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Title: New Features, Pokemon Announced For Sword And Shield
Post by: Shaymin on September 04, 2019, 09:09:00 AM

Are they trying to appeal to the Chris Kohler demographic?

The Nintendo Direct today promised Pokémon news, and it delivered.

Character customization will return for the third straight generation, including clothing and hair styling. The Wild Area will also feature Pokémon Camp, which serves as the place to play with Pokémon in the world. It will be possible to visit other player's camps as well. As part of the camp, it will be possible to use berries to prepare curry on rice, with a Currydex to track the different styles and boosts the curry provides.

Two new Pokémon were also introduced: Polteageist, a ghost that possesses a teakettle and is actually made of tea with the Weak Armor ability, and Water/Flying type Cramorant, which can counter-attack while using Dive with its new ability Gulp Missile.