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June 30, 2001

Who is Developing Disney Sports? GC

by Max Lake - 6:59 pm EDT
Source: Computer & Video Games

We reported translated news of Disney Sports coming to GameCube from EA. Electronic Arts doesn't know anything about it, which begs the question...

Following our report on the “Disney sports” title, Computer & Videogames got in touch directly with EA Europe. "We’ve heard absolutely nothing to that effect," a spokesperson told C&VG.

C&VG goes on to say that currently the only confirmed Gamecube Disney game is the joint Capcom and Nintendo Mickey Mouse project shown for the first time at E3.


Calling all Ninja Gaiden Fans!

by Max Lake - 3:53 pm EDT
Source: Tecmo

Big news folks! Tecmo’s official website has just posted a poll asking what console people would most like to see Ninja Gaiden on! ROCK THAT VOTE!!!

The other day, we posted about the possibility of Ninja Gaiden coming to GameCube. Originally, the game was announced for Playstation 2 but now Tecmo is apparently undecided as to which system it should bring the game to. This is now evidenced by a poll that has appeared on Tecmo’s website, asking readers to vote on which video game console they would like to see the new Ninja Gaiden appear on.


CVS2 and VF4 on the Loose!

by Ty Shughart - 3:39 pm EDT
Source: Shoryuken.com

There are test arcade machines out and about in a certain mall...

Here's the bit from SRK:

The arcade in Southland Mall in Hayward, California just received a beta version of [Capcom vs SNK 2] and [Virtua Fighter 4]! I was informed the games will be on test for at least a couple of weeks so make your way down to the arcade to check it out! Inkblot, Ponder, and myself will be on hand to check it out so expect a full report on SRK soon.


FF going multi-console!!! GC

by Michael Cole - 2:34 pm EDT
Source: Game Spot

Reports have said yes and no to this. Now we have confirmation straight from Squaresoft!

Final Fantasy XI is regarded as the next big thing in online gaming to many people. Previous reports have either claimed that it will be exclusive to PS2 and PCs (like VII and VIII,) or it might be coming to another console as well. Now, thanks to Game Spot, we have confirmation that Square "will release it across other consoles in the future" straight from the creator of the FF Series, Hironobu Sakaguchi.


GameCube to launch in colors!? GC

by Rick Powers - 12:17 am EDT
Source: IGNCube

IGNCube's interview with Perrin Kaplan sheds a little (emphasis on little!) light on the color situation ...

While remaining as cagey as ever, IGNCube does manage to wrangle one little tidbit of information from Perrin Kaplan in their interview ...

IGNcube: Will purple be the only GameCube launch color?

Perrin: No. We are looking at a variety of options.

It's quite frankly the only answer she really didn't waffle on, but at least it's something. You can read the rest of the interview at IGNCube.


June 29, 2001

Japanese GameCube game dates!!! GC

by Michael Cole - 2:35 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo NCL

Nintendo has finally revealed which games will be for launch in Japan!

Nintendo has just updated its GameCube software list with release dates. As Peter Main stated, there will be 2 Nintendo games at launch with more in the next few months. For your convenience, we have reproduced the list below:

Luigi's Mansion: September 14

Waverace: September 14

Pikmin: October 26


June 28, 2001

Factor 5 talks Rogue Leader! GC

by Max Lake - 5:01 pm EDT
Source: LucasGames

LucasGames has posted a Q&A with Factor 5 which reveals some cool things about the game and Factor 5’s thoughts on GameCube! May the Force be with you!

LucasGames has just posted a fantastic in-depth interview with Factor 5 regarding Rogue Leader. The interview has a lot of info, including ravings on the GameCube controller and many of the improvements we will see over the original Rogue Squadron (“…the A.I. of the enemies has increased a lot... Read more...

Phantasy Star Online Details GC

by Mike Sklens - 4:41 pm EDT
Source: CORE Magazine

Naka-san speaks about the GameCube version of the über-sweet real time RPG from Sonic Team.

Recently, Core Magazine asked Yuji Naka, the head of Sega's Sonic Team, a few questions about developing for the GameCube and about their upcoming GameCube version of Phantasy Star Online version2. When asked about developing for the GameCube Naka-san responded:

"Nintendo has been dedicated to...

Enix Responds to Dragon Warrior GC Rumors

by Max Lake - 4:13 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot

Enix of America has gone on record to comment about the Dragon Warrior on GameCube & GBA rumors.

Not too long ago, Louie the Cat & other members of PGC dissected the rumor that Dragon Quest (AKA Dragon Warrior) was coming to GameCube & Game Boy Advance. Although any one of us would love to tell you the rumors are true, they are still rather suspect and may be completely groundless.

GameSpot...

Disney Sports on GameCube!!! GC

by Michael Cole - 3:31 pm EDT
Source: Gamesen.nl

Disney's going Mario-style with its cartoon mascots and making a sports series!

Thanks to various Dutch game sites (Gamesen, GameCubers, GCNWorld) PGC is happy to report that EA is publishing a series of Disney sports titles exclusively for the GameCube! These sites have posted a photo taken during E3 of an impressive Donald Duck in an ice hockey uniform.

GCN does cartoon graphics great!


Ninja Gaiden coming to Cube? GC

by Max Lake - 2:46 pm EDT
Source: IGNCube

We hope so! Word directly from Tecmo is that the new Ninja Gaiden game is being considered for GameCube. Holy Hayabusa!

IGNCube has done some good investigative work and delivered information on a rumored game, Ninja Gaiden. In fact, Ninja Gaiden is an official title and will feature Ryu Hayabusa, be set in 3D & include all new game mechanics. Yet it is a rumored title for GameCube; after all, according to what we... Read more...

More Z.O.E. for GBA Details GBA

by Max Lake - 1:52 pm EDT
Source: Konami

Only a few new specifics have emerged about Zone of Enders for the GBA but hey, we’ll letcha in on ‘em anyway!

Last week we reported on Zone of Enders coming to the Game Boy Advance. Although no gameplay details have emerged, a few details have. First of all, the the game has now been officially confirmed by Konami & will hit Japan on 9.27.01. The game’s final title is Zone of Enders 2173 Testament. There has also been no word of if/when the title will be released outside of Japan. We’ll keep ya posted!


Peter Moore Interview Online

by Mike Sklens - 1:48 pm EDT
Source: The G.I.A.

The G.I.A. recently got an interview with Sega of America's Peter Moore. See what he has to say on Sega's new approach to the gaming industry.

Recently, The G.I.A. got to talk with Peter Moore. Peter Moore is the President of Sega of America. The G.I.A., along with Next Level Gaming, spoke with Mr. Moore concerning Sega's new position in the industury. They also spoke about the future of the Dreamcast. It's a really good read. Here are a couple snipits:


Nintendo.com Interviews Madden2k2 Team! GC

by Andres Rojas - 12:42 am EDT
Source: Nintendo.com

Nintendo.com delivers the goods and provides a lengthy interview with two members of the Madden 2002 development team.

Nintendo.com has posted an interview with Rob Moore, Directory of Technology for Tiburon, and Jason Barnes, Assistant Producer for Madden NFL 2002.

Jason Barnes: We want to take what we have for the PS2, and make the Nintendo GameCube version a little bit different if we can, like adding new... Read more...

Denis Dyack talks on Nintendo.com GC

by Michael Cole - 12:16 am EDT
Source: Nintendo.com

Denis has always been vocal about the GameCube towards press, but this time he talks straight through Nintendo!

Nintendo has posted Quicktime movies of a Nintendo Power interview with president Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights, as well as a transcript of bits and pieces. Although much of what he says is old information , Mr. Dyack makes some interesting comments on SK's new relationship with Nintendo, impressions of both GBA and GameCube, as well as the developer's overall goals.


June 27, 2001

GBA Breaks UK Sales Records! GBA

by Andres Rojas - 3:06 pm EDT
Source: BBC News

GBA has taken over the United Kingdom!

Over the weekend, 81,000 Game Boy Advance units were sold in the United Kingdom, beating out the old sales record made by Sony's Playstation 2 by more than 20,000 units.

Also, Super Mario Advance was sold at a 1:4 ratio with the Game Boy Advance, as over 90,000 units of Game Boy Advance software were sold.


June 26, 2001

Vote for Planet GameCube!

by Billy Berghammer - 10:53 pm EDT
Source: The Webby Awards

The Webby Awards are in full effect! It's like the MTV Movie Awards for the Web. And we didn't get nominated. CLOWNBOATS! Anyhoo...there are "write in ballots" happening! Vote for PGC!

Yeah, we're looking for your

love people! Just a little love. Not even a HUG! All 3 of you who visit Planet GameCube...we need you to nominate Planet GameCube for a Webby!

It takes only a few seconds to vote, and yes, you have to register...but it's quick and relatively painless. Just in... Read more...

1 Million Germans go Advance? GBA

by Michael Cole - 7:57 pm EDT
Source: EAGB

Are Germans that into portable gaming?

Nintendo of Europe expects 1 Million German GBA purchases in the year. Although it may sound like a lot for one European country, keep in mind that this is for the whole year.


THQ Looking at Midway?

by Ed Shih - 7:39 pm EDT
Source: Gaming Age

According to Gaming Age, insider sources are saying that THQ will buy out Midway.

Gaming Age is reporting that the deal between THQ and Midway has been in the works for months now. The recent restructuring to dump Midway's arcade division and make them a console only company seems to have been part of this. Gaming Age says that official word and more info will be coming Monday. Check the related link for full details.


ELSPA Console Forecast GC

by Michael Cole - 5:07 pm EDT
Source: The Register

Yet another company predicts the console rankings at the end of 2004.

Somehow, the European Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) has made its predictions on which console will be king in Europe, North America, and Japan, with some interesting results.

As expected, Sony Playstation 2 will take top spot according to the ELSPA. PS2 is expected to sell:



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