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Nintendo Gaming / Re: Wii U
« on: October 07, 2012, 02:06:49 AM »
Nintendo launched an official shop in Russia with Wii U pre-orders:

This is huge, since they never had an official presence before. And with free shipping across entire country which is quite a bold statement to make considering state of post service there.

Prices are comparable to European which is also a major plus since local retailers usually inflate game consoles' prices twice or even three times of it's price.

The market isn't very big though, but hey. Sony thinks it's worth a try and is very active in retail there.

Too bad i don't even live in Russia ;p

Oh and apparently there will also be a special russian edition of ND today after regular european.

Nintendo never does their own preorders or sell consoles directly. Maybe they'll expand this to the rest of the world too?

It's probably more to do with the retail situation in Russia. NoE are probably looking for some untapped markets to expand into and this is probably the easiest way to do so. I wouldn't be surprised is they slowly do this in other countries where piracy is strong like India. In most of the other countries where Nintendo has a strong influence in they can leave the distribution to the retailers which has it's own benefits..

TalkBack / Re: Regional Grievances
« on: October 07, 2012, 01:49:21 AM »
Many Australians are beginning to just import from GB, you can get games for nearly half the price with free postage. The only way we would be screwed over if Nintendo introduces a Oceanic Region.

The problem I see in your idea of a 'global release scheme' is economical. Australia is firstly it costs more for companies to distribute their products across the country. Granted the US is a similar size but they have a much larger population thus companies distribution costs will be subsidized.

Added to this is that the average wage is higher in Australia than the US so companies can charge more in Australia. This was fine for the last 30+ years but as you said the internet and the development of communication systems mean consumers expect to pay the cheapest possible price for a product. It's not necessarily price gouging by companies, they might have to charge the prices they are. The costs of maintaining a store in Australia is probably higher than in the US due to electricity  internet and phone bills and paying employee wages. Nintendo and other companies bottom lines would be damaged if prices drastically decreased as they would have to cut the wholesale price of their goods. Face it, retailers won't accept a cut in their take. Some will say "Then why is the price of digital software still the same, there's no distribution costs." That's mainly due to Nintendo and other companies not wanting to undercut retailers. They still need somewhere to sell their consoles.

It isn't as clear cut as "Nintendo and retailers are price gouging" You'd have to gain access to the break down of the costs of distribution to see the real situation. Retail in Australia is slowly dying anyway due to the internet so retailers will have to change their strategies or they will slowly disappear. By no means am I defending the fact that goods cost more in Australia, the situation isn't as clear cut as some think.

Anyway, great blog post.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Wii U
« on: September 21, 2012, 01:25:31 AM »
From what I understand it will always be a difficulty making straight ports from PS3/360 with the Wii U's CPU. Once developers start making games from the ground up for the Wii U we will begin to see the noticeable differences.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Wii Sales Thread
« on: September 20, 2012, 11:50:26 AM »
Those are decent numbers for Art Academy. Getting Japanese Where's Wally (Waldo) to promote it must have paid off.

Well the XL has officially passed Vita sales for this year, wow.

Well technically it's not a new Panzer Dragoon, more of a spiritual successor made by the director(?) of the Panzer Dragoon series.

Plus it's Kinect, it's going to be hampered by the controls.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*
« on: September 17, 2012, 08:08:23 AM »
Yeah you could make an ET game about ET collecting ships parts for his ship to travel back home while the FBI are searching for him.
Oh wait.

Shenmue 3.
The internet would explode into flames.

Podcast Discussion / Re: RFN RetroActive Game Nominations
« on: September 15, 2012, 12:52:01 PM »
I nominate 007 Nightfire, probably the best Bond game since Goldeneye (Goldeneye Wii is probably at the same level, Eurocom are really the best Bond developers). It has a great single player campaign and is a solid multiplayer experience.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*
« on: September 15, 2012, 04:51:12 AM »
Shovelware are like the games Atari were releasing before the market crashed. They are probably developed in 3 weeks with not even a shoestring budget.
I think you need to do your homework. That was one game, E.T. and it was produced so quickly so as to tie in with the film's release popularity. And the crash happened in large part because of that one game, too. They sort of put their eggs all in one basket, produced way too many cartridges of E.T., which did not sell well (possibly due to the game's crappiness) and so thousands of cartridges became garbage. It is rumoured they were hastily buried in a land fill (or under a new developmet site?) in the desert.
At least, that is what I recall. If I am wrong, I will expect the cutomary skewering, starting with the turnabout observation that I need to do my homework!  :D

My statement was hyperbole based on how Atari gave a developer one month to make E.T. and how the marketing manager of Atari told the President gamers wouldn't want to play Pacman and he was ignored. Also that there were many games released by different companies in that era that were heavily marketed but were of poor quality and other companies jumping on the video games band wagon while it was booming in the mid 80s.

Pacman probably had a bigger effect on the market crash than ET. I believe Atari manufactured 12 million cartridges when they had only sold 10 million 2600s. It ended up selling around 8 million if I recall correctly

I probably should stop making similar statements.

TalkBack / Re: Denpa Ningen Coming to North America This Month
« on: September 15, 2012, 04:16:24 AM »
Well considering Europe is about to get Sakura Samurai this probably won't release for another six months.

I'll be ready for it.

TalkBack / Re: Assassin's Creed III Impressions
« on: September 15, 2012, 04:14:57 AM »
Sounds if could only get over the fact I'd be slaughtering my British brothers in this game...

Or in my case my British Overlords.

Looks like the Gamepad will be primarily used as a map/inventory screen much like the DS touch screen. I can't wait.

TalkBack / Re: Platinum Games Discusses Bayonetta 2
« on: September 14, 2012, 11:56:02 PM »
I doubt Nintendo had to pay much to make this exclusive. They are funding the development and basically are the reason this game is being made.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*
« on: September 14, 2012, 07:56:11 AM »
Shovelware are like the games Atari were releasing before the market crashed. They are probably developed in 3 weeks with not even a shoestring budget.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Wii Sales Thread
« on: September 14, 2012, 07:54:44 AM »
I agree with Kairon, I highly doubt Nintendo have been producing the Wii U since last years. We have plenty of rumours from developers that Nintendo have been constantly tweaking the dev kits. Also what's the point of starting production a year before launch? It doesn't make business sense.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Wii U
« on: September 14, 2012, 07:52:34 AM »
I think the UK prices are insane. There is no way this should be available for pre-order for £300+.

That's what happens when a company isn't allowed to set a RRP and retailers get to decide. Competition is not always a good thing. Some think stores will soon drop the price though, apparently that's what happened around the 3DS launch, some places were offering it for 170 pounds.

Realistically the Gamepad components are worth $50. All companies mark up their controllers ridiculously to make a profit because they know they are a necessity. Nintendo are probably making a healthy profit with the Wii U.

TalkBack / Re: Bayonetta 2 Will Be Wii U Exclusive
« on: September 13, 2012, 12:20:01 PM »
Is this really a third party game? Nintendo are publishing and producing it. Sega is not involved in anyway(will only be on the box because they own the IP).

TalkBack / Re: Wii U Launches November 18 in North America
« on: September 13, 2012, 12:18:59 PM »
Interesting, for Europe only the deluxe set comes with a sensor bar. Europe will also get the same bundle Japan is getting, the one with a Wiimote +,numbchuck and sensor bar.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Wii U
« on: September 13, 2012, 12:15:46 PM »
I wonder what the deal is with Ninja Gaiden 3. Why is NoA so hot to get that game here that they're publishing it? I hear it really isn't even that good.

It seems that Nintendo have become close partners with Tecmo-Koei. Versions of Warriors Orochi 3 , Romance of the 12 Kingdoms are being released for Japan. Plus the Fatal Frame series seems to have become Nintendo Exclusive now. Coupled with Team Ninja working on Other M it seems like they are becoming a major third party partner of Nintendo and a supporter of the WiiU.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor from all reports is an improvement on Ninja Gaiden 3, might not mean it's a good game but apparently Nintendo are helping Team Ninja improve it so we will see.

TalkBack / Re: New Trailer for Ikaruga Creator's 3DS Shooter Released
« on: September 11, 2012, 04:28:32 PM »
So is G.Rev publishing this or another publisher?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Wii U
« on: September 11, 2012, 11:19:45 AM »
Well technically NoE are taking the cheaper and easier option. It would cost more effort and money for NoA to actually host a physically press event. There are merits to both options.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Wii U
« on: September 11, 2012, 10:27:08 AM »
Europe is getting a Nintendo Direct this week!

Nintendo Direct 13th 4PM for Euro people, Nintendo just confirmed. Wii U will be out at the end of the year.

Just waiting on a Japan Nintendo Direct now.

EDIT: Looks like the article is down. Did the Ninjas get to them?

I'm sure we'll get direct confirmation from NOE later today.


Update from NeoGAF:

Not a mistake
 Nintendo Spain fucked it with the first email, they forgot to write about embargoes and ****. Two minutes later I got a message with the embargo thingy, until 4pm here in Spain.
 So maybe they just took down the page after the second email.

So confirmation later today, hopefully.

Shibata just tweeted confirmation.

Also it's up on Nintendo UK's Nintendo Direct Page [size=78%][/size]

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*
« on: September 11, 2012, 10:26:06 AM »
Don't know if this has yet to be posted but there's a rumour on Neogaf that certain third parties are trying to convince Nintendo to not pack in Nintendoland with the Wii U as it may take steam away from their own mini game compilations.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Will nintendo still be holding thier tgs confrence?
« on: September 11, 2012, 10:24:46 AM »
If they don't announce a Nintendo Direct for Japan they surely will. They usually hold some sort of Japan event during the TGS week.

With NoE announcing a Nintendo Direct for Thursday it's looking more likely that they will have a Japanese WiiU event next week.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*
« on: September 10, 2012, 01:29:55 PM »
I never said I want Zelda to be a clone of other games.  But there are ideas and elements from other games that could be incorporated into Zelda.  I suggested some ideas from Xenoblade as concepts that would work well in Zelda but that's doesn't mean they should make it the same thing.  If Nintendo was more aware of well, ANYTHING, outside their little bubble, they could be inspired by other games.  Maybe see an idea that would fit Zelda well or an idea that they immediately think of a way to improve it.  Sandbox games like GTA have REALLY changed the idea of how a videogame world can be presented.  Same with the post-Morrowind Elder Scrolls games.  Nintendo could probably learn a lot from those.  I'm not saying to make Zelda in GTA or Skyrim, but these days Skyward Sword's world doesn't come across as epic or expansive.

One thing I noticed in SS is that I felt the story was (at least until Zelda got kidnapped) so much better than a typical Zelda game.  There was actually a sense of romance to Link and Zelda's relationship.  Of course this was like Playstation era RPG storytelling at best but still a big step up from Nintendo's usual.  So good for you, Nintendo.  You're now only 15 years behind the rest of the industry in storytelling instead of 20.  It comes across exactly like what it probably is - a very isolated company discovering storytelling techniques on their own and coming to the same conclusions someone else did 15 years ago.  Only the rest of the industry noticed when Square figured that stuff out back then.  Isn't this Nintendo's whole problem with online?  They're five years behind the rest of the industry and are slowing figuring this stuff out themselves.  Only that's fucking stupid.  How about they just do some research, figure out how the rest of the industry does things, catch up and then go forward from there?

Nintendo is going into HD for the first time.  So are we going to get cutting edge stuff or is Nintendo going to be cranking out games that feel like they're from 2006?  Look how long it took orchestral music to make it into Zelda games.  No way Nintendo actually paid any attention to what was being done back in like 1997 and decided to just wait until now to go with it.  They're in their bubble and they missed out on the CD thing and it took a long time for them to discover what was already discovered.

You really think they weren't aware of CD's? You don't remember the SNES CD addon that was being worked on? We all know the reasons why Nintendo stuck with cartridges over CD, and no it wasn't because 'Nintendo were stuck in a bubble". I love your whole rant about "Nintendo being behind the competition" I suppose that's why Sony and MS came out with motion controls after the Wiimote. Monolith created one of the best JRPGs of this generation but somehow they are still behind (And yes, Monolith is Nintendo). You really think Nintendo developers are locked in boxes and not aware of other games? Takahashi was quoted that he wants to make a game on the same scale as Skyrim.

I want to see these story masterpieces you talk about, how story telling in gaming has somehow made a quantum leap. Seems to me it's hardly changed besides character models having recognizable facial features. Besides, what RPG or JRPG has an amazing story that isn't cliched or been done before, there are some exceptions such as the Witcher but most seem to use the same tropes (WRPG heavily influenced by high fantasy) and JRPGs have many cliches. I frankly don't see how Nintendo are '20 years' behind in story telling. Also Zelda is hardly a RPG so I don't see why you are comparing them against them. Action Adventure games hardly need a compelling story, take Darksiders for an example. War in the first game is a pretty uninteresting character and the story on the whole is a standard 'character x is set up and attempts to clear his name, plot twist occurs towards the end'.

We can't judge the online yet, need to see what the Wii U's online infrastructure is like. But the Wii's online was dreadful and obviously wasn't a priority for Nintendo. The 3DS has decent online so they are improving in that regard.

If your claims about Nintendo were true they would have died years ago.

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