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Title: BAFTA Winners Announced
Post by: Jonnyboy117 on October 11, 2002, 11:36:26 AM
...and Nintendo took home two of the European game awards.

The annual BAFTA awards were held yesterday, and Nintendo games received two of the prizes.  (Perfect Dark fans will remember finding one of the awards tucked away in a safe in that game.)

Pikmin won the Interactivity category.  Here's what the organization had to say:

Shigeru Miyamoto has again created a game of great beauty, bucking the current trend for graphic realism to create an imaginative, original world. His central character is a cross between Mr Magoo and Casper the Ghost in a space suit. The environments are gloriously realised; the feel of the game is friendly and warm. Pikmin creates an immersive, coherent and utterly believable world where "hey I can do that" is the norm.

Luigi's Mansion received the award for Audio:

Beautiful in its simplicity, charming in its innocence, this soundtrack is completely worthy of carrying forward the Mario legend, blazing its own creative trail. Close attention to overall balance and separation, coupled with great sound effects and music content - and a healthy dose of humour - results in something approaching masterpiece. Inventive, uncluttered, and big fun.

Hit the link above to see the rest of the winners.  Thanks to Xavier of Puissance-Nintendo for pointing this news out to us!