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How is the new server holding up?


Not only do you have the new forums with just over 300 users to contend with, you also have a Slashdotting to deal with!

So how is the new server handling the load?  I haven't noticed any slowdown, but then again it's 3:00 AM on the East Coast - not many Slashdotters right now...

Not even a hiccup.  But tonight's not the real test, that'll be tomorrow when the Slashdotter's wake up and we REALLY get hammered.

We've never been taken down by a Slashdotting to my knowledge (this isn't our first, not by a long shot), and the last one was only a week and a half ago or so (right before we moved).  We lived through that one, and this should be no different.

How could a Slashdotting take down the server?

Slashdot.org is a website/discussion forum about all sorts of high-tech related subjects, and frequently includes gaming stories.  They have a largely very intelligent userbase, as well as an absolutely insane number of daily visitors.  Because of this, a phenomenon known as "The Slashdot Effect" can occur when a story is posted on their site.  The website that is linked in one of their stories can get thousands of hits almost instantly, and only grows the longer the story is up, sometimes into the millions.  This causes a lot of webservers to crash under the crushing load.  Sites call this "getting Slashdotted".

We've been linked to several times on Slashdot, and we've been fortunate to never have our server crash as a result.  We might slow down, but we've never crashed.  *crosses fingers*

Well, it fell off the front page of Slashdot (a while ago) and seems like the new server handled the load admirably.  I've been thinking, though, do you know how your traffic compares to other similar sites, like Gamespot or PlanetNintendo, or even IGN/IGN Cube?  I'm specifically remembering the Nintendo.com survey asking where we receive news, and PGC was the only Nintendo-specific site listed.

If you don't want to say, that's fine.  And I would assume you don't know the stats for those other sites I mentioned.  I'm just curious as to how popular PGC has become, and how much of a recognized news agency it is.  


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