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ummm....maybe u got a virus off the web sites u visited...

w/ my problem i just had to delete my connection, unhook my wii and my connector then hook it back up again and it worked fine...

Mop it up's Restaurant / RE:I just had a thought
« on: January 19, 2007, 08:07:44 AM »

Originally posted by: segagamer12
Well I remembered my thought so I posted it in general chat.

Then I discuvered that if you do not talk like a college studen writting a term paper you will be made fun of and ignored.^^^^^^ spelled discovered wrong.....jk lol...
oh who am i only in the 9th grade ....i have no room to talk....


Nintendo Console Discussion / RE:Nintendo to announce mystery sequel?
« on: January 19, 2007, 07:33:57 AM »
im speechless.

EXTREMELY speechless.

why are we talking about clones here?

think up more ideas....nintendo stile sims??

Mario as Samus's husband and peach is out for revenge or something be original....

Yoshis with guns: when shyguys go nuts

the legend of link.....hand the master sword over to zelda now...make that B*tch save him now.....

super bowser....yea thats right lets kill mario now....

you know what??....i dont think bowser ever had his own game....i feel sorry for his dino @$$...

EDIT:...excuze me, i feel sorry for his Koopa @$$

Mop it up's Restaurant / RE:Ian's crown has been STOLEN
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Mop it up's Restaurant / RE:Ian's crown has been STOLEN
« on: January 17, 2007, 02:32:55 PM »

Originally posted by: wandering
I can't see how all the neat new secret skills could be any better with the remote, how could they be any more intuitive or responsive, since such moves are impossible to be 1:1 with the actions on the screen, and I don't like 1:1 controls for the sword to begin with. I actually hate the new sword controls so much that I'm even considering skipping wii Zelda which makes me sad, I can only hope the completly rebuild the controls for the game and drop the terrible idea of swinging the remote for the sword actions, but thats very unlikely. I also wish they rebuild the dungeon concept of the game for that matter, how many times are they going to follow the "find 3 items to open the way to find 4/6 items"? Even MM with its cliche-themed forest/fire/water/shadow dungeons felt more fresh. Zelda has plenty of room for new ideas without the game stop being "Zelda", and the remote can bring so much to that as well. Seriously? I don't see anything intuitive in that, at least not more intuitive than pressing and holding a button, just compare it with aiming, or fishing, now that is trully intuitive, the other controls are just the same, you are asociating an action, whether is pushing a button or waggling the remote, with an action on screen. Which isn't really my problem anyway, even if the response of the remote was perfect for the basic motions I would still not see anything fun in doing that, I can't do a parry or a helm splitter in real life with the remote, but I want them on the game and I find it incredibly fun to do them, when the game tries to read the motions perfectly but for such moves it has to break that rule it just makes the whole thing fall apart, it loses consistency, and sword fighting without those impossible but neat moves is just boring.  The camera is something that I would certainly miss in the other version, even though it only had two zoom levels instead of the completly free camera of the Wind Waker, but moving it around without having to go in first person was useful in some ocasions, not necessary of course, but I really just like to use it a lot, and without it I imagine it was harder to see where Link was looking at, a feature that was underused compared to the wind waker I guess because of the wii version, something that honestly sucks (Link discovering the secret in the private island house for me was just amazing, there were no moments like that in TP). It sucked you couldn't zoomed any closer too, or that you couldn't go into first person in castle town.  Changing topic, was I the only one dissapointed at the underuse of the wolf? specially with a moon who went from crecent to full moon, it was a really neat detail in the WW, but it became more awesome when it was used to find the ghost ship, now this game has a wolf, I can't believe they didn't use that to make something with the howling. I wish Nintendo would go back to buttons for the sword but unfortunately it won't happen, better start getting trying to get used to that idea. now don't go and dig my old posts, you stalker.  Im not really too fond of the idea of the west making an influence in the Zelda games. The localization guys are cool and all, but it comes down to business, and I really don't like the idea of making the game more "friendly" to the average american crowd thats more inclined to like tomb raider or halo. For start they went on with the ridiculous idea of using the remote for swinging the sword after explaining themselves why they had decided not to do it, its obvious they changed it because the fans asked for it, and honestly I trust more the initial judgement of Aunoma and company than the judgement of the fans. Actually the first signs of a sell-out was the removal of Tingle from the game for the same reason, to appeal to the western crowd. Lets hope they keep these things to a minimum.  I really don't like how Im starting to not get excited about the game when something new appears... The wii controls are really only there for financial reasons more than anything, its almost like the excecutives at Nintendo forced them after the team had to announce a delay. Its not something a game desginer like Aunoma or Miyamoto would do.  This controls will do nothing for the GC version, they are only there to push the wii sales, I cant believe you even question this. And Bill, apparently Nintendo has the same "hilarious assumptions" about the controls, I knew sword swinging was going to be awful and it seems they thought the same, and replace it for a button. I also mentioned using the controller as a real bow, and according to the scans, aunoma is doing just that. Besides if they wanted to propose the worst possible remote functionality the have certainly achieve it! If Nintendo decides to replace sword slashing with remote slashing instead of a simple button and maybe some specialized attack like the Wind Waker's parry using the remote I wont care for the next Zelda after Twilight Princess, Zelda as weird as it sounds is not really a sword fighting game, and I dont want to wave my arms during a whole 40-hours-long game. The only way it could be perfect is if the revolution implementation is flawless as well as the GC one, which is simply impossible. [fishing would be the only]...silly rev functionality that...Id be happy with. Then Ill be royally pissed, not only they are delaying the damn game again, they are doing so to shoehorn a controller that was not in mind when the game was in developement all these years, in other words, a trully g!mmick.  I dont want TP to have anything Rev related, except for the fact that it can be played on the console thanks to bakwards compatibility.  Id mind that they didnt employ those resources to improve the game more. I understand your point, but this has been promised as the ultimate Zelda game, I dont want they to diverge the atention from that, and Im confident the wont, see, Nintendo wont just slap a rev function or two, they arent like that, for them gameplay is above all and this game has been built from the ground on gameplay as every other Nintendo game, which is why adding last minute next gen controls wont fit the game. Theres a reason why Miyamoto called this the last Zelda game as we know it. Id be so happy with that, of course, out of all "promises" about the game, the one about Tingle being out of the game is the last they'll break Im still hoping like a fool this whole thing to not be true, at least that they didnt delay it again. Arent rev features so easy to port that they did the MP2 demo in a matter of weeks? or is another of Nintendo's lies? I cant believe Im saying that I cant get people who think [rev features are] a good idea at all.  can deal with useless rev features, but I dont like the sound of "violent fights" one little bit, WTF is happening with this game Nintendo!? Here Im still hoping this is all bogus, I cant wait that long for the game, specially for features that I dont want or need for this game.  Im going to scatter my rants all over then, damn you to hell Nintendo if this is true, I really dont like this, Miyamoto and Aunoma and everyone else have been pointing out that this is "the" Zelda game, the most big, compelling, melancholic, whatever you want to add, not to mention "the last of its kind", do you really prefer for them to be expending their time mapping some controller features or actually making the game more big, compelling, melancholic etc with their extra time of development? Its not like we arent going to get a Zelda revolution eventually, it will come and it will fully optimizes the revolution controller, not be the "sparkling innovation 'y" thing that TP revs features will end up being.  I see the comparison being unfair, because this game was built with the GC interface in mind, its easily expected that it will be better for the GC controller than the remote. This is a likely problem to happen, people would indeed think of the remote as a gimm!ck because the game isnt made to fully show all what the controller is capable of. This should not be Nintendo's game that shows controller capabilities, that game should be the next Mario/New IP thats being developed. Thats why I wouldve prefered they had saved their ideas for the upcoming Zelda revolution instead of wasting them in TP. [Is] Nintendo really that crazy and think this is worthy of being one of the many E3 surprises? that would be so dumb in my eyes. Im repeating myself again, but Nintendo has the interface as the most important thing in a game, we dont notice it because the interface always becomes transparent (something that proves they are very good at it), theres a reason why Miyamoto called TP the "last Zelda game as we know it", because with the Rev the game itself is going to see radical changes in its core mechanics, putting rev features in TP is as lame as putting analog in a Link the Past, a total waste. No, thats hardly a fact, and its the reason Im glad you dont work at Nintendo and I hope you never will, because and Im repeating myself again again and again TP is a Gamecube game. Its core is the GC controller, Im confident Nintendo wont be as mediocre as to implement old gameplay mechanics using the remote for the real Zelda rev, it will be something completly fresh. Miyamoto said it himself, "this is the last Zelda game as we know it" and its  pretty obvious why, as Ian has said in many posts, it would be terrible if all that Nintendo does is map functions that are done with a button to a movement or gesture in the remote, Im personally expecting an OoT level of change for the real Zelda Revolution, there arent more dimensions to explore (please do not talk nonsense about the fourth dimension :P, but what the remote will bring will be almost parallel to the 2D-3D jump, thats the kind of hype I have right now. Im going to try to explain myself with Metroid Prime, the interface becomes transparent not only because of the controller and its functionality, but because of its superb design, we dont notice it of course (and that means its an awesome game), but the game, its levels and enemies are carefully design to  take advantage of the control scheme, and the control scheme is tied to the limitations of the controller itself, hence the lock on feature. The way we kill bosses for instance, it isnt like Super Metroid, where quick reflexes were more important, but its more like a puzzle, remember how the last boss is? for Metroid Prime 3 I expect something unbelievable, lock on should be completly gone, puzzles would be trully a 3D experience, because the controller is no longer limited. Would mapping the remote to MP2 help MP3 gameplay mechanics? not at all. I have the same thoughts about Zelda. Thats where I think you just dont get what makes Nintendo games so great, again, TP is a damn GC game, and thats its core, the only way to not make mediocre remote interface for me would be to make the game from scratch,  to completly overhaul it. Sure fishing would be a cool thing, but its nothing more than a gimm!ck ( gimm!ck has such a negative tone in the gaming community, but for me it isnt a bad thing, its just not the awesome excellence Im acostumed with Zelda games) oh god lets hope thats not the case, it would be really bad if we compare TP GC mechanics with its Rev counterparts, thats like comparing how  LttP is with the Dpad and with the analog stick if it was ever implemented  (as dumb as many of you think this comparison is for me is very relevant), better to compare it with Ocarina of Time gameplay mechanics, or in this case, Zelda Rev gameplay mechanics. I dont think the original core TP game will be altered siginificantly (although Id prefer alot more that instead of these added functionality, they would stick to their promise and focus all their efforts to create the ultimate "traditional" Zelda game), but I cant see these added features as nothing else that a cheap move to give an extra push to the Rev, which for me its completly unnecesary. Well I dont think this is pointless, it has a specific purpose, to promote the Revolution even more. It is a waste for me because I think the remote is fully capable of a lot more than just mapping old gen gameplay mechanics, its almost Virtual Reality, This wont trully show what its capable of, kind of the same way that analog in aLttP wont show the real capabilities of an analog stick ( I personally think that the remote is even a bigger change and improvement that what the analog stick was in its time). I know that for you Im way overreacting but Im a Nintendo fanboy and particulary a Zelda fanboy, I tend to over-analyze things related to them Now Ill finish my bottle of wine, I hope these post was understandable (I shouldnt post drunk but its my birthday :P I really, really dont want it to be used as an extra feature for the last GC game, it "cheapens" the remote as well a the game itself, somehow the game wont feel "complete" for me for lack of a better word .  Bah... Whats bugging me now is that Im seriously concerned about what Nintendo really thinks about of the potential of the controller, if they think its just ok to cram this functionality in last gen games then I have my doubts on the kind of original software they are going to put for the Rev, this is 180 degree turn in my views of Nintendo as developer, and a big slap to their loyal fans who bought a GC in the first place. Now my hype for the revolution has dropped completly, Ill just wait and see. Of course I have a reason for being so whiny , the game I was most exited about is getting additions that I cant find even remotely interesting, but I have to wait longer anyway. So, Im so dissapointed that Im out of words now, besides what I already responded in the other thread.. .well... f!ck you Nintendo....  This is cheap, plain and simple, For instance I was thrilled about Metroid Prime 3, but it seems Nintendo is ok with just putting remote functionality on a game like Metroid Prime 2. This cast a shadow of doubt of the kind of software they are going to put as a first party on the Rev. Its like they really see the remote as just a gimm!ck, not a new way to play games. at least Ill get this game, sadly knowing their promises of their exclusive focus on making the ultimate traditional Zelda game were bullsh1t. Ill of course wait and see before dismissing the Revolution, but the usual hype I had for Nintendo's excellent first party titles is absolutely gone.  Im not going to explain it again :/ its such a long rant, but long story short, imagine putting in a Link to the Past analog stick functionality, the analog stick would be completly wasted, if they just make a normal Metroid Prime game, the potential of the controller would be wasted, and the result would be a gimm!ck, just like analog stick on a 2D zelda game. yup, yup, thats what Im fearing. They think that the idea alone is ok since they are doing it with Twilight Princess. I mean, the idea of applying remote functionality to old gameplay ideas instead of new ones, what Ian always says, replacing button presses for gestures, because thats basically all they can do for Twilight Princess unless they revampe the whole game and forget about its GC counterpart, which will also piss me off to no end.  Mario mentions exactly my point, changing bow aiming should happen along with a whole change of the enemies you shoot. Besides, what a waste, bow with the remote could be done also using the depth detection, and you could actually pull the controller like you'd pull a real bow, affecting the distance and speed of the arrow. The remote functionality should be implemented in a Zelda game made from the ground up for the Revolution, not crammed in a last gen game thats constructed around a traditional way of playing games. I cant say this enough. No, of course not, thats why Ill wait and see, but Nintendo thinks this is good enough reason to delay the game and to deny their GC fanbase a complete product, which worries me because I dont think that TP will be that much better with the remote, and as a GC owner I feel cheated which make all pessimistic right now. You people just skim over my rants without reading them, I will buy the game or Ill probably just mod my cube and buy it pirate, because I dont feel as compelled to give them my money as I used to, my concern is what this means for revolution games, you are happy with some gimm!ck first person aiming, Im expecting a hell of a lot more because the controller can offer that, and if Nintendo thinks that just adding remote to old games is acceptable as good game design then its time for me to stick with PC games and forget theirs. oh god lets hope not, if non GC owners need TP with this lame functionality to pick up a Revolution then the console will indeed be Nintendo's last. This is only to win an extra buck with the game, nothing else, this wont break or make the Rev launch, if it does, Nintendo has a lot more serious problems than just me being pissed at them for lying. I thought that Nintendo's priority was to make excellent quality games, but thats not the case. ...if theres no software that delivers the concept, the Rev will fail! I blindly believed Nintendo would deliver, because they have delivered in the past, and in huge ammounts, but this has shocked me, from way back when it was just a"rumor" of the english magazine, to the subsequent Nintendo press releases and clevery worded "no comment" denials, not in my wildest dream I expected Nintendo to do something that I consider so cheap, so now Im absolutely doubtful of what they are going to offer as new generation software. Im not saying that is 100% sure Mario 128 will suck and be a gimm!ck that uses the controller just to make Mario jump by tilting the controller up, but for the first time Im not sure it will be a breaktrough revolution like Super Mario Bros and Mario 64 were. Yes its an option, but its really lame in my eyes, and is not worth the trouble, like adding analog stick to a Link to the Past. I think that I cant be more clear than with that example. why would it be fun? the enemies, combat system and puzzles are constructed around the limitations of the dpad and its 4 directions (8 technically), shooting arrows in radial directions its just as empty as all the embellishments that the 360 and the ps3 want to put in games with their HD crap, it would be waste... unless the combat system and enemies are reprogrammed for this, and you get enemies attacking you from all directions and you can swap them quickly with the bow, which guess what? never happens with the orginal because it would be frustrating with just the dpad. see? haha sorry but Ill never stop until all my anger is vent, after it Ill probably wont even care for the damn game well, the reason of my anger is personal, I feel cheated as a GC owner, but I have to live with it so Ill leave it at that. my concerns on the outcome of the controller are speculation of course, but also based on this direction that I see Nintendo taking with the game. Some of you see it differently, well, I can understand that view but cannot share it, this is basically the only game we've seen for the revolution, I cant help to start judging the console by this game, is the only one we have any information about. I know the type of gameplay traditional Zelda offers, I know it very well, and I also know the kind of functionality the remote offers, screaming and flaming me because Im "ignorant" and I cannot form an "honest" opinion without trying it is just silly, lets not comment then on anything revolution related because none of us have tried it and we cannot form an "honest" opinion on it... please...  Long whiny rant ahead again! :'D Thats the big point of concern for me. In one hand we have the possibility that rev functionality is added last minute, so will it be a good implementation? what if its mediocre? Even if its true that in just two weeks they added first person aiming to the Echoes demo, well, I think that it would be seen as a half assed implementation if all they do is mapping first person aiming, fishing and something else to TP and call it done. I dont think that just taking a couple of months to add the remote functionality is going to yield decent results. And a couple of months is already a considerable long time waiting. On the other hand, they might be taking a long time to do this, probably since they finalized the controller idea (and I fear this is the real case), the problem with this is how it royally screws the GC fanbase, specially because they promised this game to be for the fans and for GC a million times. Also, the GC game will suffer, because it was never the real focus. The last, most amazing traditional Zelda game as we know it? all lies. And even if the focus on the rev features is considerable, it wouldnt be the best way to bring Zelda to the Revolution, because its tied to the Cube, they arent free to explore insane, crazy ideas. The worst part is that it would be clear that they only lied to extend the GC life with a false promise and even to make some people buy a GC for the game, I couldnt flame Kutaragi anymore, because Nintendo would be at the same level. Its a lose-lose situation for me, but Ill rather have the first one, at least Id know that they invested their resources on making the original game, and Zelda revolution will come along in the next years to trully prove the remote capabilities, I can wait for it, I certainly can. And most important, Nintendo wouldnt be so tacky. As for how good this is for Nintendo financially, I really dont give a damn I dont have stocks invested in them. Of course I couldnt be indiferent in the past to the fact that Nintendo is making money, because part of that money was destined to make games like the Wind Waker, Metroid Prime or Mario Sunshine, even if Nintendo was also investing in Pokemon games. But if Nintendo is shifting their priorities with the franchises I like the most, then what good is to me that they are going to make more money? Thats why Im so dissapointed and angry, thats why I sound so agressive sometimes , I had that trust but I lost it with this anouncement T_T I cant believe in them.   ...before this I couldnt point a single bad thing about Nintendo, I defended the water pack and the toon shading with my heart and soul, I also defended the first delay, although I was frustrated, I was also happy to wait more because Nintendo promised heaven an earth for this game and I had blind trust, but this features really made me go "WTF!" with them, I still cant believe this is real. Its simply the fact that they split the focus of the game between GC and Rev, the worst case, they are giving more focus to the Rev, the not-as-worse case, they are giving more focus to the GC, my ideal case: give all the damn focus to the GC! The game will be good most likely, but I would take any day extra dungeons, weapons or bosses than remote functionality.  Wind Waker was a bold move, the kind of move that makes Nintendo so great. The game was incomplete, but it was a fantastic experience for me, it was timeless and absolutely charming, the game is simply unique. Twilight Princess is Nintendo getting coward, giving remote functionality, besides all my other complains, is Nintendo being coward regarding the rev. You cant even compare these two at all. The Revolution itself is really bold, which is why I think this "playing it safe" with TP remote functionality is so lame. They should trust their idea to sell! Not use Zelda to push it a little more.  Going in circles again? You people are making it sound like TP was crucial for the Rev, which would be a terrible, terrible scenario for the future of the console, as has been said, like, a million times, now that I pointed out that, you will say, agreeing with me, again, that Zelda with rev controls wont make or break the revs launch, and we get back to the original point, that this funcionality then really isnt needed. When I said that the GC version will "suffer" because of the functionality, I mean that the standalone GC game, the one I care about, could be better if all the focus is on GC, which is obvious. Our disagreement comes into how much are we willing to accept this "sacrifice" for lack of a better word, I think is unacceptable because Nintendo promised it and got my hype up, some of you think is acceptable because it will get an incentive for people to jump onboard to the Rev and also think that this "sacrifice" wont be of consideration as opposed to what I think. I think it would be terrible if their effort on the rev controls is the same as the one put in a box art, and at the same, it would suck if they give them considerable time. The first case implies poor rev functionality, which would be make the press say the controller is just a gimm!ck, the second is the one that pisses me off personally, because as I said Ill rather have extra dungeons and sidequests than this remote functionality, if you were Nintendo what would you do? focus on the rev part of course, thats why Im expecting them to give the GC counterpart less importance, it makes sense for them. do they caare if the pissed off GC fans? not really. You people have way to much hope for the controller if you think than in a couple of weeks of development the device can do wonders for games, it mostlikely takes a lot of effort andtime to exploit the controller at its best, but the results this way are of course superior. oh god, I have to beat this dead horse once more... Jesus thats even worse! so we could have the game now but have to wait several months to get it just because they are adding the rev part? f!ck that, Ill rather have the game now without it. Its not just waiting, is waiting for something I dont want and something I wont be able to use. Its funny how people said in the past that Nintendo wasnt going to push TP as a launch title, that there was no reason for me to doubt about the implementation of the rev controls and that I was being pessimistic, that the GC version wouldnt be delayed because of the Rev version etc ,etc, etc, and here we are, the pessimistic predictions were true, Nintendo is pushing a last gen game as one of its mayor launch titles, and its not the best implementation it could have been made, and worst, GC owners have to wait anyway until the Wii's launch to get the game, because its a simultaneous release.  As the broken record I am Ill say it again: The implemention is suffering because this is after all a GC game. My example was always analog stick into a Link to the Past, but Mario 64 DS is an even better example that has been brought up recently, I really dont think the remote itself and the hardware are bad, being too precise is of course better than not being precise, but they arent free to experiment further into the possibilities of the remote because the game is still linked to the GC version (and Im very happy about that). I really dont like this suggestion of Wii exclusive items, its already enough for the ones who want the GC version that we have to wait longer and are not going to get the graphical improvements, even if they are minor.  I really would prefer they could spend working this 5-6 months polishing the GC version instead of tweaking some controls Im not going to use. I understand the reasons behind the decision of putting rev features, but they couldve also promote the standalone GC version as a launch title and promote the backwards compatibility at the same time, then the console wouldve had the best of both worlds, traditional and new games, thats the direction I would've liked. Afterall Aunoma said TP is for the hardcore Zelda fan, it makes no sense to put features so "anti-hardcore" so to speak, the audience of this game isnt going to be scared away by complex controls at all. uh oh... here we go again. The point of any game or console is to have fun, people sometimes forget that realism =/=fun.  I think that without wii controls, the game could be ready by summer. If the GC version wasnt affected at all in dev time by the wii version (something I really doubt) we would have to wait anyway, because Nintendo will use the wii version as a launch title and it wouldnt be convienent for them to release the GC version sooner because it would steal hype from the wii version. This really sucks for the people who have been craving for this game for such a damn long time. For someone like me who never wanted or want to try the remote functionality (except maybe the fishing) is worst. urgh... why are they saying that its like two different games when Miyamoto said in an interview that they werent, that there wasnt two games but just one? or is another of Miyamoto's lies? I have never liked the idea of sword fighting with the gesture. We have this notion that its more intuitive, but the truth is that doing such realistic mapping of controls would make the battles really hard and boring (good bye spin attack or impossible but awesome jump attacks like ganon's death in tWW). Button for main attack plus gestures for some special moves, like TP rev version, is what I think the best control idea for sword fighting. well, duh, he isn't going to say "the GC controls are superior and the only reason we are doing this is to help the launch of our console because we have enough fanboys that would even buy a turd if it has Zelda somewhere written over it", even if thats the truth :P This was basically the only thing I liked about TP wii version and now they changed it, I don't have any doubts about which one is going to be the best version now.  this is not a lose/lose situation, if Nintendo had decided not to do this wii version I asure you that at worst, some fanboy would speculate how TP with remote might work and thats it, NO ONE would be mad or whiny, at all, maybe slightly dissapointment in rare cases. Personally I dont give a crap about the wii version so I don't care about the lack of GC controls for it, I have to be thankful that at least they didn't scrap completly the GC original. And yes, even if that version had GC controls I would still buy the other one, and yes, Im very interested in the new console, believe it or not, I have high hopes for Corruption, and Galaxy looks to be awesome, as well as many third party games, something that was really surprising. But this decision about Zelda is the worst possible idea ever in my eyes. As to why they remove GC controls from the wii version is obvious the possibility of many people buying both was important, its naive to think is not, and as silly as many of you believe it is to buy both, theres plenty of fans that will do it. Some may think that both versions ended up being radically different and can't be played with the other controls, but Nintendo also said that both were identical, so its not a sure thing. Its still a posibility, is not the first time Nintendo outright lied about this game anyway. I still don't see the need to go into all this trouble when the remote doesn't recognize left or right slashes as different motions anyway. Leaving the GC intact is more proof of which version is the real original, and which one is the afterthought :P , even if Nintendo's actions try to prove otherwise. These wii controls are indeed tacked-in at last minute, they decided to flip the whole game mere months before its release, and some people still think that the remote functionality is going to turn incredible?, it will be acceptable at best, seriously it looks like they aren't even sure of what to do with the remote, its the first time Ive seen Nintendo changing a major gameplay mechanic few months before the launch of a game. There, I said it I just reread the thread and no one thinks this mirroring is a big deal by itself, is pretty much harmless, and thats what should worry any left-handed person, if its of such little importance, why do it in the first place? the concern here is what VGrevolution is saying, that theres is something in the game that makes necessary the flipping, and if such thing exist a left handed gamer is pretty much screwed if theres no option to flip the game back. My concern is more solidarity with my fellow southpaws that interest in how the wii version will turn out, because I was never interested in it, and with these recent news, Im even less interested. the real Zelda game...will dismiss any gimm!cky remote ideas except some very simple mechanic, since Nintendo realized long ago some games just don't need this tacked-in controls Mario 64 DS and new super mario bros all over again LOL the people who have been playing the game are the devs themselves, they aren't going to say the swinging with the remote is not better than the buttons, even if thats true :P. If I ever have the oportunity I'll try it, but Im still not convinced, the sword slashing is still just replacing the button for gestures (its not that theres a lot more to do anyway, is the only choice), and it doesnt even differenciates between left-to-right slashing and right-to-left slashing. Its really like a bunch of remote minigames put over the traditional layout. Any interest I may have goes away when I know theres an equivalent for that motion with the traditional controller. You were the only guy in the staff who liked the game's controls this past E3, so forgive if I don't listen to your advice of forgetting the GC version , it still looks like the version with better controls for me. Theres no recent impressions whatsover about the GC version, Nintendo is trying its hardest to kill it, so of course you aren't going to find any comments saying which version is superior. Not at least until december 11th, when the wii would have moved enough units of the game for Nintendo to not feel threaten by the GC version, I really can't wait for it, so that we have a real one-on-one comparison. Thats the point of disagreement, while some of you consider TP to be new, I and many others don't consider it really new at all. Phantom Hourglass is really new in my eyes, and even with all the bad impressions it has and my many dislikes for some of the decisions they have made regarding the gameplay Im more interested in how it will turn out than how TP will turn out, because PH is a 100% original concept, TP isnt, its an old game with a layout of remote minigames.    Bah, I hope this isnt true, I would be terribly dissapointed at Nintendo (I mean, even more!) good developers don't change major controls schemes mere weeks before release, it gives more and more the impression that this are half-assed controls. I hate you You know, the usual complain of the remote is that it was going to be used to replace buttons for gestures, we can argue endlessly if this applies to red steel, mario galaxy, metroid prime 3 etc etc etc and never came to an agreement, but with the Zelda theres no argument, the proof is right there, the implementation is just replacing buttons for gestures, we know this because the GC version exists.  Those would be weird lefties, because theres no way Im going to point with my right hand in games with aiming or other gameplay mechanics that require precision, Would you use the pointer in your left hand if your right hand was the one used to move the stick? if it was just waving the remote there would be no problem but games dont just make you wave the remote. One thing is for certain, is going to be more ackward for us no matter how we use the controller anyway (more reasons for me to wait and see with the console itself). I just don't like what Ive seen from the controls, is that so terribly hard to understand? why cant you just accept that what you might find great I find it just lame? I dont criticise your tastes, Ive never said you are wrong for liking the remote controls. Also, I don't exactly swim in money, here $50 is a considerable ammount, as well as the $250 price entry for the console which includes wiisports, another game I find lame. This whole package for me simply is not worth it. Now if you are so fixed on making all of us "infidels" "bad fans of the company" like the wii version to the point you wish the version we want gets cancelled (and theres certainly no reason whatsover for that mindset except I guess a grudge you have with us because we don't share your opinion), feel free to send me a wii and a copy of the game because you can be perfectly confident that I'll try it, but Im not going to expend $300 of my own to see if I might like it, specially because chances are I won't.  Its not about just the controls, is about the game itself, something Ive been repeating to death since this fiasco was announced. This game started with the GC, so I naturally suspect that the implementation for the GC is superior, because the game's puzzles and combat are made with the GC controller in mind. The remote will make it more of a novelty and flashy thing, but wont affect the game itself at all.  Im not going to get milked, thats for sure, and TP was moved to the Wii only for pure financial reasons, to give the console an extra push at launch, and that makes the wii version of less value for me, this functionality was tacked in towards the end of the development cycle of the game, and thats a cheap move honestly. Ill only miss the fishing, but no way in hell Im buying the wii version for just fishing. [Miyamoto] strikes me as ambidextrous, and as a business man who would prefer to cater to the majority obviously, which means I don't take into consideration what he has said about handedness in games, if he thinks a lefty would be ok he's insane, or just not an exclusive lefty. Theres absolutely no way I will be able to point with my right hand no matter the game, and theres no need for hands-on experience in that regard, because Ive been using laser pointers all my life, as well as lightguns. If you think its such a not big deal, switch hands and tell me how confortable would that be. little to no problem? thats simpy impossible, period. I know it would be ackward for sure, my real question is how much and how long will the adapting time be, I've already decided to try the stick with the right hand, which doesn't seem an uphill challenge but its also not something easy, Ive barely used it in Pikmin, so I don't know. The other option, of grabbing the controller the normal way is just not going to work for me. Also windyman never answered me if the mirroring was needless at the end, because with all these recent impressions and reviews it sure seems like it, I hope some review adress that. If I hold the remote lefty way, I have to use the stick in the right hand, which is hard for a gamer who is used to use it in his left hand all the time, if I hold it the righty way, I have to point with the right hand, which is very ackward, and for some of us, practically impossible. The first is the lesser of evils, but its not going to be perfectly intuitive right out of the box like everyone is saying. As much as people say that it doesn't matter which hand you use the remote for this game, Nintendo did mirror the whole game, its just contradicting, I don't understand why they did it anyway. And that interview is exactly the one who made me think he's ambidextrous, just by him saying that he was ok with holding the remote in his right hand, that doesnt sound to me like an exclusive lefty. Really which part of the controller is going to need your dominant hand more?, the nunchuck with its basic motion detection and stick or the remote which points and has a more precise motion detection method? I think its obvious. I'm kind of a lefty zealot I never could use it with the right hand, but given practice, I'm sure I would be able to, however the truth is that it would be like wasting potential, and I would never achieve the precision I have now, well, mice don't need an incredible precision for normal tasks, but I'm sure Ill be less good at FPS games if I invert hands. The mirroring of Zelda is a different issue, is just puzzling, I don't think any right handed would've have hated the game in its original form given the reviews we are reading so why do it in the first place? it doesn't seem to affect the game that much, the sword doesn't even follow exactly the waving of the remote, I doubt having Link, a third person character, with the sword in the other hand would make it less intuitive than moving your hand to your right and seeing Link moving the sword to the left.

ijm sorry but i gotta much time did u spend on this?...i read like the first 2 paragraphs.....then i just stopped and i saw more writting/typing than i would ever do in 20 years.....20 is exagerating....maybe 10...or 15...

oh...thats a nice thought....

Nintendo Console Discussion / RE:Hold your Wee for a Wii
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WOW....i live in the area and i dint hear of this tilll like five minutes ago when i was looking through random threads.....i was probably too busy  playing with my Wii....


Originally posted by: Smash_Brother

Originally posted by: mantidor And has there been any female goron in any Zelda game?

Sure, you just can't tell them apart from each other.

...actually...all of the gorons look like dudes....unlless they're...."two-in-one" if u know what i mean....

TalkBack / RE:Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Get a NA Release Date
« on: January 15, 2007, 08:09:03 AM »
what is wrong with you people???

you started out talking about pokemon and now your talking about grade levels!!!what is wrong with you????

General Gaming / RE:usb connectors for Wii--help--NOW
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i found the solution....just uninstall the registraton tool then install it works better than the 1st time:p


Originally posted by: Bloodworth
Eh, just because a character is fruity, effeminate, or unwilling to grow up doesn't make them a homosexual.  I remember people talking about the carpenters in OoT and to this day I see no reason to think of them as anything other than lazy and childish.  

Falbi's dress and mannerisms are certainly the most effeminate, but his speech (ONE BIG GUY) is more like an annoying relative talking down to you like you're three years old. I can't even figure out how the Cucco comment is supposed to be suggestive.  :-P

...sure it does acutaly....most of the people in zelda apperar as homosexuals in my link for instance...
the girls love him but does he like them back??big, fat NO..the yeti seems like the only charactor in TP that seems straight to me....dont get me wrong i love the zelda series but....yea

Gameplay Strategy / RE:Zelda's Hidden Skills
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thers one in kakariko village grave yard, and anathor right before the sacred pretty durn sure theres on on snowpeek too....  

no buddy....

super smash bros.(N64)

i win.

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they announced iTV or something like that....from what ive heard it lets you get iTunes on your not worth it ..........

General Gaming / usb connectors for Wii--help--NOW
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                                                      IT STOPED WORKING....IT JUST STOPPED....OH...MAYBE I SHOULD STOP TYPING IN CAPS....

                          my problem is that my usb connector picks up my wii signal, my wii picks up my usb connector signal

and yet, no internet i wanna super mario bros. for the VC. BUT NO!!darn usb connectors...and stuff....  

Nintendo Console Discussion / RE: ipod+wii?
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where'd my ipod go??!

curse you Wii!
im joking, i love my Wii...and my zelda game.... NFS CARBON is jealous

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quick and simple

      there, i just smashed all your hopes and dreams of getting it in the near

Nintendo Console Discussion / RE:ipod+wii?
« on: January 06, 2007, 10:35:33 AM » all i need is a life ^_^

Nintendo Console Discussion / RE:ipod+wii?
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Originally posted by: Ghisy
Keep your Wii.
Throw away your iPod.
Play Zelda.

I don't see any other solution.

.........sounds like a plan!!....or something close....zelda gots me drooling while NFS:carbon....its...interesting....

now how much do those SD cards cost now? too lazy to look it up...

Nintendo Console Discussion / RE:ipod+wii?
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but will it play music files off my ipod?

Nintendo Console Discussion / RE:ipod+wii?
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but still, will it play music?

Nintendo Console Discussion / ipod+wii?
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can i plug that into my wii without completly screwing up my system?

Matchmaking & Smack Talk / im so cool im posting this on my Wii!
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beat that!

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