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Episode 778: That's The Gig
« on: June 26, 2022, 02:02:00 PM »

Here at RFN, we number our episodes how we want. That's the gig. Don't like the gig? Don't play the game.

"Jackpot" James Jones is out this week, but his demand in absentia is that he be present for episode 777. Since we here at  RFN are capable of bending space and time around ourselves to suit our whims, we recorded episode 778 ahead of 777. Yes, we can do that, and no, we don't apologize. We also don't apologize for Jon being your host this week. In many ways, you deserve it.

With James out of the way, we take RFN back to its roots and fill his spot with former host Dr. Jonathan Metts. First we examine the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct and determine that nothing is new under the sun. New Business has Jonny playing Fall Guys and relaying his findings to us neophytes, while also providing his hot take on the Netflix(!) game Poinby. Meanwhile, Jon wraps up his experience with the Monster Hunter Sunbreak Demo by recounting his terror-filled battle against flagship monster Malzeno. He also picked up Elden Ring, and speaks of it lovingly with Jonny, a veteran of The Lands Between. Get Jon's early positive take before he gets beaten down and abandons the game in a fit of rage. Gui and Greg skip New Business this week, beholden to their contractual agreement to only provide such content when James is hosting.

We tackle listener mail after the break. Topics include the timing of game announcements in relation to their release dates, along with our thoughts about games that we abandoned, and why we quit them. As always, you can send us an email that we'll probably engage with and then abandon right here.