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August 29, 2003

Nintendo Collects Two ECTS Awards GBA

by Karlie Yeung - 3:54 pm EDT
Total comments: 18 Source: ECTS Press Release

The ECTS 2003 Awards were presented yesterday with Nintendo picking up awards in two categories.

This year's ECTS awards were presented yesterday afternoon on the show floor.

The first category is "Best of Year", which includes "Game of the Year" awards for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia that are voted for by readers or the editorial teams of a media outlet from that country. The award for "Game of the Year UK" went to Pro Evolution Soccer 2 by Konami.


August 28, 2003

Congratulations, Perrin Kaplan! GBA

by Rick Powers - 9:47 pm EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Big News Network

NOA VP of Marketing and Corporate Affairs gives birth to an eight pound baby girl ... while playing Donkey Kong Country?!

The entire staff of Planet GameCube wishes all the best to Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America's Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, who gave birth Sunday to a 7lb. 15oz. baby girl at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

In true Nintendo form, Perrin used her Game Boy Advance as her focal point, playing Donkey Kong Country while going through labor.


Nintendo Figures Big at TGS 2003

by Jonathan Metts - 5:51 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: TGS Press Release

The Tokyo Games Show press machine has officially kicked off. Find out how NCL President Satoru Iwata will be involved.

Today the date and plans for the 2003 Tokyo Games Show were announced. It will take place in its perennial location, the Makuhari Messe in Japan, on September 26 (Friday) through September 28 (Sunday). As in past years, the first day is open only to business and press, but the other two days are open to the public.


August 27, 2003

Nintendo at ECTS GC

by Karlie Yeung - 12:13 pm EDT
Total comments: 5

Find out what Nintendo have to display at ECTS this week.

Today the doors opened for this year’s European Computer Trade Show, part of London Games Week.

Nintendo’s stand is in front of the Earls Court 1 building, at the Brompton Road entrance. The area is accessible to all ECTS badge holders and is decorated with palm trees and white and red painted... Read more...

August 25, 2003

Logitech Steering Wheels: Over One Million Served GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:29 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Press Release

The GameCube's Speed Force is just one of many from the emerging leader in gaming wheels.

Logitech Achieves Force Feedback Racing Wheels Milestone: More Than One Million Sold Worldwide

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 25, 2003--Logitech, a leading provider of gaming controllers for PCs and consoles, and a market leader in force feedback-enabled wheels, today announced that it... Read more...

GBA SP at London Fashion Week GBA

by Karlie Yeung - 4:50 am EDT
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Game Boy Advance SP sponsored the Frostfrench show at London Fashion Week on Monday.


Game Boy Advance SP, the most stylish games console in the world, last night made its fashion debut at London Fashion Week.

Game Boy Advance SP joined in the fun at the star-studded Frostfrench catwalk show at The Royal Horticultural Centre, London.


August 23, 2003

Games Too Complicated? Carmack Agrees.

by Rick Powers - 4:10 pm EDT
Total comments: 33 Source: CNN Money

"I agree strongly with that point of view", says Carmack, when discussing Nintendo's plan to make games simpler.

In an interview with CNN Money, John Carmack of id Software and the man behind the upcoming PC hit Doom 3 agrees that games, specifically PC Role-Playing games, have gotten to be so complex, "they had to have a book ship with the game."

He goes on to detail the internal debates over simplifying... Read more...

August 22, 2003

Mario Advance 4 e-Card Details GBA

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:13 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Video-Fenky

Check out what sort of things you'll be able to do with your e-Reader and Super Mario Bros. 3.

On September 19, Series 1 of the Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Cards will go on sale in Japan for ¥191 ($1.60) a pack. Since the game was first officially revealed, Nintendo has said that e-Reader support for the game would be included, and now we have an idea of what the cards will do for the game.


August 21, 2003

Soul Calibur II Radio Weekend GC

by Michael Cole - 9:16 pm EDT
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Soul Calibur II is finally out! Celebrate PGC-style with the full Japanese OST this weekend! Connection details inside.

American gamers have waited months for the release of Namco’s fighting masterpiece, Soul Calibur II. While most are familiar with the game’s stunning graphics, fewer know of its exceptional music. To celebrate Soul Calibur’s recent release in America, PGC is playing the full Japanese Soul Calibur II soundtrack after Radio Trivia on Friday through Monday night!


3DO Sells off Game Properties

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:43 am EDT
Total comments: 14 Source: Various

Someone paid three-quarters of a million dollars to make Army Men games. Find out who the fool lucky bidder is inside. Updated!

As many of you know by now, 3DO went bankrupt earlier this May. To help raise money to pay off its outstanding debts, the company decided to sell off its assets, most of which were its key game franchises and licenses. Many companies were interested in some of 3DOs more infamous brand names, and a list of who got what and for how much can be seen below.


August 20, 2003

Two New GBA SP Colors GBA

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:34 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n08/index.html

Nintendo has been diving for oysters, it seems, because here are two new pearl-colored systems.

Available September 5 in Japan, there will be two new colors available for the few people that haven't yet bought a Game Boy Advance SP system.

That's Pearl Blue on the left, and Pearl Pink on the right. These two new shades add to Japan's Cobalt, Platinum and Jet tones already available, and will go for the standard GBA SP price of ¥12,500.


New Mario Kart: Double Dash Movies! GC

by Rick Powers - 7:35 pm EDT
Total comments: 2

Fresh new movies of MK:DD from the Toy Test. Captured in PGC's patented "ShakyCam GX" process!

Updated with two more movies from the Toy Test. Details are below.

Fresh from the Toy Test, we've got a couple of videos from the updated version of Mario Kart: Double Dash for you. We apologize in advance for the quality, but these were taken with a mid-range digital camera as opposed to a camcorder ... all we had on short notice. Regardless, even at 15fps, the sense of speed should be noticeable.


Today Show Toy Test 2003 GC

by Rick Powers - 3:13 pm EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Pacific Science Center

The 11th Annual Toy Test is on, and Nintendo unleashes a few surprises for the last round!

Every year, the Today Show (NBC Mornings) holds a "Toy Test" at Seattle's Pacific Science Center (the place with the Space Needle), where kids of all ages get to test a selection of video games that are all due to be released for the holiday season. The kids are given a game at RANDOM to play, and... Read more...

e-Reader Unscrapped for Europe GBAGC

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:10 am EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Computer and Videogames

A shocking announcement, considering that it was scrapped two days ago.

We all make mistakes, and perhaps Nintendo of Europe made one too, when it basically canned the e-Reader and all e-Reader related items, as revealed by CVG last monday. After hearing the public outcry over this event, NOE has kissed and made up.

It turns out the the release of the e-Reader... Read more...

Games don't kill people, society does

by Rick Powers - 8:52 am EDT
Total comments: 13 Source: C|Net Perspectives

C|Net finally figures out what we've been trying to tell people all along ...

C|Net's John Borland is a brilliant, brilliant man. In his editorial covering the happenings at QuakeCon, John manages to figure out what gamers have been screaming at the top of their lungs all along ... that so-called "violent" games do not MAKE gamers violent.

Effectively, it's the adrenaline...

More HAL/Sakurai Details

by Steven Rodriguez - 6:31 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo Inside (Japan)

The Kirby creator isn't ruling out creating games for Nintendo some time down the line.

In the recent issue of Japan's Nintendo Dream magazine, Kirby creator and recently turned ex-employee of HAL, Masahiro Sakurai, said in an interview that he and NCL president Satoru Iwata have parted on good terms. Iwata was a bit disappointed with the decision, but understood Sakurai's position and decided that it was the best for all around that he moved on.


August 19, 2003

F-Zero Anime Revealed GC

by Michael Cole - 11:50 pm EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Nintendo

Go Speed Falcon! Go Speed Falcon!

Following in success of Pokemon and Kirby, F-Zero is the next Nintendo franchise to get the royal treatment. Today Nintendo revealed its partnership with TV Tokyo, Reed Productions and Dentsu to create F-Zero: Falcon Tradition. Set in F-Zero’s vision of 2201 A.D., Falcon Tradition follows the... Read more...

Heatley Scores NHL 2004 Cover

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:20 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Press Release

The Atlanta Thrashers star isn't on the next Wheaties box, but it's the next best thing.

Atlanta Thrashers All-Star Right Winger Dany Heatley Joins the EA SPORTS Team with NHL 2004 Cover

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 19, 2003--Atlanta Thrashers all-star right winger Dany Heatley has reached an agreement with Electronic Arts, the world's leading interactive software... Read more...

August 18, 2003

Nintendo of Europe Reward System Overhaul

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:22 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo of Europe

Screw those lame wallpapers and screensavers, Europeans can now use their Stars on shirts and games.

Nintendo introducing a customer rewards system to North America may be new for us, but for Europeans, they've had something in place for quite some time now. The European Stars Catalogue has been offering meager wallpaper and screen saver downloads exclusively for those who have purchased Nintendo products.


e-Reader Scrapped for Europe GBA

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:16 am EDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Computer and Videogames

A shocking announcement, considering that Australia is getting the device in October.

CVG is reporting Nintendo of Europe has confirmed to the British magazine that the e-Reader accessory has been removed from all of NOE's release lists. This is despite the fact that it was confirmed for a Euro release back in May, with a plethora of e-Card games to go with it.

The Nintendo rep...


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