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November 28, 2005

Europe Loves Nintendogs DS

by Robert Graves - 1:58 am EST
Total comments: 9 Source: Nintendo Press Release

According to the latest figures, there are now over 1 million virtual dog lovers in Europe. Bow wow!

Nintendogs Cements Nintendo's Position As Leader Of Handheld Video Games

1 Million Nintendogs sold across Europe

25th November 2005 – Nintendo has always led the way in innovation, ever since it first entered the handheld gaming arena over 25 years ago. As the end of 2005 approaches, not... Read more...

November 25, 2005

Naruto 4 Giveaway!

by Ty Shughart - 5:35 pm EST
Source: http://www.lik-sang.com

Win Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 in our new contest!

Whether you love strapping on a headband you bought online and going to anime conventions, or if you just love really good fighting games, chances are you want Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 for GameCube! It's an import game whose name translates roughly to "TOTALLY AWESOME NINJA BATTLE," and we don't... Read more...

November 23, 2005

Totally Spies! is Totally Out!

by Ben Kosmina - 12:58 am EST
Total comments: 6 Source: Atari

These girls are awesome, they once saved a rave party from shrinking clothes.


now available nationwide

Butt-Kicking Animated Series on the Cartoon Network, Now Available as Video Game for the First Time Ever

NEW YORK, NY, November 22, 2005 - Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR) and Marathon Animation today announced... Read more...

November 22, 2005

King Kong Movie Game Ships GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:43 pm EST
Total comments: 5 Source: Press Release

The King of Kongs is now available on a whopping nine different game systems, including all of the Nintendo ones.

Ubisoft Unleashes Peter Jackson's King Kong: the Official Game of the Movie

Award-Winning Video Game Creator and Three-Time Academy Award® Winner Deliver Unprecedented Video Game Experience

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 22, 2005--Today Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game... Read more...

Free Radical and Ubisoft Pair for Next-Gen

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:24 pm EST
Total comments: 8 Source: Press Release

A developer and publisher that have supported Nintendo all of this generation may have something cooking for Nintendo's next-gen.


SAN FRANCISCO-- November 22, 2005--Today Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced an agreement with Free Radical Design, developer of the acclaimed TimeSplitters® series, to develop an action game based on new intellectual property for release in fiscal year 2006-2007.


November 21, 2005

Kids Love Mario's GC Games GC

by Michael Cole - 12:44 pm EST
Total comments: 37

Kids rate Mario games second, third and fourth in the Today show's holiday Toy Test.

Did You Know?

The People Have Spoken: Mario Games Rank Among Today Show's Holiday Best

Three Mario(TM) games made exclusively for Nintendo GameCube(TM) rank second, third and fourth in this year's Today show holiday Toy Test. The survey collected more than 11,000 ratings from game testers, and Mario's


November 18, 2005

PGC Announces Metroid Mismatch Contest DS

by Karl Castaneda - 10:00 pm EST
Total comments: 78

Compete for a chance to win a Nintendo DS and a copy of Metroid Prime Pinball. UPDATE: The contest has now ended

Metroid Prime Pinball saw Samus trying out something that isn't exactly on the to-do list of an interstellar bounty hunter. Even so, the game yielded terrific results, as you can tell from our review.Now it's your turn!

Our latest and greatest contest asks that you send in artwork of Samus performing... Read more...

November 16, 2005

Sakurai Still Smashing on Revolution Wii

by Michael Cole - 11:37 pm EST
Total comments: 20 Source: IGN/Famitsu

Masahiro Sakurai is heading up the next-generation entry in the popular Nintendo mascot fighting game.

Smash Bros. fans, have no fear! IGN reports that Kirby and Smash Bros. father Masahiro Sakurai has allied with his former employers for Super Smash Bros. on the Revolution.

This relieving news was disclosed by Sakurai himself in the latest Famitsu Magazine. The seasoned creator reveals that... Read more...

True Crime: New York City Ships GC

by Robert Graves - 9:36 am EST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Activision Press Release

Marcus Reed hits the streets of NYC.


Best-Selling Action Franchise Delivers The Most Accurate Video Game Recreation of NYC

Santa Monica, CA – November 16, 2005 – Gamers can now wield the ultimate power on New York’s city streets... Read more...

NoE To Publish Trauma Center In Europe DS

by Robert Graves - 7:21 am EST
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo Press Release

Shame it's stuck in a coma until March 2006.

Nintendo Of Europe Announces Deal With Altus To Publish Trauma Center: Under The Knife Across Europe

16th November 2005 – Nintendo of Europe will publish the medical drama simulator, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, from Japanese games developer, Atlus Co. Ltd when it launches across Europe in March 2006.


Revolution To Feature Parental Controls Wii

by Robert Graves - 7:13 am EST
Total comments: 26 Source: Nintendo Press Release

This news article is unlocked for everyone!

Nintendo Announces Play Control System For Next Hardware

Families Can Decide Who Plays Which Video Games

16th November 2005 – Nintendo today announces it will include a play control system in its next home video game system, code-named Revolution, coming in 2006.

By using a password-controlled...

November 15, 2005

Pac-Man World 3 Ships GC

by Michael Cole - 11:16 am EST
Total comments: 2

Why does Namco have to mention some sort of anniversary with every press release?


Pac-Man Marks His 25th Birthday with a New Multi-Platform Adventure

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (November 15, 2005) – Leading video games developer and

publisher Namco Hometek Inc. today announced that "Pac-Man World(TM) 3" has

begun shipping for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system,


Sonic Rush Ships DS

by Michael Cole - 11:06 am EST
Discuss in talkback!

Sonic Team and Dimps bring their magic to the DS.


Sonic Returns to His Roots in All-New Side-Scrolling Adventure, Exclusively on Nintendo DS

SAN FRANCISCO (November 15, 2005) - SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced the release of Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS™. Described by GameSpot.com as "the best Sonic game... Read more...

Shadow the Hedgehog Ships GC

by Michael Cole - 11:04 am EST
Total comments: 7

The anti-Sonic blasts his way to stores.


Hero or Villain? Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox Owners Decide for Themselves

SAN FRANCISCO (November 15, 2005) - SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced the release of Shadow The Hedgehog for the Nintendo GameCube™, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment... Read more...

November 14, 2005

Revolution FPS By Ubisoft? RumorWii

by - 6:43 pm EST

Louie returns to talk about a potential shooter from the minds behind Splinter Cell!

MEOW! Ahoy there, PGCers, it's me, Louie the Cat! I know it's been a while

since I've scampered around these parts, but I couldn't resist coming by for

another session of rumor-scouting. Don't worry about me being rusty, though,

I've been training hard ever since last year, honing my skills to perfection


November 11, 2005

Wanted: Kong! GBA

by Robert Graves - 7:48 am EST
Total comments: 8 Source: Nintendo Press Release

Follow the clues, and earn a donation to charity. Comes complete with free warm, fuzzy feeling.


Nov. 11, 2005

If you can help Donkey Kong®, you can help a real primate. To celebrate this week's release of Donkey Kong® Country 3 for Game Boy® Advance and Game Boy® Micro, Nintendo is hosting a Where's DK? Search Event through Nov. 21. Participants must follow the clues on www.whereisdonkeykong.com to discover his whereabouts and earn a donation to charity.


November 10, 2005

Reggie Reveals DS, Revolution Snippets

by Steven Rodriguez - 7:40 pm EST
Total comments: 31 Source: CNN Money

Confirmation of Revolution being the cheapest of the bunch, and also the final & official word on high-definition support.

Chris Morris has another piece up in his weekly Game Over column at CNN Money, and this time around he got a chance to talk to Nintendo's VP of Sales and Marketing, Reggie Fils-Aime. The chat doesn't give us anything earth-shattering, but it does manage to tie up some loose ends on some of the Revolution question marks still out there.


Magical Sequel Announced for Western Markets DS

by Michael Cole - 1:56 pm EST
Total comments: 15

Where do Babies Come From? will be known as The Rub Rabbits!


Rub It! Love It! Rabbit!

SAN FRANCISCO (November 10, 2005) – SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced that they will publish The Rub Rabbits!™ exclusively for the Nintendo DS™ system. Developed by SONIC TEAM, the creators of Feel... Read more...

November 9, 2005

Karaoke Revolution Party ships! GC

by Ty Shughart - 12:00 am EST
Total comments: 3 Source: Konami

This will sure go great with that dance pad you probably just got with Mario, hint hint.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - November 8, 2005 - Konami Digital Entertainment -

America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced

that Karaoke RevolutionR Party for the PlayStationR2 computer entertainment

system, XboxR video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and


November 7, 2005

Konno Talks Mario Kart, WiFi Nintendogs WiiDS

by Jonathan Metts - 9:58 am EST
Total comments: 15 Source: Game|Life

The veteran EAD producer also mentions what he has cooking on Revolution.

Game|Life, Chris Kohler's new gaming blog for Wired News, has a revealing new interview with Hideki Konno, Producer at Nintendo EAD and the man in charge of both Nintendogs and Mario Kart DS. Here are a couple of choice excerpts:

Game|Life: Any plans for Nintendogs on Wi-Fi?

Konno: We have...


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