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Nintendo Comments on BAFTA Wins
« on: October 11, 2002, 12:09:43 PM »
Here is what Nintendo had to about their two awards for GameCube games.

Pikmin and Luigi’s Mansion victorious

11 October 2002 - NINTENDO GAMECUBE titles PIKMIN and LUIGI’S MANSION have been crowned kings of the consoles at the UK video games industry’s prestigious awards.

The Interactivity Award was won by NINTENDO GAMECUBE favourite PIKMIN. The game was honoured for the best use of interactive media to deliver an immersive interactive experience.  

Hailed as a “cultural masterpiece,”  Pikmin is an enchanting yet frantic game of real-time strategy where players take on the role of a spaceman named Captain Olimar who has crash-landed on an unusual planet. The goal of the game is to help Olimar collect his spaceship’s lost parts, which have been scattered all over the planet and you have eager little plant-like creatures called Pikmin to help you do it.  Each type of Pikmin has unique strengths, which Olimar must use to his advantage.  Players can control the Pikmin sprouts individually, in groups, or in one large Pikmin posse of 100 creatures.

In addition, NINTENDO GAMECUBE launch title LUIGI’S MANSION won the Audio category at the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards, being picked out for the best use of sound, dialogue and music in an interactive production.

Both games are the brainchild of legendary Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto and with the charming characters, amazing special effects and compelling gameplay in both, PIKMIN and LUIGI’S MANSION highlight once again the outstanding brilliance of gameplay available on NINTENDO GAMECUBE.

This is another addition to the rave reviews that these games have already received which include:

Luigi’s Mansion is one of the most imaginative titles to come out of Japan for some time.  The visuals are exceptional and the transparency effects show off the GameCube’s power with some aplomb.  One of the first games you should consider purchasing.” – Arena

I’ve played (Pikmin) and I can tell you, once you start you don’t want to stop.  You think about it when you’re not playing it and you find you’d rather be playing it.  (I’d rather be playing it now, instead of writing this)….It’s an astonishing game.”  - David Phelan, Time Out

The BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards are now in their 5th year and are considered to be the largest and most prestigious entertainment awards in the world. Recognising and rewarding creative talent, the categories endeavour to represent all areas of new media.

There will be over 100 NINTENDO GAMECUBE games available by Christmas. NINTENDO GAMECUBE software retails at around 60 Euros.

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