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Mafia LXXXVIII: Hey Pikmin, Four...m A Mafia! Rules and Roles Thread.

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Alright. Here we go. Time for another "Complicated" Khushrenada ruleset. Did you like my form/four..m pun? My Metroid Dread Mafia game seemed to have caused Nintendo to release their version of Metroid Dread soon after so maybe my version of Pikmin 4 will cause them to release their real version soon after as well.  ;)

You can read everything to familiarize yourself with all possible scenarios this game or you can just use the Table of Contents here to jump to the relevant information you want to learn more about.

Table of Contents

Gameplay Rules

How to Play
Majority Vote
The "No Vote Option
Voting Tiebreaker
Resolving Orders


Other Factions

The Bomber (aka Careening Dirigibug)
The Killer (aka Smoky Progg)

Townie Roles

Chief Detective (aka Emperor Bulblax)
Rookie Cop (aka Giant Breadbug)
Townie Doctor (aka Scornet Maestro)
Vote Master (aka Burrowing Snagret)
Vigilante (aka Baldy Long Legs)
Regular Townies (aka Creatures)

Mafia Roles

The Godfather (aka Captain Olimar)
Pikmin (aka Mafia Goons)

Mafia Orders


The Rules
(plagiarized from Pyropizm)

How To Play
The game consists of two to three factions. The main two factions are the Townie side and the Mafia side. Sometimes there is a third faction of Other roles consisting of a player or players that don't belong with either group and are working for a different outcome specific to them.

The Mafia is a small group of players who know each other's identities at the start of the game and thus know which player's they can trust as fellow mafia members. The Townies and Other roles generally do not know who else is in their groups and are working blindly against that organized force. The game is based off the social idea of what happens when an organized minority is pitted against an unorganized majority.

Every game day, each player is allowed to vote for whomever they believe is mafia or another role that is in opposition to the townie majority. Since all roles remain publicly anonymous at first, mafia members and the other opposing roles can and will vote along with the townies during the game day's in an effort to thwart and subvert the vote to an outcome that benefits them.

For each game day, a new thread will be made and will (possibly) open up with a narrative.  Each player then has the chance to vote off another player.  Simply type in BOLD for whom you wish to vote. For example, to vote for the player Bill Aurion you would include the message Vote Bill Aurion in a post you make.

You may change your vote as much as you like. However, if you change your vote do not delete your post. Just edit it to indicate that you have changed your mind. You could remove the bold font from the vote you want to change and add the suffix "un" to it so that Vote Bill Aurion would become un-vote Bill Aurion or alternatively you could strike out the text.

If a player has two or more votes in a thread such as Vote Bill Aurion and Vote Khushrenada then neither vote will count. One of those votes must be undone for the other to be counted. The host will try to alert a player to this issue if it occurs as quickly as possible to keep things running smoothly although it may also be pointed out by other players if they notice it.

Every night, the Mafia is able to make one hit. That means they can select a player they wish to eliminate from the game. These are not based on calendar numbers but rather on game days. A specific player in the Mafia will be assigned that responsibility and all other Mafia members will be informed who has it by the host.

For the Townies to win, they must remove all mafia members and any other roles that may be in opposition to them.

For the Mafia to win, they only need to tie the game. I.E., there could be four players left in the game and two are Townie members and two are Mafia members. The Mafia would win at having equaled the number of townies left. They do not need to eliminate everyone. However, if there is an Other role that isn't in the townie category, such as a Killer role, then the Mafia would still need to eliminate that role to claim victory even if they equal or surpass the number of townie players left.

For an Other role that isn't in the Townie or Mafia faction then their win condition will be listed in the description of their role.

Majority Vote Rule

What Is A Majority Vote?
Each game day can last a maximum of 36 - 48 hours depending on what the host selects for that day.

The maximum day length period will be mentioned each day in the Announcements post for that Day’s Thread.

Game Days can end sooner if the player’s reach a majority vote and it stays unchanged for 90 minutes. For example: Let's imagine there are 16 players and 9 players vote Player A, 3 vote for Player B and 1 votes for Player C. When the 9th vote is case for Player A, that has made it a Majority Vote against that player. A 90 minute countdown would begin from the timestamp of that 9th vote. Player A is voted out if there was no change to that 9 vote majority total in the 90 minutes countdown. When I say change to the 9 vote total, I'm referring to the vote dipping below the Majority total such as from 9 to 8 in this example. If more votes are added to bring it from 9 to 10 or 11 then that doesn't affect the countdown as the vote has still stayed a majority with those additional votes.

The day would also end after the 90 minutes wait even if there was still hours to go in the maximum day period. In the case of 16 players, 9 votes is the majority. Even if other players hadn't voted yet, it doesn't matter since all the remaining votes combined could only equal 7 which is a minority vote. I will post a reminder of the number of votes needed to reach a majority each day in the Announcements post for that Game Day.

If the Majority Vote Changes After The Countdown Begins
Let's say that the 9th vote was cast for Player A but, an hour later, the 7th person to vote Player A decides to change their vote from Player A to Player B. However, 20 minutes after that change, another player logs on and votes for Player A restoring the 9 votes against Player A. In this example, Player A would not be eliminated after just 10 minutes from the new 9th vote. The majority vote was lost in the original 90 minute wait period. Even though the majority was restored within that first initial 90 minute wait period, a new 90 minute wait period starts from when the new 9th vote was cast and a Majority Vote had been formed anew.

Likewise, let’s say in the above scenario that the 7th player to vote Player A changes their vote an hour into the Majority Vote countdown to Player B. But then 15 minutes later decides to change their vote back to Player A. Player A would not be eliminated in 15 minutes with the restored majority. The Majority Vote had been broken and the countdown must start anew even though it had been restored to its original form by one of the first 9 voters in this example.

If a Majority Vote Is Not Achieved
If a majority vote isn't reached before 48 hours is up then whoever has the most votes at the end of the Game Day voting period is the one voted out. So, if the votes are 6 for Player A, 5 for Player B, and 3 for Player C, then Player A is voted out because of having the highest vote total even though 2 players didn't vote and could have put Player B in a higher vote total but did not do so before the voting time had ended.

The "No Vote" Option
In this game, players can choose to make their vote to not eliminate anyone. Simply type No Vote in bold like you would as if you were selecting a player to vote out. Players can choose to achieve a majority with the No Vote option if they want to. In this case, no player would be eliminated from the vote that day. However, players with roles would still be able to use their abilities. In addition, if a majority vote for No Vote is not reached but No Vote has the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period then no player would be eliminated. In an odd twist, if the day ends in a tie between one player and a No Vote option then the No Vote will not count and there would not be a tiebreaker. The player who tied with the No Vote tally will be eliminated. If two or more players tie the No Vote total at the end of the day then there would be a tiebreaker.

Voting Tiebreaker
If the vote ends in a tie at the end of the Day Vote period then the player with the role of Vote Master (aka Burrowing Snagret) gets control of the vote. This player can choose to break the tie or they can consider the day's vote null and void and cast a single vote for any player still in the game of their choosing and that will be the player voted out that day instead. This tie break vote can be sent at any point during the night action period. If you don't want the Vote Master to control the vote then don't allow a tie to happen. That said, the Vote Master can also decide that no one gets eliminated from the vote that day. It is entirely up to the player to decide what they would like to do if in that position but they do have some limitations. They can only choose to eliminate no one for the day once and can only dismiss the day vote and eliminate whichever player the choose twice. Otherwise, their choice has to be one of the players that were tied that day.

What Happens if The Bomber is Selected in a Tie Break?
Let’s say The Bomber (aka Careening Dirigibug) ends up in a tie vote that day. The Vote Master chooses to break the tie and ends up selecting the player that is The Bomber. All the players that voted for The Bomber would die along with The Bomber in big explosion except for the Vote Master. That player would still survive and not die along with everyone else. Likewise, if the Vote Master chooses to dismiss a Day's Vote that ended in a tie and just eliminate someone else of their choosing and the player they selected was The Bomber then they would not die with The Bomber despite being the only player to technically vote them out that day. The Vote Master is immune from The Bomber in any tie break scenario. (The Vote Master can still be eliminated by The Bomber if they voted for them during the Day Vote and The Bomber was the majority or highest vote total.)

If the Vote Master Role is Lost
If the Vote Master is eliminated from the game or has been recruited into the Pikmin Mafia and the Day Vote results in a tie then the tie break will be handled by the host. In this situation, ALL PLAYERS still in the game will be up for possible elimination along with the option that no one gets eliminated. It will be a random draw as to the result of who gets eliminated (or not) for that Day's Vote. In this situation, a player with no votes that day could be eliminated over someone who did have votes. Is that the end result you want to risk have happen to you?


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