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Eesh, looks cool, but here's the thing with these Niantic games.... how do you play more than one? If you are out walking how do you pick which one you want to play? I'm still an incredibly active Pokemon Go player... how would I ever fit this in?

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Launching New Controller Soon?
« on: September 22, 2021, 01:06:26 PM »
N64 Controller with N64 Switch Online games announced tomorrow?

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo And LEGO Teaming Up For Interactive Mario Line
« on: March 12, 2020, 10:11:35 AM »
My son already invented this concept. Where do I preorder?

TalkBack / Re: Pokemon Home Now Available For Download On Switch And Mobile
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:32:22 AM »
Hi everyone. I just wanted to jump in here and share a frustration I had with the mobile app. It's definitely buggy like a lot of Pokemon Company apps are.

If your Pokedex isn't updating as you transfer Pokemon in and you are confused, on the launch splash screen, hit the menu/hamburger button in the upper right and then clear cache. It will then probably take forever to start up again, but this works to solve the stupid bug.

Also, for those asking about something special with the starters, they do have their hidden ability that you can only get through different special ways.

TalkBack / Pokedex for iOS Available in the US
« on: December 11, 2012, 04:46:02 PM »

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company released an official app on the iOS App Store.

The Pokedex for iOS app is now available on the official App Store on iOS platforms. The reference app bears a striking resemblance to the previously released Pokedex 3D Pro for the 3DS, though each has unique features. All 647 Pokemon (and their alternate forms) are available in the application via in-app purchases. It is a universal app so a single purchase works on iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. It requires iOS 6.0.

Users of the app are able to use extensive search options to discover Pokemon. Once viewing a Pokemon, they can see a unique animation, hear their cry, see their stats, and understand their abilities. The app is also capable of storing custom notes for each monster.

The app can be downloaded for $1.99. The initial download features entries for Pokemon #494-647 (The Unova Region). Pokemon from Kanto (#1-151), Johto (#152-251), Hoenn (#252-386), and Sinnoh (#387-493) can be added via in-app purchases. Each region's set costs $5.99. Therefore, to outfit the app with every Pokemon, the final cost of Pokedex for iOS would be $25.95.

Note: There are many nonofficial Pokedex apps available on the App Store. At the time of this writing a simple search for 'Pokedex' will not reveal the official app from The Pokemon Company. It is recommended that you search for 'Pokedex for iOS' as a phrase and make sure you are downloading the one provided by The Pokemon Company.

TalkBack / Re: Wii Mini Has No SD Card Slot
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:31:01 PM »
If they didn't remove GameCube support, this would be the cheapest way by far to play GameCube games in progressive scan. Thankfully my old Wii is still holding on for that though I worry it will break.

Good question UB. Also, if I'm spending 30 bucks just to get DK, which game will I like better?

TalkBack / Re: What Version of Epic Mickey 2 Should You Get?
« on: September 24, 2012, 07:20:00 PM »
I think i would prefer the controls in the Wii version too, but there is no way I would choose standard def over high def here.

Did he really give the impression that the same pointer controls wouldn't be an option for the Wii U version? That seems silly.

TalkBack / #7 - Mario Kart Wii
« on: September 18, 2012, 09:17:19 AM »

Wii is home to the best Mario Kart game in the season.

If asked to point to the most exemplary Wii game available, Mario Kart Wii isn't a bad choice. It embodies everything Nintendo marketed the Wii to be. They kept a standard control scheme for the lifelong fans but added the ingenious plastic wheel to draw in non-gamers and youngsters. The game's difficulty is balanced in a way that does not alienate the new players, and doesn't have the offensive level of rubber banding, handicapping, and general AI cheating of some of the previous games in the series. It also features arguably the most robust online mode of any game on the system. These are the reasons why Mario Kart Wii belongs in this top 10, as well as in every Wii owner's collection.

Mario Kart Wii should be extremely grateful to its predecessor on the DS. Nintendo added an online mode to that game, and the experience gained from doing so is evident. Mario Kart Wii allows players to easily jump into matches with random opponents online, create private races for only their friends, or join friends in races with random opponents. Multiple players can also enter online matches from a single console, utilizing the classic split-screen mode. As online matches are completed, players' ratings are adjusted for that extra layer of competition. If you beat a highly rated player in a match, your own rating skyrockets! It's a mode that's hard to put down, and it gives the game a lot of longevity.

The online features aren't the only parts that make this game stand out. Probably the most often overlooked new feature in Mario Kart Wii is the allowed number of karts per race jumping from eight to 12. This increase doesn't create too much chaos, though, as most of the courses in the game are of sufficient scale to allow people to still get out and race. While this addition isn't so obvious in standard races, when you get that many people competing in an online race, it's hard to imagine going back to a smaller crowd.

The most obvious addition the Wii version brought to the series is motorcycles. When selecting a character you can put them in either a kart or a bike, depending on your preference. The control differences between the two types of vehicles really let the player play the way that's best for them. In general, the bikes turn sharply and drift less than the karts. Greg Leahy put it best in his review:

"The different handling is disorienting at first, but with time and practice the merits of the bikes emerge. Slender profiles and superb manoeuvrability can prove invaluable for weaving in between traffic and the ever-numerous track obstacles, and their ability to corner sharply with finesse makes driving the time-honoured karts seem awkward by comparison."

In a lot of ways, the bikes are equal parts "beginner mode" and "advanced mode." Beginners flock to them because they are easy to control. Advanced players use them because their speed and maneuverability make it easier to hold a lead (assuming they don't get smacked around too much trying to get there). Purists still demand the karts, though. Who wants to pop wheelies for speed boosts when you could drift more instead?

Item wise, Mario Kart Wii features two great additions, the Mega Mushroom and the POW Block. Introduced in New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, the Mega Mushroom drastically increases the size of the player, allowing them to squish other racers. This was a perfect item to introduce to the series, as players have been changing size and getting squished (thanks to the lightning bolt) since the original Super Mario Kart. A cool twist to the Mega Mushroom is that, while activated, it also acts as protection from possible lightning bolt attacks. Instead of shrinking to mini, huge players only shrink back down to normal size.

The POW Block is another outstanding addition to the series. Every player ahead of the racer using this item spins out! It's a great equalizer and should have replaced the Blue Shell. Alas, the blue death remains in this game, continuing to be the most controversial thing to ever happen to the series.

The rest of the Mario Kart Wii package is quite strong. Different kart and bike options make it easy to find a race experience for everyone. The tracks are well designed and offer great variation. The classic courses included are some of the best of the entire series. Everything about the game is fun, and the multiplayer keeps people coming back.

If you only own one Mario Kart game, the Wii incarnation is easily your best bet. While it may be missing the co-op play of Double Dash and the cool battle modes of 64, the control options, online multiplayer, and top notch-racing action more than make up for it.

TalkBack / Re: Wii Virtual Console Titles Not Playable on GamePad
« on: September 13, 2012, 06:40:31 PM »
Watch. While all the games we already bought can't be played on the Game Pad, we will be welcome to purchase the "Wii U Virtual Console" version and play those on the tablet....

Seriously though, this is so crazy that I really hope the representative fed us bad info, but we report it like we're told!

TalkBack / Re: Wii Virtual Console Titles Not Playable on GamePad
« on: September 13, 2012, 06:34:14 PM »
I really hope this particular representative was smoking crack here.

If the system has to be in "wii mode" for Virtual Console that, to me, is like them admitting that it's a legacy service that won't be maintained. How on earth can I buy more games if this is the case.

I'm so disgusted. I was hyped for the system and I preordered, but if this is true, I may cancel and see how crap plays out. So upsetting.

TalkBack / Wii U Pro Controller to Retail for $49.99 in North America
« on: September 13, 2012, 06:28:33 PM »

The Pro Controller will come at a premium price.

Noticeably absent from Nintendo's press conference today was the pricing for peripherals and accessories. Since then, the price of one of the key new controllers has been revealed. A Nintendo representative confirmed to the folks over at Polygon that the traditionally styled Pro Controller will retail for $49.99 in North America.

This price point falls in line with the prices that the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers launched at, though both can be easily had for less at this point.

TalkBack / Nintendo Download - September 6, 2012
« on: September 10, 2012, 05:50:22 AM »

Pop balloons, solve puzzles, dodge obstacles, and stack goats in last week's digital releases.

This week, the Nintendo 3DS welcomes two interesting puzzle games to the mix while the Wii gets a classic puzzle/platformer on the Virtual Console. There's also another bizarre release on DSiWare.

3DS eShop Games:

Balloon Pop Remix - $7.99
Use the stylus to pop balloons in this portable puzzler. It features a story mode along with more than 100 stages in the more traditional puzzle mode. Neal Ronaghan calls it a "a fine puzzle game that presents a complete package on the eShop" in his review

Heyawake by Nikoli - $7.99
Enjoy sudoku-style puzzle games from the publisher that gave them their name with this eShop download. Heyawake (divided room) puzzles involve a grid playing board that is divided using bold lines into a series of rooms. Using the information presented to them and the rules of the game, players must determine which squares should be filled in and which should be left blank. This download version of the game contains 50 puzzles.

Virtual Console:

Prince of Persia - 800 Points
The Wii Virtual Console welcomes the enhanced SNES version of the classic from Jordan Mechner title this week. Known for it's fluid animations and high level of difficulty, this is an early remake of the original Apple II puzzle/platforming game.

DSiWare Games:

Crazy Hunter - $4.99 / 500 points
Drive a boat. Run into goats. Capture the goats. Stack the goats high enough to reach the clouds. Find hens that lay golden eggs in the clouds. Profit!

TalkBack / Re: Super Mario 3D Land, Mario 3D Kart on eShop
« on: September 08, 2012, 09:43:04 AM »
So happy to see more games coming digitally though I own both of these. I'd be tempted to rebuy Mario Kart but I think the save game thing will get me to resist....

I want Theatrhythm soooo badly digitally, but based on Square's track record for this, it will never happen. None of their retail games are available digitally on the PS3 for example. :(

TalkBack / Re: Wii U Mass Effect 3 Runs in 720p
« on: August 31, 2012, 10:24:41 AM »
Yeah. This is really weird. The NP article was very clear. It couldn't be read in any other way. They even mentioned how it would be the first console version to do it. How did this mistake happen?

TalkBack / Re: New Taiko Drum Master Game Heading to Wii
« on: August 30, 2012, 08:58:35 PM »
Fatty, you have a good point. I made sure it was clear in the article.


So you are trying to make the case that these people came in to work, didn't care about what they were doing, coasted to gold, and that's the reason these games are 'bad' in your opinion. Your problem is that you lack all perspective. Even in these few statements you switch between treating Nintendo like a single entity and calling out the actual people making the game.

I guarantee you the team on this game had a lot of pride in what they were doing. I suspect that they worked incredibly long hours leading up to gold. I suspect ideas that are even more exciting than online multiplayer got cut because of the timeline. Given all of this, you still have the nerve to call them lazy?

Give the people that made the game a break. If you want to be pissed, be pissed that Higher-ups made a budgetary decision like this on a game that will surely sell millions. Then again, if they delayed it, I'm sure you'd call the devs lazy for working so slow and causing a game drought.

"it would be harder" translates to "it would take more time." it's only laziness if these people didn't do it AND they didn't come to work at all. You honestly think that's the case?

Or is your definition of lazy anyone that doesn't work 110 hours a week? Get a clue. Features always get dreamed up in game development, however, deadlines rarely move.

What was that, Nintendo?  You almost left out features?  You didn't put a feature to good use?  You have to speak up, I can't hear you over your screaming laziness.
I can't help but speak up in instances of people calling developers lazy. This is almost definitely not an issue of laziness. These games get set forth with a budget and timeline in mind. Features are added and removed based on what's doable in those constraints.

I would bet substantial amounts of money that virtually all of the developers involved would want to improve these features. There just wasn't enough time in the day. As I said in my last post, the producers needed to make the call that the budget and timeline needed to be extended to get these features. They did NOT need to hit the 'lazy' people with sticks.

You can consider this response a general, non-specific one because I am only guessing in this case.


Want NSMB Mario vs. Luigi mode.  With cool new levels.

Regarding the camera problem though... isn't that why we each have our own screen?  Why not let us each have our own camera?
I can only assume there is some technical reason that the desired release timeline made them not want to solve. If I could hazard a guess, I bet there are environmental factors like enemies and what not that only trigger when Mario is in view and having multiple ones possibly trigger caused some snafu.

It would have been nice if they opted to delay the game a year or so to fix that problem and get online in. You know it would still be profitable.

TalkBack / Re: Swapnote Updated to Feature Additional Colors
« on: July 05, 2012, 12:14:50 PM »
I agree with UB. This is almost definitely a technical limitation with the fact that it plays a replay of the drawing and doesn't just transmit the image.

You can see evidence of it in how erasing is handled on the replay, the way it doesn't play back the strokes, instead just neglecting to draw there.

Still, it seems like there should be some way to solve that problem...

TalkBack / Re: Larger 3DS Redesign Potentially Coming This Summer
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:45:56 PM »
I would love a smaller form factor 3DS. Maybe leave the touch screen as is but shrink the top screen to be the same width as the touch screen with a beautifully small DPI.

I know I'm in the minority though.

TalkBack / Re: Larger 3DS Redesign Potentially Coming This Summer
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:29:49 PM »

(Sorry. I had to.)

TalkBack / Re: New Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Screens Revealed
« on: April 05, 2012, 09:30:34 AM »
Yeah. I did not expect this game to look like this. I'm a little bummed that it doesn't have the _dark_ aesthetic of Epic Mickey but I'm still excited to play it.

I wonder what the 3D effect will look like given the very flat style.

This store exclusive bs is some of the most anti-consumer garbage ever. Ugh. Don't support it.

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