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Title: This Week in Nintendo Downloads
Post by: Crimm on January 24, 2011, 03:46:32 PM

This week you can land planes, shoot down planes, shoot down meteors, bust up rocks, bust up skulls, and gamble (again).

In their weekly downloads press release, Nintendo of America promises that this week's offering means "you'll never face another humdrum afternoon again." With one WiiWare game and two demos, a pair of Capcom arcade titles for the Virtual Console, and a slew of DSiWare titles, they may be right.

First off is Jam City Rollergirls for WiiWare. You may have read our interview with developers, Frozen Codebase. I'm personally terrified by roller derby, so this might just be me, but Texecutioners should not be the name of a team in any sport. However, if you're curious about the derby you can create your own derby girl and set out on a campaign of skating and skull crushing for 1,000 Wii Points ($10).

Next we have a pair of WiiWare demos: Gamelion's Furry Legends, a physics based platformer where your stated objective is to save Furland and its Furball residents from the evil Lord Squire, and Abylight's Fish 'em All, a game where you catch fish (thankfully without puns). Both demos are available for 0 Wii Points ($0).

Lately, if it's Virtual Console it must be Capcom arcade titles, and indeed this week we have two. First is the arcade classic 1942. A vertical shoot-'em-up, this game forced players to face the uncomfortable reality that they are playing as an American fighter pilot who is tasked with destroying Japanese air command in a game made by a Japanese company. Second is Black Tiger, an action platformer where you play as a barbarian. The game feels an awful lot like Ghosts 'n Goblins, which Capcom had released two years earlier. Both games are 800 Wii Points ($8).

DSiWare brings four new titles to handheld gaming enthusiasts this week. 

First is Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights, from Lemon Games. It's an air traffic controller game; a seat in this tower will cost you 200 Nintendo DSi Points ($2). 

Next is Rocks N' Rockets from TikGames, LLC. In this descriptively-titled game you shoot rockets at meteors falling towards the Earth. Over 100 stages of Rocks + Rockets can be yours for 500 Nintendo DSi Points ($5).

Third is Digger Dan & Kaboom, from Virtual Playground. Digger Dan is a miner, and he's mined lots of gems. He and Kaboom, his pet gopher, need to extricate them from his mines. Gem removal will run you 500 Nintendo DSi Points ($5).

The final game is Ante Up: Texas Hold'em, from MonkeyPaw Games. Always a hotbed of simulated gambling, DSiWare's latest gambling title lets you pick from a list of "realistic portrayals of uncanny casino characters" to be your avatar. That description seems questionable as "elderly woman latched to slot machine" was not listed as one of the choices. Minimum bet at this table is 500 Nintendo DSi Points ($5).

Title: Re: This Week in Nintendo Downloads
Post by: Crimm on January 24, 2011, 05:23:30 PM
Come on guys, I slave all day to make fun of the downloads and then subject one of our poor staffers to make it professional enough to not get us barred from industry events. At least you could enjoy our...well their hard work.

Snarkiness comes easy.
Title: Re: This Week in Nintendo Downloads
Post by: Fatty The Hutt on January 26, 2011, 12:28:41 PM
Loved you write-ups, James. Especially the Texas Holdem old lady comment. After your descriptions, I didn't need to bother with the boring ol' press release.