilliant costume choice! After all, when you think about it, Mario is essentially running a marathon in his flagship games! Look, the guy even has a REAL moustache! (I'll overlook the happy face buttons.)

Mario wasn't the only video game icon itching for a run.

Pikachu in the crowd

That's right! It seems that elusive Pikachu has reprised its role from Pokémon Dash. The rodent must have snuck to the finish while I had my back turned—sorry, I didn't play Pokémon Snap—but fortune smiled upon me during my stroll back home.

I see you, Pikachu!

Pikachu Crossing

As far as I can tell, this athlete not only completed the marathon in this costume, but wore it home! Dang!

Sadly, Sonic was nowhere in sight.


If only American marathons were that cool.

My sister ran in a half marathon in Virginia Beach that is the "Rock and Roll Half Marathon" and features bands playing at different points during the marathon and bands all throughout the weekend. They usually get some good bands too, or at least interesting ones.

ShyGuyDecember 08, 2008

That Pikachu had to be warm. Heat Stroke for the loss.

DjunknownDecember 08, 2008


That Pikachu had to be warm. Heat Stroke for the loss.

No doubt.The costumed runners had sweaty balls to run 26.2 miles in that.

I can't run to save my life, so I have respect for everyone who participated in this marathon, and especially those who finished!

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorDecember 08, 2008

I like the way Mario's pants were done runner style as to not interfere... but seriously, how the hell did someone run a marathon in that Pikachu get-up?

Ian SaneDecember 08, 2008

Every year I do the Vancouver Sun Run.  It's only 10k so it's no marathon but it's still a bit of work.  Every year I see people in weird costumes and I can't imagine how they do the run in them.  I'm super picky about what I wear running.  I can't have anything bouncing or flapping around.  I can't have anything too hot.  It has to breathe well.  And in the Sun Run it's only 10k and a lot of people walk it.  So doing this sort of thing in a marathon is nuts.

mac<censored>December 15, 2008

Quote from: Ian

So doing this sort of thing in a marathon is nuts.

Welcome to Japan!

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