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Word Search by POWGI (3DS/Wii U) Review
« on: April 26, 2015, 10:47:09 PM »

A classic game with a classic touch on your classic download platform.

Word Search by POWGI doesn't need a lengthy explanation nor is it hard to figure out what you should be doing. Your humble goal is to search for words in a variety of puzzles and try to spot them vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Every puzzle has a number of words to find, and you win by locating every single one of them. The simple pleasures of the game translate well to both systems, and you have a ton of content to go through. There are over 300 puzzles in total and each has been well put together. Lightwood Games is spot on with their word choices and they have smartly put them under various categories. There are puzzles for sports, colors, jobs, locations around the world and muchmore!

Choosing a puzzle is as simple as selecting it. It is a clean and easy to understand layout, but there isn't much in the way of visual variety. A slight difference between versions is that the Wii U game offers a quick play option, which is lacking on the handheld. You would think that quickly choosing something would be more suited there, but in the end, it is just an extra step to take. Word Search does control splendidly though as you use the touchscreen on the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii U GamePad. With your stylus at the ready, you drag it across the screen and capture the word as you spell it out.

The Nintendo 3DS version of Word Search is meant as a singleplayer experience, and it is quite suitable for on the go. To make it interesting on the Wii U, you can play puzzles with up to five people. These other four friends or family members will be using a Wii Remote and point at the screen to drag the bubbles across the playing field. It is a simple thing, but the feature is a fun little extra to say the least. You will need different music in the background though, as there is one just song while playing the game and it loops quite a ton. The lack of  a variety of music is an irritating one and it is an issue that could have been certainly addressed.

If you like your word searching puzzles nice and clean, Word Search by POWGI is quite a solid choice. With a nice variety of puzzles and simple controls, it is easy to put on a puzzle and play it for a few minutes. While I think the game is way more suited for the handheld, there is a case to be made for fighting over words with friends. In either case, you might want to find some other music while you play, because the tune offeredhere isn't all that great.