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New info: GameCube RPG Generation of Chaos Exceed
« on: November 15, 2002, 05:32:36 AM »
We're not sure how this escaped our radar.  Check out first pics and information on Idea Factory's 1st quarter GameCube RPG.

Billed an "Animation + SLG + RPG" game, Generation of Chaos Exceed is the latest in Idea Factory's long running Spectral series.  

Generation of Chaos Exceed combines traditional SRPG gameplay (war battles and micromanagement) with RPG elements (dungeon exploring) and according to the company website, Animation sequences can be unlocked.  It is not known if these sequences are traditional anime or FMV.  Check out our game profile for screenshots and artwork.

Idea Factory is primarily known in the West for their XBox action RPG Ex Chaser.