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March 31, 2003

New ESPionage Movie

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:37 am EST
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Check out telepathic bad-ass Nick Geller in our new movie of the game!

Midway has just announced their new Metal Gear-type title, ESPionage, and Planet GameCube has the first movie of the game! In the movie, you can see the hero, Nick Geller, use his Psi powers to see through walls, set people on fire, and lift baddies into the air. He also does something pretty damn cool at the end... but you're going to need to download the movie and see it for yourself!


P.N. 03 Movies GC

by Billy Berghammer - 1:28 am EST
Total comments: 4

Nobody shakes her booty like Vanessa Schneider.

We recently got our

copy of P.N. 03 from Video

Game Depot, and ripped a few direct feed movies for you.  Check out

Vanessa laying waste to the first level, and then witness Billy getting killed

because he was more absorbed by Vanessa's sweet rump.

*You will need Windows

Media Player to view the Windows Media Files.


March 30, 2003

All New Viewtiful Joe Trailer GC

by Billy Berghammer - 4:25 pm EST
Total comments: 4

Come see why Viewtiful is beautiful!

We got our copy of Capcom's P.N.03 from Video

Game Depot, and on the disc is a brand new trailer for Viewtiful Joe. 

We've decided to encode this trailer 2 ways:  Windows Media 9, and MPEG. 

Don't forget to right click and save this file to your computer.

*You will need Windows


March 29, 2003

Enter the Matrix Game Trailer Online GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 12:27 pm EST
Total comments: 1 Source: http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/rl_cmp/downl...

Enter the news story to enter the link, then enter the sweet trailer.

After watching this trailer, it appears that the Enter the Matrix game is going to be pushed as hard as the two movies due out this summer and fall.

Using bits of story from the Animatrix movies (such as The Final Flight of the Osirus), and the paralleling the Matrix Reloaded, the trailer claims that what you do in the game will affect the plot of the movies. Whatever that means exactly is a mystery.


Need Soul Calibur 2? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 8:32 am EST
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Reports have been flooding in that SC2 is sold out at import stores. We have a solution.

Since Soul Calibur 2 isn't releasing until the fall in North America, it's been one of the hottest selling import games this year. Currently, most stores are completely sold out.

Video Game Depot contacted me today, and they're receiving their second shipment of Soul Calibur 2 for GameCube on Monday. If you're interested in getting a copy, they're accepting pre-orders now. All pre-orders will be shipped on Monday.


March 28, 2003

Want To Buy The Wind Waker Soundtrack? GC

by Billy Berghammer - 1:47 pm EST
Total comments: 18 Source: Video Game Depot

We've been playing it for over a week and getting lots of e-mails from interested parties. So where can you import this soundtrack? UPDATED: Now Shipping!

UPDATE: Video Game Depot has gotten enough pre-orders to warrant carrying the CD, and sent out their first shipment of soundtracks last week. There are some left in stock, so if you've been holding back, now's your chance.

I have gotten truckloads of e-mails from people who want to get their... Read more...

Soul Calibur 2 - More Link Action! GC

by Billy Berghammer - 1:30 pm EST

We've got even more movies of Link kickin' ass. Now in MPEG and Windows Media 9 Format! Hiiiiyaaahhhhhhhhhh!

We just got our shiny new import copy of Soul

Calibur 2 from our good friends at Video

Game Depot (order now!), and put Link to the test.  We've got the full

intro and Link playing in a bunch of different battles.  Warning:  If

you don't want to see the final boss in Arcade Mode, don't watch Movie #8.


Tomb Raider 2 Movie Site Launches

by Jonathan Metts - 1:07 pm EST
Total comments: 1 Source: Eidos

Now that Ms. Croft is on GBA, her new movie would seem to fall under our coverage. So here's news about the sequel's official website.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life has a new website at the link above. The movie sequel once again stars Angelina Jolie as the beautiful British archaeologist with a knack for getting into trouble.

The website currently contains a brand new teaser trailer, downloadable goodies for your... Read more...

Midway Announces ESPionage

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:55 am EST
Total comments: 1 Source: Press Release

Solid Snake is a cool guy, but Midway is banking that someone with psychic powers on top of that is cooler.

Midway Unleashes First-Ever Psychic Combat Game -- ESPionage -- Featuring Combination of Lethal Weapons and Psi Powers

ESPionage is the First and Only Action/Stealth Game to Integrate Weapons Combat with Extensive Use of Psychic Mind Powers Including Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Remote Viewing and Mind Control


Nintendo 'Pockets' Exhibition Gets Underway GBA

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:41 am EST
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo Press Release

Londonites can hobnob with their favorite stars and look at many different types of pockets. Oh yeah, there's a GBA SP party going on too.


London's West End is currently playing host to an extraordinary exhibition celebrating the humble pocket in all its forms. High profile guests were invited to the exclusive private viewing of the exhibition and to attend the launch party... Read more...

Sega Europe to Begin Publishing GC

by Karlie Yeung - 9:04 am EST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Sega Press Release

Sega is starting to publish their own games in Europe for all platforms.

Sega Europe Ltd Announces Software Publishing Division

Virtua FighterTM 4 Evolution (PS2®), Phantasy StarTM Online (XboxTM) and Sonic AdventureTM DX Director's Cut (GameCubeTM) confirmed as first self-published titles

LONDON, UK – March 28, 2003 – Sega Europe Ltd, today confirmed... Read more...

THQ SuperStar Challenge

by Rick Powers - 9:00 am EST
Discuss in talkback! Source: WWE Fan AXXESS

THQ held the first ever THQ SuperStar Challenge at WWE Fan AXXESS this year, and PGC was there. Get the results inside!

THQ held the first ever "SuperStar Challenge" at this year's WWE Fan AXXESS event, and it was quite the spectacle. Yes, it was a PlayStation 2 tournament, but when you get Wrestlers playing games, you have to get the story.

16 WWE SuperStars took on each other in a single elimination tournament, with the winner and runner-up earning cash for their favorite charity.


March 27, 2003

Dow Jones Interviews David Gosen GBA

by Mike Sklens - 11:45 pm EST
Total comments: 2 Source: Yahoo Finance

Check out what Nintendo of Europe's head of marketing has to say about the GBA SP launching in Europe. Plus, you can catch his thoughts on the N-Gage.

Dow Jones recently conducted an interview with David Gosen, the director of marketing for Nintendo of Europe, about the upcoming launch of the Game Boy Advance SP in the European market. 400,000 units will be available at the system launch and 30% to 40% of them have already been sold on pre-order.... Read more...

GameCube is Top Selling Console in the UK GC

by Mike Sklens - 8:55 pm EST
Total comments: 1 Source: gameindustry.biz

Thanks to some price-cuts, the GameCube is now number one!

Due to the recent price cuts by some UK retailers (such as Argos and Dixon) and the launch of Metroid Prime, the GameCube was the number one selling console this past week in the UK. It sold 14,000 units (an increase of 60% over last week), beating out both Xbox and PlayStation 2 sales.

Nintendo...

Link In Action GC

by Billy Berghammer - 9:53 am EST
Total comments: 1

Like you're not playing Zelda right now? Check Link's bad ass moves out in some direct feed Soul Calibur 2 movies!

Our Japanese Correspondent Bakudan Yoshinoya

picked up his copy of Soul Calibur 2 yesterday, and captured some direct feed

footage of Link in action.  These are a little choppy, but we'll have even

more higher quality movies tomorrow.  For now, drool over this.

Don't forget to right click and save this file to your computer.


March 26, 2003

Splinter Cell Moved UP GC

by Jonathan Metts - 1:50 pm EST
Total comments: 3 Source: Ubi Soft

Ubi Soft's tactical espionage game is releasing a month earlier than expected.

Today Ubi Soft announced that Splinter Cell for GameCube has been moved up from its original May release date. The game will now be released April 8, along with the PS2 version. That's in two weeks! The GBA version, which links up to the GameCube version for several connectivity features and modes, will be out April 24. (These are all North American dates.)


March 25, 2003

More Bits of Info From ATI and Nintendo

by Ed Shih - 9:58 pm EST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Toronto Star

ATI has released its quarterly earnings and added a couple more pieces to the ATI-Nintendo relationship puzzle.

ATI reported a 20% increase in quarterly revenues today, according to a story in the Toronto Star. ATI, as smart PGC readers should know, is the maker of the "Flipper" graphics chip for the GameCube. This relationship with Nintendo is credited as part of ATI's growing success. Two-thirds of its... Read more...

Europe Gets Platinum Zelda Bundle GC

by Jonathan Metts - 9:08 pm EST
Total comments: 1 Source: Cube-Europe

Gamers in Europe will finally be able to get a Platinum GameCube, as part of a bundle with The Wind Waker.

A couple of days ago, Cube-Europe reported that European fans will finally be able to purchase the Platinum GameCube. It seems that the popular color will initially only be offered as part of a bundle with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and the Zelda bonus disc (which is being packaged directly with The Wind Waker in Europe).


Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield GC

by Billy Berghammer - 7:57 pm EST
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Get your Tom Clancy love right here with an all new trailer of Raven Shield!

Ubi Soft has dropped off a nice new trailer of

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield on our doorsteps today, and we've added it to our

media server.  Gawk at over 2 minutes of new footage of this highly

anticipated squad based shooter.

Don't forget to right click and save this file to your computer.


Direct Feed Game Boy Player GC

by Billy Berghammer - 2:20 pm EST
Total comments: 11

We've got it, and duct taped it to our C64 and capped off a few direct feed movies for your viewing pleasure!

Our brand spankin' new Game Boy Player

has arrived from our good friends at

Video Game Depot today and we've got some direct feed video of the player in

action.  Check out the interface, the skins, and what it's like to exchange

game paks.

Don't forget to right click and save this file to your computer.



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