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February 29, 2000

Lara to ride the Dolphin? GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 5:14 am EST
Source: FGN Online

Could the lovely Lara Croft be raiding tombs on Dolphin?

After reporting about a dissapointing financial loss during the last quarter, Eidos chairman Ian Livingstone was confident that things are looking brighter for the company. He said that the Tomb Raider game shipping for Dreamcast along with their plans to release another Tomb Raider game (looks like... Read more...

Dolby and Dolphin GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 3:35 am EST

Dolby labs technology is being incorporated into the Dolphin's audio capabilites...

We knew all along that the sound on the Dolphin is going to be something special, as Factor 5 and IGN64 have stated. Now Dolby Labs is actively looking for people to work on the next-generation consoles, here's the release:

"As part of Dolby Labs commitment to customer support in the consumer... Read more...

New Company is...

by Jaymin Reed - 1:23 am EST
Source: Bloomberg.com

Nintendo invests in a new company.

"Separately, Nintendo and advertising agency Dentsu Inc. said

they will establish a joint venture to develop software for mobile

game machines. "

Sounds like another Mobile 21-ish company. We'll see when the news is more circulated. Now to sleep....


Nintendo buys into Lawson

by Jaymin Reed - 12:46 am EST
Source: Yahoo Reuters Newspage

Nintendo is investing in a new company, but what could it be?

NCL purchased 3% of Lawson's Convenince Stores in Japan earlier today for 25.5 billion yen.

Nintendo is expected to elaborate on how this stake will further the firm's e-commerce ambitions later today, at 4 PM Japan time, when Nintendo is holding a press conference to announce a NEW COMAPNY!


February 27, 2000

Cardhero coming to America...

by Jaymin Reed - 11:22 pm EST
Source: http://www.cardhero.net

Nintendo's "Mature" Card Series coming to America. Find out more inside...

Yes folks, Nintendo's more "mature" collect and trade GBC title, called "Cardhero," will indeed see a US launch. Meant to appease older players with its fast, furious premise, and evoking pure, undiluted strategy rather than simple overpowerment, Cardhero could very well equal Pokemon's success in... Read more...

Forums down temporarily

by Billy Berghammer - 3:02 pm EST

Our Forums go Kaput!

Sorry folks, but the forums aren't working for some reason. I am looking into it right now. I didn't touch anything with it, so I am currently unsure of why it isn't working. I am extremely sorry for the interruption. We will get it back up as soon as we identify the problem.


February 26, 2000

Zoid goes to Retro

by Billy Berghammer - 3:01 pm EST
Source: Slashdot

Looks like the producer of Quake 3 is headed for Austin.

Thanks to Wes for sending this to me. I'm surprised I didn't find this myself, seeing is I am a total Quake CTF (Capture the Flag)freak. If you've ever played the original Quake Threewave CTF, and loved it, you must thank it's producer, David "Zoid" Kirsch. Well Zoid has basically been the man over... Read more...

The Theory Of N-evolution

by Kosta Andreadis - 1:32 am EST
Source: http://www.planetn2000.com/editorial/NTheoryPart1....

Kosta rocks da house with a new editorial!

Ever look at a monkey and say to yourself "Man I can't believe we used to look like that", or if your religious "Luckily God didn't make me one of those prototypes". Well if your answer is yes or no, PlanetN2000 and Kosta Andreadis proudly present The Theory Of N-evolution - Part 1 a look at Nintendo's... Read more...

February 25, 2000

Konami keeping the faith

by Kosta Andreadis - 1:30 am EST
Source: http://www.mcvnow.com/

Dolphin and AGB support, but of course!

In a recent Reuters report Konami expressed its plans for developing for the Playstation 2, and reaffirmed its deal with Nintendo to develop games for both the Game Boy Advance and the Dolphin. They also expressed that they still expect the systems to surface later this year in Japan, which means... Read more...

Ubi-Soft and Pamela

by Kosta Andreadis - 1:28 am EST
Source: http://www.mcvnow.com/

Whole lot of jigglin' going on!

Confirmed Dolphin publishers Ubi-Soft have secured rights to Pamela Anderson Lee and the show in which she stars, VIP. Ubi-Soft now owns the rights to publish games based on Anderson Lee and the show VIP on all next-generation consoles. This includes, Microsoft's X-Box, PlayStation, PlayStation2,... Read more...

Mobile21's future US site...

by Jaymin Reed - 1:26 am EST
Source: http://www.mobile21.net/

Part of Nintendo's online plan?

...is currently another access URL to Nintendo.com (Like GameBoyAdvance.com.) Expect this to change soon, though. Small, I know, but still good to see, isn't it?


February 24, 2000

Graphics Guru Part 2

by Billy Berghammer - 1:22 am EST

More info for staffers-to-be!

After getting a truckload of logo designs, I wanted to give a couple guidelines, and answers to some questions I've been getting.

Basically I am looking for a logo using our title Planet N2000. You are allowed to submit as many designs as you would like. The deadline for submissions is offically Wednesday, March 1. I have been getting some pretty nice designs. Keep up the good work, and get those submissions in!


Publishers say delay

by Billy Berghammer - 1:18 am EST
Source: IGN64

Delay in the cards for Dolphin?

According to IGN64, four separate publishers have been saying Dolphin and GBA will be delayed until Q3 of 2001. Nintendo supposedly has been giving publishers the official marketing plans for the two systems. Both are slated for a Q3 2001 ship date. Note, this is the US date. The Japanese release... Read more...

Planet Mail Fixed!

by Billy Berghammer - 1:15 am EST
Source: http://www.planetn2000.com/planetmail/

The server has returned from the dead!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Planet Mail is back up and FULLY functional! Need a new web based e-mail set up? How about having a FREE e-mail address as....

_________@planetN2000.com ??????

YOU pick it! It's yours for free! Just our way of saying thanks for visiting Planet N2000!


February 23, 2000

Where's the Announcement?

by Billy Berghammer - 1:12 am EST

Give us news or give us... a taco!

I think everyone is about as sick of this topic as I am. While Nintendo is keeping as silent as possible about this announcement, and what it will be and when it will happen and all that, the people have become rather disappointed. Don't fret!

The good news is that news is coming and it should... Read more...

February 22, 2000

Jackass's are neat!

by Billy Berghammer - 1:10 am EST
Source: Nintendorks

Toby ain't no foo'!

God bless Toby, the speculating jackass! At least if you're a big tetris (or Tetrinet) fan. Nintendo has posted a tetris poll (click here to check it out) on their website, including a question asking what Tetris games you have played. Very interesting listing of 2 Tetris games that don't exist yet,... Read more...

Crave for Dolphin?

by Kosta Andreadis - 1:08 am EST
Source: IGN64

One more developer on board?

According to IGN64, Crave Entertainment, the makers of such N64 games as Milo's Astro Lanes and Fighting Force 64, are looking to bring games over to Nintendo's Next Generation Console, ie the Dolphin. "We're always interested in all next generation platforms including Nintendo's" said Crave. Although it's good to see people interested in Dolphin, a company like Crave isn't known to produce stellar titles.


February 21, 2000

Dolphin Gradius and Xevious?

by Billy Berghammer - 1:04 am EST
Source: Tendo Box

More good news for Dolphin fans!

Sweet news from the boys over at Tendo Box. Konami is working on a Gradius title for Dolphin!? Here's a mop so you can wipe up that drool puddle you just made. ;) How about more? Namco's rumored to be secretly working on a Xevious title as well. Hell yeah!

For gaming veterans the word "Gradius"...

Dinosaur, Dolphin, Delicious!

by Kosta Andreadis - 1:02 am EST
Source: Nintendojo

Gamers are in for a treat...

Well I'm not sure exactly sure what delicious refers to in the headline, possibly the graphics? But the news over at the dojo is that Ubi Soft, the proud publishers of fine games like Rayman 2 and Rocket: Robot on Wheels, are going to release the game "Dinosaur", based on the upcoming Disney CGI movie,... Read more...

February 20, 2000

The Weekend Wanted

by Billy Berghammer - 12:59 am EST
Source: http://www.planetn2000.com/wanted.html

What's the most wanted this week?

You voted...we tallied. It has happened again. Zelda has taken Samus out for the top spot! Oh the wackiness of Wanted! The drama and suspense just continue every week! Your dying to find out how your favorites fared this week, aren't you? C'mon admit it. You know you can't help it :). Get over to Wanted now and vote!



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