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Save Daredevil Trends as Rights Officially Return to Marvel

Except bring back Ben Affleck because I want the internet salt.

Seriously though, to piggy back off the discussion in the Disney+ thread, bringing back these shows would help justify the subscription for me with a caveat or two:

No reboot. Do not recast.

To fully transition these characters into the MCU umbrella, it would be cool to see Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock show up in Spider-Man: Home Run Derby as Peter’s lawyer and definitely in Disney+’s own She-Hulk show for lawyer hijinks.

General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: November 28, 2020, 05:59:41 PM »
Resident Evil 4 (PS4)

Hot take: Resident Evil 4 with traditional controls does not hold up. I haven’t played the game with a traditional controller since like 2005. Now that I’ve tried, woof. It’s difficult going back. I almost want to say the controls are actively bad by 2020 standards. I’m tempted to dust off the ol’ Wii U just to play it with motion controls again. I feel like I started replaying Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition in 2013/2014 and thinking it held up.

There’s a rumor going around that Resident Evil 4 is getting the remake treatment similar to Resident Evil 2 and 3 (ignoring Code Veronica for some reason). I don’t know if a full remake is necessary. However, Capcom could have gotten some extra mileage from Resident Evil 4 if it went out of its way to add at least the Type D controls from Resident Evil 5 (though all control types would have been preferred). That would have made a world of difference.

Resident Evil 5 (PS4)

Still holds up. The better frame rate is *chef’s kiss* It also still kind of sucks playing single player. I won’t dock points from the game as it was built for multiplayer, and I’m too cheap to pay for PlayStation Plus.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: November 27, 2020, 04:19:23 PM »
I feel like I would normally hate the Suns City Jerseys, but I actually really like it. I also like the Sixers’ homage to Boathouse Row. The Jazz’s Dark Mode City Jerseys are better than last years’ but still not good. The Magic’s City Jerseys should have more orange if they’re going to do it.
I'm most impressed by the Hawks. They should be a playoff team, especially if the Kings don't match the offer sheet for Bogdan Bogdanović. The Kings absolutely should, but Kings gonna King.

Old news, but Kings gonna King. Match then trade Bogdanović before the deadline and get at least a first round pick, you dummies. Chances are the Hawks and Bucks will still want him.

Just ban the Kings and Hornets out of the league for a couple seasons until they get their act together.

Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« on: November 27, 2020, 03:41:17 PM »
Ideally, if Disney wants to offer rated R/TV-14 and up content, lock it behind parental controls on Disney+. I don’t want another app, another subscription, or a price hike.

Alternatively, it might just be easier to offer that content on Hulu and add more bundles. Does anyone really want ESPN+? How about a $9.99/$12.99 bundle with Disney+ and Hulu with ads/no ads? Yes, that is technically another app, another subscription, and a price hike. However, I don’t want another Disney-related one on top of them.

Anecdotally, I barely watch Disney+. It was worth it for the three-year dealie I signed up for, but I’m not sure I’ll renew once it expires. I don’t think I really need Hulu either (access to Futurama and Archer are tempting). I get by on Netflix and occasionally checking Prime Video.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: November 23, 2020, 03:40:40 AM »
Interested parties would like to know your thoughts on the Warriors too....
asking for a friend. lol
I wrote a whole thing the other day when Klay Thompson's Achilles injury was official. I got distracted and didn't post it so I figured the window closed on commenting. Basically, without Thompson, it's curtains for the Warriors this season as far as contention. The Warriors did their best in an awful situation. Snagging a solid rotation player in Kelly Oubre is better than letting the Andre Iguodala trade exception expire though he's coming off a torn meniscus so not great. Bringing back Kent Bazemore is a good move. He apparently turned down eight other offers. The Warriors should make the playoffs if everyone stays healthy.

The NBA is better when the Warriors are good so I personally hope James Wiseman blossoms quickly, but everything I've read stated he's a little raw. They shouldn't trade him. Curry and Thompson are both in their 30s. How many more years do they have left? I always get a little sad when great players start approaching the end of their careers. I hate the fact that we're losing another year of Thompson's prime. His defense may not be elite when he returns, but he has a skillset that should keep him effective for a few more years.

Also, this was supposed to be the pitch year for Giannis Antetokounmpo. So much for that.
and I didn't see all the trades and drafts, but who did the Sixers pick up to get such praise?
It's less about who the Sixers picked up than who they shipped off. Last summer, the Sixers signed Al Horford to a $109 million contract or ~$27 million per year, the last year guaranteed for $14.5 million when he'll be 36. Ewww......... Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons need shooters around them to spread the floor, the Sixers let their best shooter walk (JJ Reddick) then signed the absolute worst fit with Embiid and Simmons. I defended Horford's signing last year, but in practice, woof....... (freezing cold take from me, my bad)

That said, Daryl Morey traded Horford to the Thunder for Danny Green, Terrence Ferguson, the 34th pick in this year's draft (Theo Maldon), a protected 2025 first round pick, and the draft rights to someone. It didn't cost them that much to get Horford off the books. Also addressing their lack of shooting in the same trade is almost a miracle.

Morey also signed Dwight Howard to a veteran's minimum contract and traded Josh Richardson and the 36th pick in this year's draft (Tyler Bey) to the Mavericks for Seth Curry to get even more shooting. Richardson is a better defender, but the Sixers really needed more shooters.

I believe the Sixers were hard-capped so they didn't have tons of options yet they (or rather, Morey) filled a dire need, got off of a long-term albatross contract, and somehow managed to reduce salary this year. The Sixers may be under the apron now; I haven't done the math though. Either way, a very successful off-season so far.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: November 22, 2020, 08:37:55 PM »
Some thoughts on the off-season so far:
  • The important thing about Donovan Mitchell and Jason Tatum's extensions to remember (particularly in four years) is they both negotiated player options on the fifth year. Sam Presti is just biding his time, hoping one or both of them decides to move on to trade some combination of the Thunder's 24575617835 draft picks he amassed to the Jazz/Celtics.
  • I'm glad new Jazz owner, Ryan Smith, didn't futz around and paid Mitchell. He's worth every penny (don't particularly care about the Jazz and their awful alt-jerseys, but I'm high on Mitchell). I believe Smith is something like the fifth or sixth richest individual owner in the NBA. I don't want to hear about any penny-pinching from poor, small-market Jazz.
  • LOL Clippers. Signing Serge Ibaka saved their off-season. That Marcus Morris contract is poo-poo though. They did not address their lack of playmaking. *Price is Right lose horn*
  • Holy shiz, I don't know how the Sixers managed to revamp their roster. I thought they were dead in the water with the Al Horford contract. I expected a trade to the Kings of Buddy Hield. Daryl Morey is a wizard. They should be good next year (for real this time).
  • Knicks gonna Knick.
  • I'm most impressed by the Hawks. They should be a playoff team, especially if the Kings don't match the offer sheet for Bogdan Bogdanović. The Kings absolutely should, but Kings gonna King.
  • The Suns did well too. Let's get Devin Booker in the playoffs.
  • WTF, Hornets? Terry Rozier leaves the Celtics last year because Gordon MAGA Hayward was taking his shots so Michael "Republicans buy sneakers too" Jordan is like "SIGN HAYWARD. PAY NOW." without having the cap space to complete the bonkers $30 million per year guaranteed deal so he has to waive Nic Batum who has been taking up cap space and physical space on the roster for seemingly infinity years. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! AHHHHH........
  • I don't know how the Bucks/Kings futzed up that Bogdan Bogdanović trade. I would have put them at the top of the East if they pulled that off. Jrue Holiday is a huge pick up though at a ridiculous price: the cardboard cutout of Eric Bledsoe, two pick swaps, and two unprotected draft picks. YIKES. Better hope Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday stay.
  • The Lakers won a championship last year filling out the roster with Danny Green and leftovers while waiting for Kawhi Leonard. They got better and younger. I don't love Montrezl "Bitchass White Boy" Harrell, but he'll help the Lakers tremendously on offense where they struggled at times to score without LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the lineup. Dennis Schroder and Wesley Matthews are good pickups. Marc Gasol is a good upgrade from Javalle McGee though I'm disappointed they lost Dwight Howard due to a communication mixup. They can park him on the three point line on offense, but he'll be most valuable in the playoffs against Nikola Jokić and without being the free throw shooting blackhole of McGee/Howard. I was hoping to bring back Markieff Morris, but I think the Lakers are hard capped so I'm not sure they can.

Recast Black Panther; bring back Killmonger anyway.

Chadwick Boseman played the character in four movies, three of which were supporting roles. Choosing not to recast would be like saying no one can play the Joker again after Heath Ledger’s tragic passing (I know it isn’t a 1:1 comparison). The Black Panther/T’Challa character is bigger than the actor who played him. It’s too important culturally. Writing T’Challa out of the entire MCU is way too drastic. Dedicate Black Panther 2 to Boseman and add a special Marvel logo of him. If Marvel wants to eventually pass the Black Panther mantle to Shuri, that’s fine, but I’m in favor of continuing T’Challa’s story for at least Phases 4 and 5, maybe 6.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« on: November 18, 2020, 04:19:13 PM »
Deep's story was a single isolated storythread that only connects back to the main story twice, and the second time it was purely for A-Train to get the info on Stormfront - then plot-wise abandoned him again. You could have cut him out entirely, or just made him recurring, and have A-Train run into him in the church and achieve the same result.
Yeah, that was my main issue with Season 2. The Deep accomplishes very little in relation to how much screen time he gets. His main contribution is talking to fish in order to recover the camera with the video Queen Maeve used to blackmail Homelander. In fact, I would go as far as saying The Deep hasn't served much purpose since the first episode as the catalyst for Starlight's disillusionment with The Seven. If I'm being generous, the writers used The Deep to introduce Definitely-Not-The-Church-of-Scientology The Church of the Collective. They spent a lot of time with that sub-plot without much payoff so far. Yes, that character (Definitely-Not-AOC) is the one blowing people's heads off. Did we need Definitely-Not-The-Church-of-Scientology to accomplish that? I'm not entirely convinced.

The Deep is ostracized from both The Seven and the main plot thread. They've positioned him as a shitty person who ultimately gets his comeuppance. That could have been a wrap for him. However, if he's going to be around, the writers should find a way to bring him back into the fold except they don't get there (yet?). In Season 2, The Deep apparently doesn't learn any valuable lessons or make a meaningful progression as far as character arc (not sure that's a spoiler since that's my opinion). He's still shitty at the end of the season. Sure, so is Homelander, but he's one of the main antagonists. The Deep is just there. I don't know if the plan is for him to do something extra important later, but right now, it feels like the writers are stalling. Reminds me of Alucard in Season 3 of Castlevania. He has a season long arc that moves his plot and character very little, and what did move, could have been accomplished in far less time.

Stormfront getting her **** kicked in by Queen Maeve, Starlight, and Kimiko was earned and awesome, and I was there for it. About that scene:
  • It didn't quite make up for how little Queen Maeve was in Season 2. "Hey Kraut!" was satisfying.
  • Frenchie yelling "[Chekov's Gun] is in the car; it's our only chance!" bothered me more than I imagine it bothered most people.
  • I fell for Kimiko's "death". Disappoint.
  • I kept expecting Starlight, given her power set, to absorb Stormfront's purple lightning. It felt foreshadowed the entire season then just didn't happen. I looked it up. Apparently, Stormfront shoots plasma which is not electricity so... 🤷‍♀️
  • Hughie, Frenchie, and Mother's Milk should be hella-dead. Stormfront just decides to casually toss them aside instead of murder-death-killing them immediately.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: I own Super Mario Bros.
« on: November 13, 2020, 01:20:57 PM »
I bought two Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. though I'm giving one to a friend. I have considered having one to open and play around with and keeping another in a box as a collectable. I'm trying not to collect things anymore. I just thought Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. looked cool. Nintendo knows it can release things like this, and people will push an old lady to the ground to get one.*

*I didn't have to push an old lady to the ground as there were plenty Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to go around. I pushed her to the ground because she looked sus.

General Gaming / Re: What is your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: November 13, 2020, 11:37:58 AM »
A few weeks ago, I snagged Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for $40. Since I barely played it on Wii, I wanted to barely play it on Switch as well. 🤷‍♀️

A couple days ago, I folded and bought 4 Resident Evil, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 🦒🤤 on PS4. If RE4 on Switch had motion controls, that would have been an easy choice. Alas, it does not. The higher resolution and frame rate on PS4 pushed me to those versions. They were cheaper on PS4 too.

I snagged two Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. I have to pick one up at Best Buy today; the other is getting delivered. One is a gift for a friend. I’m not just hoarding these.

Shale Jokes / Re: i hereby claim...
« on: November 05, 2020, 12:30:12 AM »
I merely claim everyone's bank accounts.
Joke’s on you, I’m broke.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: November 03, 2020, 07:28:56 PM »
Thanks for the responses!

Did either of you get Applecare+ for Apple Watch or iPhone? I always got Applecare+ with the iPhone, but it rubbed me the wrong way on the iPhone 8 Plus. There was some burn in on the screen (top left corner where the cellular bars are), and it wasn't covered. I flat out told the Apple Store clerk, "I don't know why I paid for Applecare+ then..." I cracked the screen once ever on the iPhone 5S. Hardly seems worth it now especially with the case and screen protector I already bought for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I committed to 44mm since I bought a case (RhinoShield CrashGuard NX) and screen protector (Flolab NanoArmour) for that size. A YouTube tech reviewer I like (MobileReviewsEh) recommended both. The NanoArmour causes mild sensitivity issues so I think the larger screen might be useful for that. The CrashGuard NX leaves the entire Apple Watch back exposed which prevents (or at least greatly reduces) sweat and grime from getting caught between the case and the watch. I don't know if RhinoShield makes the CrashGuard NX for the Series 3. It cost me about $18 after shipping and a 10% discount code. Might be something to look into, nickmitch.

I'm leaning toward the GPS only model as I'm having trouble justifying the cost of the GPS and cellular model, both entry and monthly plan. My use case is very situational: literally the gym and running, neither of which is happening right now. Before quarantine, I was taking my phone with me when working out. The iPhone 12 Pro Max dimensions are pretty close to my current iPhone 8 Plus (slightly taller and heavier) so I have an idea of what to expect. The Mous Limitless 3.0 case is definitely bulkier than my current case.

I'm definitely getting a solo loop as the included band. I'm considering an extra Sport Loop, but they're hella expensive. I suppose if I'm already spending nearly $1700 on a new phone, watch, and accessories for both, I should stop complaining about an extra $50. No idea what I'll get for the iPhone 8 Plus trade-in, but I expect under $100 as it's three years old.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: November 02, 2020, 03:15:58 PM »
Questions for anyone who has an Apple Watch (just insanolord?):

1. What size did you get? I have tiny, baby wrists, but the 40mm Apple Watch looks small. I didn’t get to try it on because Best Buy and Target have them wrapped around a stand dealie.

2. Do you have the GPS only model or the GPS and cellular model? How do you like it? I’m considering getting the GPS and cellular model and only having the plan when I can actually use it (still not back to the gym). $100 extra is steep though especially when the SE GPS and cellular model is $50 more. $10 per month for the plan is also 😒. I read that you currently can’t stream Spotify with the GPS and cellular model (but that’s in beta) so I’d have to sign up for Apple Music if I want to leave my phone at home or in the car. Not sure if I can download music from Spotify to the Apple Watch.

3. Do you use a screen protector and/case? I’ll probably get both because I’m clumsy. Just curious how often others bang their wrists against things.

4. Have you tried the solo loop? I’m leaning toward that band.

TalkBack / Re: First Two No More Heroes Games Now Available On Switch
« on: October 28, 2020, 10:48:08 AM »
This is tempting. I will hope against hope that there will be a physical version including both games. If not, I don’t need these right now so I can wait for a sale.

Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« on: October 21, 2020, 12:08:56 AM »

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: October 20, 2020, 10:00:06 PM »
I don't really need to upgrade my iPhone this year, but I skipped last year too. I'm primarily concerned about battery life as my iPhone 8 needs to be charged a couple times a day now. At the same time, I'm mostly at home and not returning to the office until sometime next year so it isn't as if I'm often far from an outlet. I've also noticed some lag when texting (sometimes takes a second or two for words to appear). I couldn't give fewer fucks about 5G. 120Hz refresh rate would have been nice this year, but I only notice it on my iPad Pro when I'm paying attention. I think it's mostly for the Apple Pencil anyway which I don't use or have.

I've been trying to figure out which case to buy. I'm between Apple's silicone case, Mous Limitless 3.0, and Caudabe Sheath. I'm leaning toward the Limitless 3.0. I'm open to recommendations. I used an Anker Karapax on iPhone 8. It seems Anker has been out of the phone case/screen protector game since 2017.

Yeah, that's kind of the annoying part of the whole thing.  Apple removing 2 accessories because they presume you have plenty of them and it's better for the environment.  But then they package an accessory that you can't use.  If you want to use it, you need to buy a separate plug, which will probably waste more packaging that Apple will save, so the environment suffers.  It also puts an unnecessary hurdle between the consumer and a marketed feature of the device: fast charging.
Full disclosure: I fall into the category of people who don't need an included power adapter. I bought Apple's USB-C 29w power adapter in 2017 for the iPad Pro which also came with a USB-A 12w power adapter. I previously bought a 12w power adapter in 2015 for my iPhone 6S.

That said, I'm still of the mindset that an at least 18w power adapter should have been included with the entire iPhone 12 line this year. I have no doubt Apple actually cares about the environment (though, to be fair, it also likes to brag about caring about the environment). However, as you alluded to, Apple had been encouraging people to buy a higher wattage power adapter for years. As of last year, Apple included a 5w power adapter with every iPhone since forever except the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max which included an 18w power adapter. On a 5w power adapter, the iPhone 11 Pro Max apparently takes about three and a half hours to charge.

Apple not including a power adapter with the iPhone 12 line is almost defensible. Everyone upgrading from a previous generation iPhone already has a method to charge an iPhone. The included Lightning-to-USB-C cable is there mostly for anyone new to the ecosystem. Chances are, most people have access to at least one USB-C port. No one needs a power adapter; it's just infinitely more convenient. Still, if removing the power adapter was the plan, it really should have been a three to four year plan that started with including a higher wattage power adapter for a few generations and switching to USB-C years ago. I know, I've been thumping that card for years. Apple could have helped standardize USB-C in like 2015, and I'm still salty about it.

Anti-Apple folk have been quick to point out greed. Maybe? That's hardly exclusive to Apple. Samsung is trolling Apple again but will probably drop the power adapter in the next year or two. The real savings are in shipping as the boxes are like half the height now. I don't think Lightning licensing fees are really a primary motivator here. First, Apple has actually reduced the cost of licensing fees over the years. Second, Apple's endgame here seems to be to nix Lightning altogether and going port-less which would partially explain its refusal to embrace USB-C. The iPad gets USB-C because it's supposed to be a computer. Fine. Maybe that three to four year plan starts now to ultimately phase out Lightning, giving Apple's hardware engineers a little more internal space to work with.

Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« on: October 13, 2020, 11:54:35 AM »
They still need to see how the theatre business shakes out post COVID, so there's a big question mark there.
Not looking good for theaters.

AMC Theatres Says Cash Resources to Be "Largely Depleted" by End of 2020 or Early 2021

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: October 12, 2020, 03:47:05 PM »
Asterisks are silly.   One could come up with lots of reasons someone was crowned Champ and they don't even have to be legit.
You’re not wrong. However, I don’t mind that asterisk. If anything, it was a tougher road because of everything that happened (e.g. Kobe’s death, the pandemic, the social justice movement etc). I think people downplay how hard it was for every team in the bubble to be separated from most of their family and friends.

The Lakers, who at least one analyst said had a better chance of missing the playoffs than winning the championship before the season, busted their asses to earn home court advantage in the Western Conference only to be forced to run through the playoffs on the most even playing field of any post season ever (no travel, no home court advantage for any team) with most games played every other day, and they did it after their best perimeter defender chose to stay home for his son. BNM mentioned the hiatus giving players time to recover. The Lakers were one of the healthiest teams in the league in March so if anything, that made things even more difficult for them. Rajon Rondo broke his thumb at the start of the bubble and had to leave for over a month.

Haters all over the internet are pushing this asterisk narrative like it’s a bad thing. The Lakers should get an unsanctioned second ring for dealing with extra nonsense this year. I’m joking about that last bit. I don’t think this championship should count any more or less than any other. However, if people insist on putting an asterisk, I think it’s only fair to put it in the right context.

As for next season, who even knows? The league is aiming for January, but team governors want fans in arenas. I doubt that happens in three months. We may get another truncated season and another “asterisk” champion.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: October 11, 2020, 11:39:49 PM »


General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: October 10, 2020, 01:56:18 AM »
This game was won by Butler getting foul calls and on Markieff on that bad lob pass to AD that sailed out of bounds.    Green, KCP and LeBron was open.
That last foul on Anthony Davis that put Jimmy Butler on the free throw line normally doesn't get called that late in a Finals game. There was a case for verticality. More importantly, Butler got five offensive rebounds. The Heat only had nine in the game, but it felt like roughly infinity more. It was like 10:45 PM EST and I straight up yelled "GET A GODDAMN REBOUND FOR ****'S SAKE!" right out loud. Sorry, neighbors.

The Lakers also gave up two four-point plays. They also technically gave up a six-point play (three-point play off a flagrant foul then Duncan Robinson hit a three). Like how do you even manage that in a Finals game? Until the fourth quarter, every time the Lakers got within a couple points or even tied, they would do some dumb **** like that and give the Heat another cushion. Most teams aren't going to win if they fall behind by 11 points multiple times a game. There were a lot of lapses on defense from a normally elite defensive team. The Lakers let the Heat dictate the pace of the game.

There's no part of me that thinks the Heat can manage three in a row barring a major injury to LeBron James or Anthony Davis (the re-aggravated bone bruise is not ideal, but the medical staff will shoot his foot full of Cortisone and/or the blood of Jesus Christ on Sunday if they have to). Jimmy Butler had to play almost the entire game for the Heat to win by three. Can he do that two more times in a row? He's excellent, but I'll believe it when I see it. The Lakers just have to get back to what got them to the Finals in the first place: shutting teams the **** down. And maybe someone other than James, Davis, and KCMVP showing up on offense.

The Lakers tend to play much, much harder after a loss so I'm hoping for a major bounce back game. It's almost a good thing. Like, y'all have to lose before you get your **** together? I guess. Hope we get #17 on Sunday.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: October 09, 2020, 11:42:01 PM »
I hope they close out the Finals tonight.
So much for that. 🤷‍♀️

Danny Green missed another wide open three pointer with seven seconds left.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: October 09, 2020, 08:17:37 PM »
LA Clippers president Lawrence Frank wins NBA Executive of the Year Award

The NBA Bubble® is the gift that keep on giving. It should be noted that all the NBA awards are based on the regular season and pre-bubble, and I believe votes were cast in July. Lawrence Frank winning this award shouldn't be funny, but it's still pretty funny. I understand why he won (e.g. the Clippers added two superstars), but I would have put him at second or third.

It should have gone to Sam Presti. He traded two max players, got a wealth of picks in return, and the Thunder were still good. I don't especially care about these awards. However, I think Executive of the Year shouldn't be voted on until after the NBA Finals because I don't think you can grade an executive's moves until you see how they play out in the post-season. Even with a first round exit, I still think Presti deserves the praise. We won't know how those draft picks turn into for years. It shouldn't matter. We didn't know the Clippers were going to choke in the playoffs either.

Anyway, I picked Lakers in six games for each of their series. While I expect them to win the series, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong again in either direction. I hope they close out the Finals tonight. If they win tonight, that Anthony Davis trade will have been well worth it even if he leaves (he won't) because it's hard enough to win one of these things.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: October 06, 2020, 12:56:58 AM »
Either the administration was incredibly reckless or incompetently tried to cover it up.


Jamie Foxx perfecting his troll/tease game by confirming his return as Electro by posting fan art of Tobey Maguire’s, Andrew Garfield’s, and Tom Holland’s respective Spider-Men. Bruh...

Post is gone (AKA Feige probably told him to take that shiz down).

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