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Shovel Knight Music Coming to Just Shapes and Beats
« on: May 31, 2019, 07:36:16 AM »

The intense rhythm game will add some Jake Kaufman tunes in the future Just Shovels and Knights update.

Just Shapes and Beats will be the next indie game to feature Shovel Knight when the Just Shovels and Knights update comes in the near future.

The update was revealed in Nintendo's Japanese indie video Indie World, showcasing the game's main theme as well as King Knight's theme. The exact amount of new songs wasn't revealed.

The news comes out shortly after Just Shapes and Beat's latest update, which adds a super difficult Hardcore Mode as well as more language options. At the game's launch in June 2019, we dubbed it "a thoroughly unique game with a myriad of options that can be played in a variety of ways," while declaring that it is "awesome."

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