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New North American (NPD) Sales Thread
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um well fyi today I have just been posting non serious joke posts cuz I dont feel like being serious today.

But as a Sonic fan I honetly was looking forward to playing Shadow just cuz its more sonic for me, and the gun idea adds to the gameplay I would think. But again I wasnt being serious ecept I do like the concept of the game and still want to get it, but I am in minority I think cuz I liked Heros also and yeah I get flamed for that alot too. But sorry if I offended you I need to find a way to maybe reply with smilies or something I dont knwo give me some suggestions, cuz in real life I always talk like this but people here in my voice I am jokng, stupid internet dont let you do that so i come off as either sarcastic but not easy to tell or flat out rude sometimes.

.... and then tehres the times I say what I mean but pretend I am joking so yeah try and figure me out.

Oh come on I only come here to have fun cuz it lets me forget about all the crap i put up with in real life.
Try rereading your post to see if it could even be funny to someone who doesn't read your mind and try not ending you post with things like "grow the hell up" because you come off as an ass... Just a suggestion
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