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So..What's the deal with Rareware?

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Yeah, Rare did cancel CBFD sequel eariler, but remeber conker was in the promo video when mico$oft bought rare.  Now that I think of it, we can't Banjo-Kazooie

I just want Rare to suffer now that they're with Microsoft. And I heard from a Nintendo Gamer that the Stamper Bros. HAVE retired from Rare, thus leaving Rare with basically nothing except franchise names. Basically all the original staff have gone (the ones that made the games we all love, like Banjo, GE/PD, and even Conker). A Banjo game SHOULD be underway, as is Kameo and PD0. I dunno about Conker or Killer Instict.

But I'll bet you anything that Rare are going to make up for this 'lack of talent' by creating new games of OLD franchises like Battletoads and RC Pro-Am.

For Xbox fans though, I think they should wait until Rare make a high action, gritty, mature, bloody, ultra-sexy, high course language sequel to their retro hit: SLALOM....

.....or should it be JetPac?


There seem to be a lot of sour grapes and rumours around here.  I can't say any of them are wrong, but I haven't heard about the Stamper brothers retiring or key employees leaving.  I wish Rare plenty of luck, even though I hate MS.
In addition to Kameo and PD0, Rare has announced a "racing game" (probably based on DK Racing, I'm thinking) and a MMORPG.  They have also hinted at Conker and Banjo sequels, but I'm guessing they aren't very far along.  Microsoft was claiming five games from Rare in two years, I don't believe it, but I do believe that there are at least five Xbox games in development right now.

Rare helps out the SNES and saves the N64, and now they suck. Wow!


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