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Switch SNES Online: Now You're Playing with Khushrenada!
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I've been meaning to set this up for awhile but I'm finally ready scheduling wise to do this pretty regularly. (I hope.) I'm not sure how many games or how much of the service others have used but I've been wanting to do get through more titles and arrange for more 2 player action with the games on it. I've made vague offers to play Kirby Super Star with Mop it up and Lost Levels with pokepal148 (although I'm not going to hold them to those games if they don't want to play them. But there's a lot more I'd be willing to meet up and play like the DKC games, Joe and Mac, Picross, Twin Bee, and more.

Are there other posters out there that want to get more SNES action happening? If so, jump in this thread and let me know. Tell me when you are free to play and what you want to play and let's start matching up and scheduling some play time. I'd like to make it so that it is a regular weekly meet-up but if it has to be a case by case time for availability then I'll do what I can to make that work also. We can try playing using the Nintendo Online Voice Chat app or do it over NWR's Discord as well.

For myself, I'm ready to make things work pretty much any night at or after 8:00 PM EST (although maybe not Thursday evenings) and on weekends I can probably be available even earlier from 2:00 PM EST. Personally, I'm looking to playing through the DKC games (preferably in VS mode) with some Mario's Super Picross mixed in but I'm open to other stuff as well like F-Zero racing, Mario Kart Battle Mode, Super Soccer or other games that user's who sign up may want to dabble in. Let's get N or get out!

Gaming Partners:

Mr. Bungle
Discord.RSS / Steef
I've seen you online in the SNES app while I was doing other things. If only Nintendo would let people invite you to play in-system...

Be fun to do some classic racing games like Mario KArt, F-Zero, and anything else on there (does Stunt Race FX have 2-player? Can our eyes bleed out due to the jankie framerate that would entail?)

Also down for some DKC. 2 was my favorite, but I feel I need to play them in order so trying to get through 1, but not as fun without a partner to go with.
Alright! Let's see what some 2 Player SNES F-Zero action looks like. And someone else ready for DK action. What time to play would work for your schedule?

And who else is ready to game like its 1995?

Mr. Bungle:
I am down to clown. I have a similar schedule where I am free most nights after 8:00 EST. Just give me a day or two notice. You know I love DK but I will play just about any of the games on there.
Does F-Zero even have a two-player mode? I swear it was single-player only on SNES, but maybe I'm mixing two things up here.

In any case, I'd be game for a future session too, maybe this weekend or next week?. How set are you on beating a game Khush? Am a tad swamped right now, so an hour or two might be my max.
Also fair warning I'm bad at platformers but you know I wanna see Khush clobber dinosaurs in Joe & Mac. Also willing to lose at Mario Kart or try some beat-em-ups (Brawl Brothers? Peacekeepers?).
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