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On a Quiet Day at Work...

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... I wandered a bit down memory lane, and ended up here. Whew, this place is quiet. Let me blow the dust off this account real quick. Testing testing, anyone there?

Hey, Hey! Been wondering if you'd ever be back but then I wonder about a lot of posters that have gone quiet. Yep, sadly things are pretty slow in 2023.

Of course you're still here lol, good to see you! Forums in 2023 are just a hard sell, they've been declining for a while now and it's a shame to see it happen. They have a much different vibe to most social media, especially since the pace is usually slower and less frantic.

I figured everyone kind of just moved on. I joined another Nintendo forum because I had no where else to talk about Nintendo things. I know, I know. There are a handful of y'all I miss chatting with. Such is life. 🤷‍♀️

Yeah, 'tis life. For me, I just went to play mafia elsewhere to scratch that itch since it was kinda declining here, now I've got a job and various hobbies that make the time commitment for mafia hard to maintain. I miss it, but some forums demand some serious posting lol


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