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July 31, 2007

Phantom Hourglass Claims Game Critics Award DS

by Jon Lindemann - 6:23 pm EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: http://www.gamecriticsawards.com/winners.html

The next handheld Zelda gets some hardware.

The Game Critics Awards have announced the winners for their Best of E3 2007 awards. While there were fourteen Wii and two DS games nominated, only one Nintendo-developed title won an award. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the next handheld entry in the seminal franchise, won for "Best Handheld Game". This is its second straight win in the category, as it won the same award for E3 2006 as well.


New Virus Tempts Users to Play a Mario Game

by Aaron Kaluszka - 9:10 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Sophos

Hiding behind a freeware Mario clone, the worm employs several tactics to mass-mail itself to other victims.

A new worm was discovered recently, which security vendors have named Romario. Romario infects Windows by sending itself through Microsoft Outlook e-mail with the message "Hi There, Do You Like Mario Bross ? Test it, and you'll like it ;] !" while using the subject line from a previous legitimate e-mail. If the attached program is launched, it will run a version of Mike Wiering's 13-year-old Mario clone.


July 30, 2007

Dragon Quest Remakes Coming to DS DS

by Karl Castaneda - 4:55 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: GameLife

Never played a Dragon Quest before VIII on the PS2? You're in luck - three of the best iterations are heading to a handheld near you.

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, Square Enix has been revealed to be working on more remakes for the Nintendo DS. In addition to the 3D releases of the Super Nintendo Final Fantasies, new versions of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI are also in development. Curiously enough, however, none of them are taking the polygonal plunge, retaining their original 2D look.


August Virtual Console Releases for Japan Wii

by Aaron Kaluszka - 11:55 am EDT
Total comments: 15 Source: Nintendo

Now with multiple versions of the same game.

Nintendo has announced the August lineup for the Virtual Console in Japan. The usual suspects arrive next month, including Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2 outside of Japan) and Sonic 3. Other big names include Street Fighter II Turbo and Wave Race 64.

Notable this month is the release...

Mario Strikers Charged Ships To Retailers Wii

by Brad Mosbacher - 7:53 am EDT
Total comments: 15 Source: Press Release

I hope you have your cleats...I mean Wii Remote and nunchuk ready.


New Controls and Wi-Fi Features Give Nintendo's Soccer Smash a Wicked Boost

REDMOND, Wash., July 30, 2007 - It's gonna take more than a good pair of shin guards to protect Mario and his turbo-kicking teammates in Mario Strikers... Read more...

Picross DS Ships To Retailers DS

by Brad Mosbacher - 7:44 am EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Press Release

The newest Touch Generations game is available on the DS for $19.99.


July 30, 2007 - Puzzle lovers, drop your newspapers. With today's release of Picross DS, Nintendo gives daily brain teasers a wireless jolt. Who needs inky fingers and eraser crumbs when players can use their hand-held Nintendo DS and stylus to solve a new type of challenging grid puzzle? Players can compete with others online or create their own puzzles to share.


Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Hits 10 Million Worldwide DS

by Karl Castaneda - 6:28 am EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Famitsu

The latest iteration of Nintendo's blockbuster franchise has hit a new milestone.

The Diamond and Pearl versions of Pokémon were already huge hits before they came to the United States in April, and as can be seen in the latest NPD sales data, it's done extremely well here as well. It recently made its way to Europe, and combined with those sales so far, the latest iterations have hit the incredible milestone of 10 Million units sold worldwide.


Australian Gaming Industry worth $1 Billion

by Casey Basire - 1:27 am EDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Press Release

Announced by the IEAA, The Aussie gaming industry has come of age, now worth $1 Billion.

The Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia declares loud and proud - “This is a spectacular result for the Australian gaming industry."

Australia’s gaming industry has officially come of age, breaking the $1 billion sales mark over the past financial year, according to the Interactive... Read more...

Viva Piñata Coming to DS DS

by Karl Castaneda - 1:11 am EDT
Total comments: 17 Source: Kotaku

The Xbox 360's critically acclaimed garden simulator is coming to Nintendo's handheld.

Though the original Viva Piñata didn't sell very well, Microsoft seems intent on making it a staple franchise, announcing a spin-off of sorts in Viva Piñata: Party Animals at E3, curiously not developed by Rare, but by Krome Studios. Though it seemed odd at the time that the original studio would not be heading up the project, it's now clear as to why: Rare is working on a different Viva project altogether.


July 27, 2007

Big Rooster's Tim Gerritsen Speaks Highly of Wii

by Brad Mosbacher - 6:14 pm EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Game Daily

Big Rooster's founding member Tim Gerritsen calls the Wii "A much needed slap to the face" for the industry, but claims he's still waiting to see games that make good on the promise.

In an interview conducted by Game Daily, Big Rooster's Tim Gerritsen was asked a question that inquired what his thoughts on the new consoles were. He responded by saying, "From a purely technical perspective, all of the new machines have great pluses and perplexing minuses. I love my Xbox 360, and... Read more...

EA Admits To Focusing Development On The Wrong Console

by Brad Mosbacher - 5:14 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Next-Gen.biz

EA says it was "on the wrong horse" when it came to next generation game development, promises development of new IPs to promote growth.

Yesterday at its quarterly investor's meeting, EA's CEO John Riccitiello told investors that 2007 was the toughest fiscal year ever for the company.

“[The last transition] was tough because we typically have two to three platforms and a five year period… One of the biggest challenges, of... Read more...

Smash Bros. Dojo Updates Wii

by Mike Gamin - 9:41 am EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: SmashBros.com

Here are this weeks announcements from the Dojo blog. Two new stages and a cool new game mechanic are inside!

This week at the Dojo was similar to most other weeks. A bunch of minor announcements were made that are somewhat interesting. Still no brand new characters though.

New Stage: Rumble FallsIn somewhat of a twist, what could end up being the spiritual successor to the oft maligned Icicle Mountain... Read more...

Nielsen finds Wii Households are more “Upscale" Wii

by Casey Basire - 1:30 am EDT
Total comments: 10 Source: GameSpot

So does this mean I should be a lot richer than I am? Perhaps not, but the rich seem to like the Wii.

Although the Wii is the least expensive console of this generation, it seems more likely to show up in expensive homes. Nielsen’s GamePlay Metrics has found that households that are home to Wiis are more “upscale" and even boasting an annual income of more than $100,000.

Based on the...

July 26, 2007

Nintendo Fifth Largest Company in Japan

by Steven Rodriguez - 6:38 pm EDT
Total comments: 20 Source: Rueters

After hitting Sony with a red turtle shell last month, Mario can start dropping banana peels for NTT and Honda.

After Nintendo released its Q2 financial statement, its stock price went up 3.5%. After it became known that Nintendo Co., Ltd. has become the fifth largest corporation in Japan, it went up another 8.8%. It could have climbed higher than that, if not for reaching the daily increase limit the Osaka Stock Exchange imposes.


Nintendo Q2 2007 Earnings Report

by Steven Rodriguez - 6:18 pm EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo

Profits up 400% from Q2 2006; Wii shipment target upped to 16.5 million by the end of next March.

This week Nintendo released its second quarter fiscal highlights, and it comes as no surprise that it's making serious money off of the continued success of the Wii and DS. For the three month period that ended on June 30, the company's net sales total was 340.4 billion Yen ($2.87 billion). That led to a net profit in the quarter of 80.3 billion yen ($680 million), which is an increase of a staggering 416% over the same period last year.


July 24, 2007

Sega Ships Alien Syndrome for Wii Wii

by Jon Lindemann - 7:14 pm EDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Press Release

Grab three of your buddies and start hunting.


Sci-Fi Shooter-RPG Introduces Revolutionary Gameplay for Up to Four Players

SAN FRANCISCO (July 24, 2007) – SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced today that Alien Syndrome™ has shipped to stores nationwide for the Wii™ home... Read more...

Hot Topic and Weekly Forum Roundup!

by Ty Shughart - 11:00 am EDT
Total comments: 10

We're extending the current Hot Topic another week. If you want a shot at winning an E3 swag bag, all you need to do is tell us what you thought of the show!

We skipped last week for the sake of E3, and this week we're gonna come right back and ask about it! Like always, we'll get back to the previous hot topic down at the bottom of this page, but first...

This week: E3! What did you think of the show in general? The press conference? The announcements? Nintendo's competitors? Are you satisfied overall? Or super disappointed? Let us know!


July 23, 2007

Nintendo Tops June Sales Charts

by Steven Rodriguez - 4:14 pm EDT
Total comments: 36 Source: NeoGAF Official NPD

DS is number one, Wii is number two; top four games and six out of the top ten are on Nintendo systems. Updated with some factoids from Nintendo.

Here are the hardware sales for the reporting period of June, which was actually a five-week month for NPD's purposes:

Nintendo DS - 561,000

Wii - 381,800

PlayStation 2 - 270,000*

PlayStation Portable - 230,100

Xbox 360 - 198,400

Game Boy Advance - 113,000*

PlayStation 3 - 98,500


Game Critics Awards Nominees Announced

by Steven Rodriguez - 3:16 pm EDT
Total comments: 17 Source: Game Critics Awards

14 Wii games and 2 DS games are included among a very competitive field of the best games of E3.

The Game Critics Awards has released its nominee list for the 2007. The GCAs are held every year at the conclusion of E3 and voted on by the heads of major gaming publications across America.

Nintendo-published games have been nominated eight times in seven different categories. All told, 14... Read more...

July 22, 2007

Smash Bros. Dojo Updates Wii

by Mike Gamin - 11:00 am EDT
Total comments: 24 Source: SmashBros.com

So that's how you play as Zero Suit Samus.

It was an interesting week over at the Dojo. The highlight of the week was probably the official unveiling of Zero Suit Samus. We''ll get to that in a bit.

New Song: Star Fox: Space ArmadaThis is a slightly different arrangement to a song that came right out of Melee. The composition supervisor... Read more...


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