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May 31, 2002

Nintendo Roundtable Transcript

by Jonathan Metts - 6:59 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot VG

We've been talking about it for over a week. Now you can read the entire Nintendo developer roundtable transcript, including PGC's contribution!

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GameSpot has finished transcribing last week's Nintendo developer roundtable discussion, in which Miyamoto, Iwata, and Tezuka, along with translator Bill Trinen, talked about the GameCube E3 lineup and answered a few questions from the media.

Naturally, PGC was there...

May 30, 2002

Codemasters Developing For GameCube GC

by Karlie Yeung - 11:14 pm EDT
Source: Codemasters

UPDATED: UK developer Codemasters announces several titles for GameCube to be released in 2003.

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Update: We have confirmed through Codemasters PR that all these games are being released in North America, even the extremely European-sounding Club Football. Of course, they're still being released in Europe too, as you'd expect with any Codemasters games.

Codemasters...

Is Spaceworld cancelled?

by Billy Berghammer - 3:04 pm EDT

Say it ain’t so Mario?! Reports from various sources say that it’s likely Spaceworld will not take place this year. Get the first details right here.

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Planet GameCube has learned that Nintendo will probably not have a Spaceworld Exposition this fall. According to sources Nintendo is realizing more and more how global E3 is, and has decided to pull the event. This has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.

During our E3 interview with Beth Llewelyn, Director of Public Relations for Nintendo of America, we asked about the status of Spaceworld:


Nintendo EAD's Metroid Involvement GC

by Jonathan Metts - 2:26 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo

Would you believe Miyamoto's people are working full-time on Metroid Prime?

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During the Nintendo developer's roundtable at E3 last week, PGC's own Jonathan Metts (that's me) got to ask Shigeru Miyamoto about his specific involvement with Metroid Prime. His answer was more than a little surprising.

First, Miyamoto-san described his level of involvement with the game as being "very high".


Mario Kart Progressing GC

by Jonathan Metts - 2:22 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo

Get the latest word on Mario Kart for GameCube...

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During the Nintendo developer's roundtable last week, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that the new Mario Kart game is moving along very well. He said it could have been shown in playable form during this year's E3, but Nintendo wanted to focus only on their games due out before E3 2003. Miyamoto also explained that no screenshots of Mario Kart have been shown because they would reveal what kind of game it is.


May 29, 2002

Nintendo to Buy Back $2 Billion Worth of Shares

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:55 pm EDT
Source: Yahoo/Reuters

Apparently, Nintendo doesn't want to share anymore.

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TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese video game giant Nintendo Ltd said on Thursday it seeks shareholder approval for a scheme to buy back up to 14 million of its own shares -- or 9.88 percent of shares outstanding -- or up to $2.01 billion worth.

The plan requires permission from the company's shareholders at a meeting to be held on June 27.


Another Shiggy E3 Interview! GC

by Max Lake - 10:32 am EDT
Source: Computer & Video Games

Miyamoto discusses violence in games, bringing games to wider audiences and innovation in another E3 chat.

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During E3, Shigeru Miyamoto sat down to an interview with Patrick Garratt of Computer and Videogames. Many things were discussed during the interview, though here’s a few of the highlights:

CVG: It's been necessary with GameCube to bring older gamers into the... Read more...

May 28, 2002

Steven Kent’s Take on E3!

by Max Lake - 8:41 pm EDT
Source: MSNBC.com

Want a full overview of E3? Then why not see what Steven Kent’s got to say?

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Although PGC provided gobs of Nintendo related content at E3, it was only a fraction of what was happening at the big show. Thanks to MSNBC’s Steven Kent, you can get a great overview of everything happening at the show, and some of the things being said behind the... Read more...

Iwata & Miyamoto on E3! GC

by Max Lake - 2:34 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo.com

Nintendo Power interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata during E3. Check out excerpts on Zelda & next year's show!

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During E3, Nintendo Power sat down with legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and NCL’s new president Satoru Iwata to discuss E3, the games and what’s next. It’s always great to hear what these two have to say, so here’s a chunk of the interview!


New Phantasy Star Card Game! GC

by Max Lake - 10:32 am EDT
Source: Nintendo.com

On display at E3 with the Nintendo LCD screen, new details have surfaced on this mysterious game…

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During E3, Nintendo showcased its impressive LCD screen with Metroid Prime and another interesting game: a Phantasy Star card game. It now seems that it was no accident the game was shown exclusively with the LCD screen. We had meant to report on this, but now thanks to Nintendo.com, we have info revealing that the new hardware device and game are very much related.


Prices dropping....LOOK OUT!

by Billy Berghammer - 9:04 am EDT
Source: Video Game Advantage

Video Game Advantage has dropped their membership price! Get this limited time deal while you can!

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Want to constantly get the lowest prices on Games and Hardware on the internet? For a limited time Video Game Advantage is lowering the membership fee to $20.00 from the regular of price $35.00. Thats's a $15 savings!

So don’t delay you do not want to miss out on this limited time offer. Become a Member today to get the full Video Game Advantage!!!


May 27, 2002

Who was on the PGC E3 Team?

by Billy Berghammer - 1:05 pm EDT

After a heap of requests, we've got the staff picture now with names! Find out who's who!

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1. Ed Suzuki

2. Jonathan Metts

3. Billy Berghammer

4. Max Lake

5. Rick Powers

6. Adam Kontras

7. BreakyGirl

8. Matt Hogan

9. Ty Shughart

10. Michael Cole

11. Mike Kielas

12. Mike Orlando

13. Jeff Shirley

14. Nathan Christianson

15. Mike Sklens


New TV

by Karlie Yeung - 12:11 pm EDT
Source: Gamer.tv

A game show, about games, you see. This time for the UK.

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Gamer.tv are in the pre-production phase of a gaming quiz show with some pop culture thrown entitled Hi-Score.

There will be four contestants on each show which is divided into five levels. Competition is for the title of "Ultimate Gaming Legend" and many gaming prizes.


May 26, 2002

StarFox 4-Player? GC

by Mike Hrusecky - 2:33 pm EDT

Adam was digging through his E3 pic archive, and what to his surprise he did see? The StarFox box with possibly some new information.

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The below picture is of the back of the StarFox box, shot at E3.

The Memory Card block number is "00" since it is yet to be determined, but is the "1-4 Player" accurate? Is there a bonus 4-player shooter mode in the game, or is it just a placeholder? None of the other game boxes we saw had completed backs. We can hope, right?


Activision Nabs Z-Axis GC

by Jonathan Metts - 12:11 pm EDT
Source: Activision Press Release

The creative force behind Acclaim's hit Dave Mirra series is being bought out by competitor Activision.

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Activision has announced their acquisition of Z-Axis, developer of Acclaim's Dave Mirra FreeStyle BMX series. Presumably Z-Axis will pick up development on Activision's Mat Hoffman Pro BMX franchise, which has consistently sold less than the Dave Mirra series in the past.... Read more...

Acclaim Races with 'Burnout 2' GC

by Mike Hrusecky - 2:32 am EDT
Source: Yahoo Finance

The Award-winning arcade driving franchise returns this holiday with new tracks, cars, secret game modes, and more realistic crashes.

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LOS ANGELES--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)-- Returning to the streets in what promises to be the most adrenaline-filled arcade driving game of the forthcoming holiday season, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKLM - News) today announced that it will release Burnout(TM) 2: Point of Impact this fall across all next-generation gaming platforms.


Update on Shiny's Matrix GC

by Jonathan Metts - 12:13 am EDT
Source: Infogrames Press Release

Under the new Infogrames publishing agreement, the first game based on The Matrix has a new name and a new launch date.

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Shiny Entertainment's first game based on The Matrix, now being published by Infogrames, has undergone a couple of slight changes since last we heard about it. First, the game has a new name: Enter the Matrix. Apparently it is still based on the second movie though, The Matrix Reloaded.


May 25, 2002

Good-bye from E3 2002!

by Billy Berghammer - 5:16 pm EDT

The fat lady has sung, and we're outta here. Check out our good-bye message from E3 2002! SHINE GET!

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As I type this, the majority of the staff is on their way home from LA. Rick, Nathan, Mike Kielas, and myself are still here, but leave tomorrow. Whew!

It's utterly amazing how fast E3 goes. You blink, and it's over. Our mission was to be your ultimate E3... Read more...

Kirby’s Fate on GameCube GCGBA

by Max Lake - 3:17 pm EDT

It seems that Kirby’s Tilt and Tumble has now become Roll-o-Rama. But never fear Kirby fans…

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During E3, the GameCube game Roll-o-Rama took us a bit by surprise. Using the GBA as a controller, players maneuver a ball through levels, a premise identical to the Kirby’s Tilt and Tumble game unveiled at SpaceWorld 2001. After questioning a few folks at Nintendo,... Read more...

Free Memory at Animal Crossing! GC

by Max Lake - 3:11 pm EDT

Animal Crossing to be first NGC game in North America packed in with memory card.

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While sampling Animal Crossing during E3, NOA reps who helped translate Animal Crossing showed the game off and filled us in on what we could expect. Not only has the game been localized for North America with appropriate furniture and holidays, Nintendo plans to include... Read more...


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