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Forum Retrospective Playthrough Planning Thread.

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It would be like RFN's retroactive thing but without the podcast and hopefully way more often. We pick an old game, play through it, and talk about it in a thread.

Playthrough 1: Pokémon Black and White
Playthrough 2: Lost Reavers
Playthrough 3: Chrono Cross (on pseudo hiatus)
Playthrough 4: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Playthrough 5: Metroid Other M
Current Nominees:
Super Mario Bros. (Nominated by Shyguy, seconded by Pokepal148,)

Ways a game can become the next Forum Retrospective:

- The game is nominated directly in this thread and two other people express interest in playing the game.

- I see the game discussed in other parts of the forum and at least 3 people express interest in playing through the game

- The game is featured in one of RFN'S retroactive polls and gets second place. If I feel particularly generous* I may even let the game that gets third place in the poll get a forum retrospective thread.

 *This is mostly for special cases like the hypothetical return of Clex Yoshi's Russian vote farm or the 2d Zelda retroactive poll that's going on right now where Spirit Tracks and the Oracle games are thoroughly curbstomping the other nominees that have the unfortunate distinction of not including the words "The Legend of Zelda" in their titles. I may change my mind on this at some point though.

I'm not going to rule out doing games that aren't on Nintendo systems for this but those games are going to have to have a lot of interest to get a spot on the poll. Since not all of us own PS4s and Xbones its going to be harder for people to jump into the discussion so more people are going to have to express interest in doing that game up front. I'm thinking like 5 people would have to say they are interested in playing the game although I won't rule out cases where the game is tangentially related to a game on Nintendo platforms and also available on multiple other systems like Chrono Cross is.

Also for a game to be eligible it has to be at least two years old. For major first party Nintendo releases that window extends to four years old.

There is no requirement for price of the game, unlike for retroactive. If someone nominates Cubivore and the two other people who own that game second that nomination than those three people are more than welcome to have a forum retrospective thread for Cubivore, just don't be surprised if that thread doesn't get much participation.

I love the idea, but have commitment issues and would almost certainly not follow through.

Sure I like the idea, can't promise I'll always join in of course, but it's worth a shot!
It's probably best to try and find games almost everyone will have access to. So either free to play ones, or ones we can reasonably assume a lot of people can either access, or have played in the past so they can still chime in. 

I don't have a Switch (yet), but the games on Nintendo Online might be a good shout for example. I'd wager many people here probably own those either through Nintendo Online, virtual console on Wii/3DS/Wii U, or maybe on an NES Classic for example.
Earlier today I was wondering if I could convince anyone to try out Lost Reavers with before it goes offline, but I don't wanna throw that out as a suggestion here, because it's a pretty mediocre free to play game by all accounts haha.

I'd probably want to have two things going. That way we can have something long term like an RPG or something going on without completely alienating people who don't want to plop something like 40 hours into an RPG.

For the first long term slot I'm thinking Pokémon Black and White would work well. A lot of people seem to have strong feelings on the Pokémon series in general but that set of games in particular has a wide variety of opinions. Both myself and Clex Yoshi seem to absolutely adore the game for different reasons while Evan B seems to strongly dislike it. Pokemon Sword and Shield seem to have Pokémon on people's mind so it makes sense to strike while the iron is hot in that sense.

I'm leaning towards probably something from the NES online app or something that's available on a Virtual Console for the short term slot. I don't want to make choices for everyone on both slots because that would be against the whole community aspect of this idea.

So the first game to be nominated by three different people gets the second slot. If two games reach three votes than I'll flip a coin or something. One rule, whatever you push for the second slot has to be fairly short.

I thought about it a bit and I decided I would rather have these be unending discussions, which is something that I believe Jonny mentioned he wanted for Retroactive. If somebody wants to bump the Black and White thread a few years from now to post their thoughts than they are more than welcome to. This means every Forum Retrospective Playthrough thread (Outside of something like Lost Reavers that's about to get shut down.) Is a current Forum Retrospective thread so trying to have rules about how many current forum retrospective threads we have is incredibly stupid.

Pokemon? POKEMON? I'll play through Super Mario Bros...


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