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January 31, 2002

Famitsu Scores Bomberman Max 2 GBA

by Tonkatsu Chikara - 11:28 pm EST
Source: Famitsu

The newest Bomberman games go under the Famitsu knife for dissection.

Weekly Famitsu took a close look at the twin Bomberman games scheduled for a February 7th release. They gave decent scores, and mentioned a number of things of interest.

Bomberman Max 2: Bomberman Version and Bomberman Max 2: Max Version (otherwise known as Red and Blue to the US market) were... Read more...

The Weekly Famitsu Top 30!

by Tonkatsu Chikara - 10:55 pm EST
Source: Famitsu

How did the numbers fall for Nintendo in its homeland this week? Come and see!

Game Title



Last Week's Rank

Week Before Last's Rank

This Week's Sales

Total Unit Sales


Gran Turismo Concept 2001 Tokyo








Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs.


Yet another special edition GBA GBA

by David Trammell - 7:18 pm EST
Source: Capcom

Mega Man fans in Japan will be able to purchase yet another specialty GBA for their collection.

Just follow this link to Capcom's Japanese website to catch a look at a special edition GBA that they are offering with the new Rockman.exe 2. You can pick up the MegaMan colored GBA with Rockman.exe 2 packed in for only 110 dollars (it would be the same price to buy the game and a normal GBA separately).


Enix Planning GameCube Support

by Michael Cole - 6:43 pm EST
Source: Core Magazine.com

An interview with Enix reveals the company's situation with GameCube.

In a recent Core Magazine interview, Enix's Mr. Honda has disclosed that the popular developer plans to support GameCube, "keeping a close eye on its performance." He then said Enix "plan[s] to support the GameCube, [but] specifically what titles and when they'll be released is being determined now." Mr. Honda also explained that though Enix is considering Xbox development it must first evaluate its performance in Japan.


GC Graphics Development Tool Available February GC

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - 7:35 am EST
Source: Game Watch

For the price of 3 Photoshops, you can now get your hands on a GameCube graphics development tool.

Web Technology is releasing “OPTPix iMage Studio 4.2 for Nintendo GameCube” this February in Japan. OPTPix iMage Studio, a graphics development tool for GameCube, runs on Windows 98/Me/XP/NT 4.0/2000, and retails at 343,000 yen (around $2600) per license. The software is capable of S3TC compression... Read more...

Kyojin no Doshin & SD Memory Cards? 'Fraid not.. GC

by Tonkatsu Chikara - 1:04 am EST
Source: GameCube Inside

Rumors that Kyojin no Doshin would coincide with the launch of the SD Memory Card have been proven false by Nintendo recently.

Rumors have been flying recently regarding the March release of Kyojin no Doshin (sometimes referred to as Doshin the Giant) for the Nintendo GameCube and its possible connection with Matsushita’s long awaited SD Memory Card. However, although many had hoped that Kyojin no Doshin would be released alongside the SD Memory Card, a recent Nintendo conference explained that it would work with the standard Memory Card 59.


January 30, 2002

Japanese GameCube Dev Kits to get Tech Upgrade GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:27 pm EST
Source: Press Release

Applied Microsystems signs on a Japanese distributor to help out developers in Japan.

In the past, GameCube developers had to burn a new copy of a game if they made even the slightest change to the code. This obviously becomes more annoying toward the development process, when a developer needs to tweak the code to finish. All the discs that need to be burned takes up time and money.


GDCE Dates Confirmed

by Billy Berghammer - 2:29 pm EST

Planning ahead? Gonna be in Europe this Auguest? Read on!


CMP Europe Ltd. confirms dates for second Game Developers Conference Europe

CMP Europe has confirmed that GDC Europe will be held on August 30th and 31st 2002 at ExCeL, London. The event will take place immediately prior to CMP’s flagship European games show ECTS, which will also be held at the same venue.


New Pokemon Game Announced! GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 12:06 pm EST
Source: Pokemon 2002 website

Like you didn’t see it coming. Announced in Japan yesterday at a press conference were details of the next Pokemon movie, and tidbits about the new GBA game! All the goods inside.

Details about the 5th Pokemon movie and the new Pokemon GBA game have been

announced at a press conference on January 30. Although the press conference

was mainly for the new movie, the new Pokemon GBA game was also briefly mentioned.

The producer of the movie commented, "After the movie opens in Japan, the new


January 29, 2002

Racing Champions to Produce Nintendo Collectables

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:24 pm EST
Source: Press Release

Yes, you too can own your very own Link figurine.

Nintendo has inked a deal with Racing Champions, a top producer of collectables, to make a variety of collectables based off of Nintendo's franchises. RC will pass production off to the newly formed JoyRide Studios. For all the lovely details, read the press release below.

CHICAGO, Jan. 29...

Super Monkey Ball wallpaper, icons, and more! GC

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - 8:55 pm EST
Source: Sega of Japan

Look Ma! There's a monkey on my desktop!!!

Sega of Japan has posted Super Monkey Ball mouse cursors, icons, and a wallpaper

of AIAI on their website for download. To

get the downloads, simply follow this link. In case you cannot read Japanese,

you can download them directly from below.


for Windows: 1024 X 768 (606kb)


Nintendo GameCube ... Made in China? GC

by Rick Powers - 7:04 pm EST
Source: Yahoo/Reuters

Nintendo may soon begin manufacturing GameCube in China to cut costs ...

TOKYO, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Nintendo Co said on Wednesday it was considering starting production of its GameCube console in China this summer, joining a growing camp of Japanese companies seeking cheaper labour and operations costs.

Nintendo said the costs of production and distribution per unit are currently higher than the machine's sales price, and the firm aims to bring the business into the black quickly.


Resident Evil: 2 Discs -- Updated! GC

by Max Lake - 1:21 pm EST
Source: GC Inside

Capcom’s amazing remake of the first Biohazard/Resident Evil will be the first GameCube game with multiple discs.

During a retail information event today, Nintendo announced some interesting info concerning Resident Evil for GameCube. First off, the game’s Japanese release date was set as March 22. Secondly, and much more interesting is the fact that Resident Evil will be the first GameCube game to span multiple... Read more...

Nintendo is giving away tomatoes in Japan!!! GBA

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - 9:00 am EST
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo giving away tomatoes? What the…?

To celebrate the release of Tomato Adventure, Nintendo of Japan is holding a quiz on their website. Twenty lucky people of all participants will be awarded with 1 kg of “High-class tomatoes” from Tokuya City, Japan. Just for your information, one kg of these “high-class tomatoes” will cost you around 40 dollars.


Nintendo on GC/GBA connectivity

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - 8:48 am EST
Source: GameCube Inside

More than half of the GameCube lineup to support GBA connectivity in 2002 says Nintendo.

According to GameCube Inside, Nintendo has stated in Nikkei IT news that more than half of the GameCube lineup in 2002 will support GBA connectivity. Nintendo intends to release around 6 games that utilize the GC/GBA connectivity by yearend. By creating new types of games with its GC/GBA connection, Nintendo believes new innovative games will attract more gamers, and increase software and hardware sales.


Smash Brothers Storefront Tournament in Japan GC

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - 12:10 am EST
Source: Nintendo

If you are in Japan, here’s your chance to prove that you’re better at Smash Brothers Melee than all of those little kids.

Nintendo Japan is sponsoring the “Smash Brothers Storefront Tournaments” in selected retail stores across Japan. Either 16 or 32 contestants are allowed per tournament. Matches will be time based (2 minutes).

Prizes are as follows:

1st place: a special Smash Bros. pin badge and a special Smash Brothers movie disc


January 28, 2002

The Return of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!!

by Steven Rodriguez - 11:00 pm EST
Source: Amazon

Yes, you read right. Yes, you will click here.

In a move that will make anyone old enough to remember it wet their pants and/or soil themselves, Vidmark/Trimark will be releasing a DVD of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show's greatest moments. 85 minutes of the best is what this DVD is going to be serving up.

For those of you who don't know...

Satoru Iwata Speaks Up GC

by Steve Schardein - 7:49 pm EST
Source: Famitsu, CoreMagazine

Famitsu sits down with Iwata-san to answer some of your burning questions. We've got the full scoop here.

Famitsu's questions are italicized for convenience. Translation was provided by CoreMagazine.com.

The GameCube has been available for more than three months already in Japan, your thoughts?

The reception has been excellent in North America. While sales have been slightly below expectations in Japan, we're confident we'll meet projections.


Australian Cube Launch Date Confirmed! GC

by Max Lake - 7:25 pm EST
Source: Tendo Box

We’ve got the important specifics for all our friends down under.

Nintendo Australia has confirmed that GameCube will be launching down under on the 17th of May, just 2 weeks after the European launch. As with the European launch, 20 games will be out at launch and the system will be available in two colors: Indigo and Black. Nintendo Australia won’t be setting... Read more...

The Mario Connection REVEALED! GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 3:20 pm EST

Billy got an early copy of Super Mario World today. So the big question is, will it connect will Super Mario Advance 1 for multi-cart multiplayer? The final answer inside.


The link for multi cartridge Mario Brothers works just fine between Super Mario Advance and Super Mario World.

You can play both Classic and Battle versions of Mario Bros. just fine. When both games start up, select Multiplayer on Both GBAs, and the systems look for each other...and link up.



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