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April 29, 2011

EA Announces Need for Speed The Run 3DSWii

by J.P. Corbran - 11:57 am EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: P, http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/pr/26188

Next installment in the racing series to launch in November.

A new Need for Speed game is coming this November for Wii and 3DS. Developed by Firebrand Games, who worked on TrackMania Wii and the DS version of Need for Speed: Nitro, Need for Speed The Run features a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York, through a variety of environments.


April 28, 2011

Cave Story 3D Hitting Stores in August 3DS

by Neal Ronaghan - 9:51 pm EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: (Press Release), http://www.gamespot.com/3ds/action/cavestory3d/new...

The game will come with a new stage and a $40 price tag. 

Cave Story 3D is coming out in North America on August 9 and in Europe in September, publisher NIS America revealed today.

The game was originally set for a June 28 release, according to Nintendo's Q2 2011 release schedule. There is no officially known reason for the delay.

A newly added stage...

Tales of the Abyss Is Set to Be Released in North America 3DSDS

by Pedro Hernandez - 8:58 pm EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: (Nintendo Power)

Nintendo Power details the announcement.

The 3DS title, Tales of the Abyss, will be released in North America.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, a page spread featuring artwork from the game confirms that the game will be released in North America. It states the following:

"The modern RPG classic Tales of the Abyss is about to be retold on the 3DS. Yes, even in America!"


Bit.Trip Saga Coming to 3DS Wii3DS

by Pedro Hernandez - 5:31 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Press Release

Commander Video's entire story will be retold on the 3D handheld.

All six of Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip games will be released in an enhanced compilation on the 3DS.

The package will include Beat, Core, Fate, Flux, Runner and Void. Each one features a unique gameplay concept fused with rhythm action that makes use of the series' chiptune based soundtrack.

All games will retain their respective features. In addition, they will feature 3D visuals courtesy of the system's glasses-free 3D screen.


Wii Play: Motion European Release Announced Wii

by Pedro Hernandez - 1:37 pm EDT
Total comments: 5

European Wii fans will not have to wait long to experience this MotionPlus-enhanced game.

Wii Motion: Plus has been given an European release date of June 24, 2011.

The game is the sequel to Wii Play, which was originally released in 2007 and included a Wii Remote. Wii Play: Motion uses MotionPlus for its 12 mini-games, many of them created by developers outside of Nintendo. While a Japanese and North American release date was known, a release date for Europe wasn't announced until now.


April 27, 2011

Tri-Ace Working on 3DS Titles 3DS

by Pedro Hernandez - 5:47 am EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: (Andriasang), http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/04/27/triace...

The company behind the Star Ocean series is working on the 3DS.

Tri-Ace is working on a new 3DS dungeon RPG title called Beyond the Labyrinth.

In the most recent issue of Famitsu, it was revealed that tri-Ace is working on several new titles, one of them being for the 3DS. Beyond the Labyrinth stars a young girl, and is being directed by Takayuki Suguro, known for his work on Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile 2.


Nintendo to Distribute Celebrity Miis in Japan 3DS

by Pedro Hernandez - 5:42 am EDT
Total comments: 15 Source: (Andriasang), http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/04/27/celebr...

Nintendo employees will be walking around delivering the Miis using Street Pass.

Throughout all of Japan's Golden Week, Nintendo employees will be walking around Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo in order to distribute celebrity Miis with the 3DS. These Miis are special in that they wear special golden pants as opposed to what is found on a typical Mii character.

Nintendo has...

April 26, 2011

Pokémon Black and White Sells 11.5 Million Copies Worldwide DS

by Pedro Hernandez - 11:13 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: (Siliconera), http://www.siliconera.com/2011/04/26/pokemon-black...

The fifth generation of Pokemon is a very successful affair.

In Nintendo's recent investors' meeting, the company confirmed that Pokémon Black and White, the fifth game set in the series, has sold 11.5 million copies worldwide.

In Japan, the game has sold 5.26 million copies since its release in September 2010. Overseas, the title sold 6.25 million units,... Read more...

Nintendo Regrets Wii Self-Marketing 3DSWiiWiiU

by Pedro Hernandez - 11:07 pm EDT
Total comments: 38 Source: (Reuters), http://kotaku.com/#!5795908/nintendo-regrets-going...

Iwata believes their handling of marketing led to Wii's drop in performance, and promises future changes.

In their recent investors' conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that Nintendo shouldn't have marketed the system by themselves. Iwata expressed that "I now regret that we didn't tie up with someone outside the company to market the Wii. If we had done that, the fate of the Wii might be different." Wii sales have declined over over the past two years.


Miyamoto Reveals 3DS Ideas and Details 3DSWiiU

by Pedro Hernandez - 10:59 pm EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: (Gamekyo), http://www.gamekyo.com/newsfr40751_shigeru-miyamot...

Ideas mentioned include 3D enhanced gameplay and eye-specific imagery.

Recently, Nintendo staged a press conference in Paris where famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto shared some of the 3DS ideas that the company is working on.

One of these ideas is a game in which certain images are presented to the gamer's left eye, while other images appear only to the right. As an example, Miyamoto described a game in which players deal with phantoms that can't be seen normally.


Rhythm Heaven Wii is Button-Based Wii

by Pedro Hernandez - 2:53 pm EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: (Nintendo), http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/110...

Players will not have to shake the control to the rhythm in this latest iteration of Rhythm Heaven.

Rhythm Heaven Wii (known as Rhythm Paradise in Japan) will be playable only with buttons, not with motion controls, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at today's Financial Results Briefing.

Nintendo did not previously confirm how the game, which was revealed in January, would control up... Read more...

Star Fox 64 3D to Feature Motion Controls 3DS

by James Jones - 2:45 pm EDT
Total comments: 16 Source: Nintendo, http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/events/110...

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata provided some details about the upcoming 3DS remake.

Star Fox 64 3D, the "newly-arranged version" of the Nintendo 64 classic, will feature gyroscopic Arwing controls, as revealed by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata during Nintendo's Financial Results Briefing earlier today.

Iwata didn't offer many more details on what exactly was going to be newly arranged in the game, but he reiterated that the title is set to release on July 14, 2011 in Japan. 


Rock Band's Top-Selling DLC Artists Revealed Wii

by Neal Ronaghan - 11:56 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: (Rock Band Blog), http://www.rockband.com/blog/episode041

With bands such as The Beatles, The Who, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, it might be what you expect.

Harmonix revealed the best-selling artists for Rock Band downloadable content on a recent episode of the Rock Band podcast.

The list contains (in no particular order):

The BeatlesThe WhoMetallicaBostonDisturbedNo DoubtBlink 182Foo FightersRed Hot Chili PeppersThe Police

Currently, The Beatles' downloadable content can only be accessed through The Beatles: Rock Band. Every other artist's tracks can be downloaded and played in Rock Band 3.


Wii Play: Motion Featured 'Unique' Development Process Wii

by Neal Ronaghan - 10:04 am EDT
Total comments: 12

Outside developers took Nintendo-made experiments and made them into "promising prototype" games.

The development process for Wii Play: Motion, called Wii Remote Plus Variety in Japan, used multiple developers competitively creating the included games, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in the company's recent Financial Results Briefing.

"The development process was very unique," Iwata...

Excitebike Releasing as 3DS Classic, Free to Download in Japan 3DS

by Karlie Yeung - 6:00 am EDT
Total comments: 21 Source: Siliconera, Nintendo, http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/library/events/110426...

Update to the new firmware next month and Excitebike will be free on the eShop in Japan.

Excitebike will be among the first games to be released as part of the 3DS Classics on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for Japan when the service launches in late May. These games are classic Nintendo releases enhanced for the 3DS. The NES title will be available free of charge following the long-awaited firmware update next month, which is set to make several 3DS features available including 3DS Virtual Console.


April 25, 2011

Paper Mario and Animal Crossing 3DS Set for Fiscal Year 2011 Release 3DSWii

by Neal Ronaghan - 9:52 pm EDT
Total comments: 14 Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2011/110426e.pdf

Nintendo's end-of-year review reveals tentative release dates for several high-profile 3DS titles.

Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Star Fox 64 3D are all set for a fiscal year 2011 release on the 3DS, according to Nintendo's recent financial report.

Those five titles are listed as "TBA" for North America. Additionally, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is listed as a "2011" release for the Wii, somewhat confirming the new Zelda title's fall launch.


This Week in Nintendo Downloads: 4/25/2011

by Pedro Hernandez - 7:39 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback!

PooYoos learn how to animate and search for words in this week's selection of games. 

Five new titles have been added to Nintendo's downloadable game services, three for DSiWare and two for WiiWare. Headlining the week's releases is Airport Mania: First Flight from Lemon Games. The 200 DSi Point ($2) title has players playing several flights around various airports.

The second DSiWare...

BurgerTime HD Changes Name to BurgerTime World Tour Wii

by Karlie Yeung - 1:38 pm EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: (MonkeyPaw Games)

From this day forward, BurgerTime is on World Tour.

BurgerTime HD is no more, as the game will now be known as BurgerTime World Tour. The name change applies to all platforms.

BurgerTime World Tour is a revival of the 1982 arcade title with brand new gameplay elements and level design, which brings Peter Pepper's world into 3D. The game is set for release on WiiWare and other download platforms.


Nintendo Releases End of Year Financial Report

by J.P. Corbran - 12:44 pm EDT
Total comments: 2 Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2011/110425e.pdf

3DS has sold 3.61 million units, but overall profits are down 52 percent.

Nintendo has released its financial report on the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. During that year, Nintendo sold 17.52 million DS systems and 15.08 million Wiis, increasing the lifetime sales of those platforms to 146.42 million and 86.01 million, respectively. In the short time the 3DS was available during this period Nintendo sold 3.61 million units of the new handheld.


Nintendo Announces Wii Successor, Launching in 2012 WiiU

by Aaron Kaluszka - 12:57 am EDT
Total comments: 34 Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2011/110425_4e.pd...

More details and playable system to arrive at E3.

Along with their fiscal earnings report, Nintendo released a memo regarding the Wii's successor, set to launch in 2012. The simple note is similar to one released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2010.

The brief statement notes that the system will be playable at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, which runs... Read more...


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