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April 30, 2003

Mega Man Animated Series Premieres This Month GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:12 pm EDT
Total comments: 18 Source: Kids' WB

Seemingly out of the blue (pun), Kids WB prepares for the launch of a new cartoon series, starring the Blue Bomber himself.

The latest Capcom newsletter came with the mention of Mega Man getting his own Saturday morning cartoon series on the WB Network. Sure enough, Capcom and Warner Bros. slipped this rather major TV series right under our noses!

The series is called MegaMan: NT Warrior, and judging from the series... Read more...

Square-Enix's Nintendo E3 Lineup GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 12:21 pm EDT
Total comments: 23 Source: Press Release

For the first time ever, Square will be showing off new Nintendo games at E3. Believe it!

Square Enix U.S.A., Inc. To Unveil Epic New Role Playing Games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, May 14 - 16

LOS ANGELES, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Square Enix U.S.A., Inc. ("Square Enix U.S.A."), publisher of Square Enix(TM) products in North America, today announced its Electronic Entertainment... Read more...

E3 2003 Floor Plan Revealed

by Jonathan Metts - 8:28 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: E3 Expo Website

Guess which company has the biggest booth?

The Electronics Entertainment Expo has released its floorplan for this year's show. Once again, Nintendo has the largest booth of the show, a title it has held for several years.

Nintendo's booth is always a sight to behold. There are usually gigantic sculptures of Mario, Link, Pokemon, etc.... Read more...

April 29, 2003

SD Adapter Gets a Date! GC

by Rick Powers - 9:13 pm EDT
Total comments: 35 Source: NCL

Your prayers have been answered, and your Memory Card 251 is about to start gathering dust... UPDATED: Bakudan brings more info from Nintendo's website.

UPDATE: Our Japanese correspondent, Bakudan Yoshinoya, just chimed in with added information from Nintendo's site.

According to Nintendo, the SD Card Adaptor will enable new ways of gaming. It's possible for friends to e-mail game data to each other. Players can also download event and game data from the Internet.


Nintendo Dominates March Sales GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 6:30 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: TRST Sales Data

Zelda and Pokemon come up big in the US.

The TRST market data for March (actually March 2nd through April 5th) is in, and Nintendo features prominently. The company took the top three software slots, with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in first and Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire in second and third.

GameCube's market share grew from...

THQ on Track Financially

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:56 am EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Reuters

Thanks to the GBA SP and the Wind Waker, THQ is set to meet its goals.

Reuters recently had an interview with Brian Farrell, THQ's CEO, discussing the company's current financial state. He said that business was going well, especially since Nintendo had released the Game Boy Advance SP, as THQ is the biggest third-party GBA publisher in the industry.

THQ's situation...

April 28, 2003

SNK Returns to North America

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:12 pm EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Game Daily

On top of that, they've already been licensed by Nintendo to make GBA games!

When SNK closed up its American divison three years ago, everyone in the videogame community was saddened. SNK's home division bit the dust, while the entire Japanese company was to be eaten up by Playmore, who now owns all SNK properties.

Three years later, Game Daily runs an interview with... Read more...

Ubi Soft Unveils Next Batman Game

by Steven Rodriguez - 2:09 pm EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Press Release

Tired of The Joker, Penguin, and the rest? Holy new villian, Batman!

Ubi Soft Entertainment to Publish Batman(tm): Rise of Sin Tzu

History will be made in Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu - the first video game to introduce a brand new character to the Batman universe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 28, 2003 - Criminals of Gotham City Beware! Ubi Soft Entertainment,... Read more...

EA Announces SSX3

by Mike Sklens - 10:29 am EDT
Source: Press Release

Get ready to hit the insane slopes of the SSX Circuit once again.



Chertsey, UK. - April 28, 2003 - Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS), the world's leading interactive entertainment software company, today announced that players can discover the open mountain in the newest version of the smash-hit SSX snowboarding franchise.


Sega Reveals E3 Line-up GC

by Lasse Pallesen - 7:24 am EDT
Total comments: 29 Source: Press Release

It includes a new multi-platform Sonic game and...a new online GameCube title! That's right, Phantasy Star Online Episode III is on the way.


Sonic The Hedgehog's Multi-platform Debut and All-New 2K4 Sports Titles

Lead Blockbuster Lineup

SAN FRANCISCO - (April 28, 2003) - illustrating its power as an independent

content publisher,...

April 27, 2003

NOA Confirms LAN Play for Mario Kart GC

by Jonathan Metts - 1:45 pm EDT
Total comments: 27 Source: Nintendo of America

We all knew it was coming, and now it's 100% official.

Nintendo's pre-E3 website has updated with the following remark about Mario Kart: Double Dash:

Pack eight players into your living room and turn up the fun when you connect two Nintendo GameCubes via the Broadband adaptor. It's intense action coming soon to 2 screens very near you!

We first...

April 25, 2003

Sega to Publish Worms 3D in Europe

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:07 am EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Press Release

Sega also grabs the rights to a North American release, if it so desires.

SEGA Europe Ltd Announces Worms 3D

First 3D Version of Popular Turn-based Strategy Game Comes to Latest-Generation Consoles & PC

LONDON, UK – April 25, 2003 – SEGA Europe Ltd, today announced an agreement with Team17 Software Ltd, granting SEGA Europe rights to publish 'WormsTM 3D' on GameCubeTM... Read more...

April 24, 2003

Nintendo Announces Three Square Games GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 12:22 pm EDT
Total comments: 12 Source: Press Release

Crystal Chronicles, Tactics Advance, and Sword of Mana are coming this year. Are we sure this isn't 1987?

Final Fantasy Becomes Reality on Nintendo Consoles

Highly Regarded Role-Playing and Strategy Titles Feature Stunning Graphics, Dual-System Game Play

REDMOND, Wash., April 24, 2003 – Nintendo of America Inc. and Square Enix Co., Ltd. today announced three new titles in the incomparable... Read more...

F-Zero AC US Bound; Connection Details GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 12:05 pm EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo

Nintendo's E3 website reveals some more interesting info about F-Zero. Custom-bulit machines?

While we were all frothing over the concept of 8-player LAN Mario Kart and co-op Pikmin, many people failed to realize that Nintendo also revealed some new information about F-Zero AC and F-Zero GC.

Nintendo's F-Zero page tells us what we already know about the game, except for the last two sentences, which basically blow the lid off of the mystery AC-GC connection:


Climax Working on GameCube FPS

by Jonathan Metts - 7:21 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Climax Website

The British developer is working on a "AAA" first-person shooter for GameCube...and if you live in England, you may be able to test it.

Climax has posted a message on their website's main page asking for people to come playtest a secret GameCube shooter.

Do you want to be one of the first people to play a brand new AAA first person shooter for the Nintendo Game Cube, created by Europe's biggest independent developer?

No...

April 23, 2003

More Pikmin 2 Info GC

by Jonathan Metts - 7:57 am EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Nintendo

Nintendo's E3 website reveals a few things and clears up a couple of mysteries regarding the sequel to Pikmin.

Nintendo of America's new website for E3 2003 contains a Pikmin 2 feature, in which a few bits of are dropped.

The story has Captain Olimar returning to the Pikmin's world, this time voluntarily. His business is going under, and he needs to dig up treasures to pull out of his debt. Olimar has brought along an assistant, already seen in screenshots, to help save the company. This assistant is still not being called by name at NOA.


NOA Launches Official E3 2K3 Site

by Ty Shughart - 4:27 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo

Spill the beans!

Nintendo of America has launched their E3 2K3 site - check in for details on F-ZERO, Mario Kart Double Dash, Pikmin 2, Advance Wars 2, Kirby Air Ride and Wario World, and stay tuned for the late-breaking stuff.


Mario Kart on GameCube Details GC

by Ty Shughart - 3:33 am EDT
Total comments: 61 Source: NOA

Pictures and everything! LAN play!

Nintendo has revealed details and images of Mario Kart on the GameCube, which will be called Mario Kart: Double Dash.

The images reveal 16 characters riding in pairs on their karts. One character drives, and the other throws weapons. Characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopa, and Paratroopa.


April 22, 2003

Capcom Declares Losses, Cans Games

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:07 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Bloomberg Japan

18 games across various systems are no longer, as a result of lower-than-expected sales.

Bloomberg's Japanese site recently revealed that Capcom has been taking a financial hit as of late, and as a result the company has cancelled 18 of the approximately 100 titles it has been working on at the time. While the specfic titles cancelled weren't revealed, it is known that the five Production Studio 4 games that Capcom had announced for the GameCube (including Resident Evil 4) are still in the works.


First Rogue Squadron III Details, Screens GC

by Jonathan Metts - 2:22 pm EDT
Total comments: 23 Source: Gamers.com

Factor 5's newest Star Wars game is packing tons of new gameplay features, including two-player cooperative missions.

Today, the June issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly is expected to arrive in the hands of a few lucky subscribers. We'll have more info on the issue's top story, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, later on. However, EGM's online partner, Gamers.com, has posted the first info and screens already.



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