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New North American (NPD) Sales Thread
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1. PS2
2. Xbox
3. GameCube
That sucks I thought the cube was #2  .
Who cares ...but yeah I thought so too. You sure Mairo.
I think Xbox just overtook it. GCs' very poor performance in the US lately is the reason for this.
Someone on the Gaming Age forums compiled this "worldwide" figure, which I mentioned among the mass of numbers on the last page.

Japan: 3.7 million
NA: 8.3 million
Europe: 2.6 million
Australia: 125,000
Total: 14.725 million (present)

Japan: 450,000
NA: 9.61 million
Europe: 3.6 million
Korea: 80,000
Australia: 450,000
Total: 14.19 million (present)
--- End quote ---

For a frame of reference, the XBox tends to beat the Cube in the US by about 33,000 units each month (figuring on a million unit lead in the time between their Nov/01 launches and March/04, two and a half years later).

In April and May (the two months that the XBox's latest price cut has been in effect), the XBox scored 200,000 and 140,000 unit victories against the Cube.

(It's really a shame Nintendo squandered away all of their earlier price cut victories and momentum with that stupid "hardware shortage" blunder.)

If Nintendo's worldwide lead was around half a million (which is what even conservative people always seemed to be saying), then 340,000 in two months (instead of their usually ineffective gain of 66,000) isn't enough to do the trick yet. However, Microsoft could still do it in the next couple of months, if their momentum holds up.

By the way, IGN is currently reporting an unconfirmed-by-Nintendo rumor that says Nintendo's looking to bundle Metroid Prime free with the GameCube, in anticipation of Metroid Prime 2.

(BTW, just looking at Japan's numbers, wasn't the XBox's launch shipment itself 400,000 units? That's just so bad.)  
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