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North America

Super Mario Galaxy 2

by Michael Cole - June 2, 2009, 11:28 am EDT
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Mario returns to the cosmos with a familiar friend.

One of the biggest reveals at Nintendo’s E3 2009 press conference was Super Mario Galaxy 2. Being a direct sequel, Mario Galaxy looks to build upon and extend the gameplay found in the popular 2007 release.

The biggest new feature in the trailer shown is the addition of Yoshi. Just as in Super Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine, Mario can hop on Yoshi and explore the level. Yoshi can use his tongue to grapple from flower to flower, as well as inflate into a balloon, to reach areas Mario could not on foot. Mario will continue to have transformations of his own: the Bee Suit will return, and there will likely be other returning and new transformations for the plumber. Also returning are big bosses like the walking mech enemy and purple coins.

Mario will be able to take further advantage of his environments: for example, in one point in the video he uses a drill to reach a baddie on the other side of a small planetoid.

The overall presentation is very similar. The video shows off wooden block creatures, 2D platforming sections, and orchestrated music. The footage real shows off flowery and snowy locales, as well as more abstract platforming sections. (The trailer uses a variation of a familiar Super Mario Galaxy theme.)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is slated for a 2010 release. NWR will provide more information on this anticipated title as it becomes available.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Box Art

Genre Action
Developer Nintendo
Players1 - 2

Worldwide Releases

na: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Release May 23, 2010
jpn: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Release May 27, 2010
RatingAll Ages
eu: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Release Jun 11, 2010
aus: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Release Jul 01, 2010
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