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With 2022 officially over it is time to start another year of gaming. What better time then to post your records of games played, beaten, or completed. Personally I like to hear what system the games were played on, how long they took, whether you beat them any% or 100%, and if they were first plays or replays. Of course, feel free to post as little or as much as you want.

I finished 42 games in 2022. They are listed below by the system they were played on in the format
Title (play time, completion%, rating/10, replay)
All titles are first plays unless "replay" is indicated.

Wii U

* Wii Sports Club: Tennis (11 hours, 100%, 8/10)
* The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (32 hours, any%, 9/10)
* Watch Dogs (24.5 hours, 32.7%, 9/10)
* Gunman Clive (1 hour, any%, 7/10)
* Rayman Legends (5.5 hours, any%, 10/10, replay)
* Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (18 hours, 100%, 9/10)
* Resident Evil: Revelations (9 hours, any%, 8/10)
* Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope (6.5 hours, 100%, 10/10, replay)
Nintendo 3DS

* My Nintendo Picross - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (17.5 hours, 100%, 7/10)
* Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale (8 hours, 100%, 8/10)
* Streets of Rage 2 (4.5 hours, any%, 8/10)
* Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (3.5 hours, 100%, 7/10)
Nintendo Switch

* Shin Megami Tensei V (93 hours, 100%, 10/10)
* Sky: Children of Light (? hours, any%, 8/10)
* Guacamelee! 2 (10.5 hours, 67%, 10/10)
* Super Mario Odyssey (10 hours, any%, 10/10, replay)
* The Touryst (7 hours, 100%, 10/10)
* Sonic Forces (25 hours, 100%, 9/10)
* Fire Emblem: Three Houses (47.5 hours, any%, 10/10, replay on Hard with Black Eagle house)
* Bayonetta 3 (17 hours, any%, 8/10)
* Sayonara Wild Hearts (2 hours, any%, 7/10)
Other Nintendo Consoles

* Metroid: Other M (Wii, 14 hours, 100%, 9/10)
* Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii, 17 hours, 100% complete, 8/10)
* Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Super Nintendo, ? hours, 100%, 9/10)
Playstation 5

* It Takes Two (14 hours, 64%, 9/10)
* Sackboy: A Big Adventure (49 hours, 98% complete, 10/10)
* Horizon Forbidden West (131 hours, 100%, 10/10)
Playstation 4

* Alien: Isolation (20.5 hours, any%, 10/10, replay - pacifist run)
* Disney's TaleSpin (2 hours, 100%, 8/10)
* Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (37.5 hours, any%, 8/10)
* Death Stranding (156.5 hours, 100%, 10/10)
Other Playstation

* Loading Human: Chapter 1 (PSVR, any%, 8/10)
* Moss (PSVR, 14 hours, 99% complete, 9/10)
* Lost: Via Domus (PS3, any%, 7/10)
* Golden Axe (PS3, any%, 7/10)
* Batman: Akham City (PS3, ? hours, 55%, 9/10)
* Run Sackboy! Run! (Vita, 17.5 hours, 100%, 8/10)
Xbox One

* BioShock (99%, 9/10)
* R.C. Pro-Am II (3 hours, 100%, 8/10)
* Ori and the Will of the Wisps (18 hours, 100%, 9/10)

* Castlevania: Bloodlines (Sega Genesis, 4 hours, any%, 7/10)
* Bonk's Revenge (TurboGrafx-16, ? hours, 100%, 8/10)

Games I beat in 2022:


- Kena: Bridge of Spirits
- Ghost of Tsushima (DLC)
- Ghost of a Tale
- Tails of Iron
- Cris Tales
- The Medium
- Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles
- Beyond a Steel Sky
- Twin Mirror
- Fuga: Melodies of Steel
- Immortals: Fenyx Rising
- Ghostwire: Tokyo
- Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated
- Horizon Forbidden West
- Resident Evil 3 Remake (Replay)
- Bugsnax (DLC)
- Record of Lodoss War - Deelit in Wonder Labyrinth
- A Plague Tale: Innocence (Replay)
- Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
- Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
- Code Vein
- World of Final Fantasy
- AI Somnium Files: NirvanA Initiative
- Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
- Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Replay)
- Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One
- What Remains of Edith Finch (Replay)
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
- Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
- TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection (All Games)
- Soul Hackers 2
- Infernax
- Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (both Games)
- Shadow Warrior 3
- Inscryption
- Solar Ash
- Save Room
- Resident Evil Village (DLC)
- ShadowMan (Remastered)
- The Last of Us: Part 2
- Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (via the CV Advance Collection)
- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
- Demon Turf
- The Callisto Protocol


- TLoZ: Skyward Sword Remastered
- Xenoblade 2: Torna - The Golden Country
- Shin Megami Tensei 5

Games I played but did not complete:


- CrossCode
- Song of Horror
- NEO: The World Ends With You
- Returnal (DLC)
- Sifu
- Tiny Tina's Wonderland
- Super Perils of Baking
- Devil May Cry 5
- The Wonderful 101 Remastered
- The Sinking City
- Rive
- The Ascent
- Shin Megami 3 Nocturne Remastered
- Stray
- Valkyrie Elysium
- Resident Evil Village (Replay)
- Pac-Man World Re-Pac

As you can see, my main focus this past year was clearing games out of my backlog I'd either been meaning to play or meaning to finish. While I did play new 2022 games, I didn't play a lot of the big name games. I'm only now getting to GoW Ragnarok, and I don't know when I'll feel like giving Elden Ring a try.

Games Beat / Complete


Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue - Almost complete. There's one stupid outfit I just could not figure out how to unlock. With practically no info on this game on the internet, I have no idea what the requirement might be. This is a game that came from Backlaugust 2021. I had finished it but then was trying to wrap it up by year's end. However, it went into the first week of 2022 as I tried to get this last outfit but finally gave up. I'd beat this thing six ways to Sunday and finally had enough. It's definitely a kiddie game and it's world is charming enough for a quick playthough but it's basic gameplay will cause the charm to fade in multiple playthroughs in quick succession.

Pikmin - Beat and Complete. Replayed this because of the Mafia game. Got all 30 ship pieces in the 30 day time limit. Long time since I had last played this. In fact, this last time I recall playing it, I had the GameCube hooked up to a TV screen in a van with the power plugged in through the cigarette lighter and I thought that was the height of mobile gaming technology for a roadtrip. Still like the game even with its brutal kill or be killed nature.


WarioWare Smooth Moves - Beat, not complete. Played this during Backlaugust 2022. Have wanted to go back to complete with unlocking a few last things but have yet to do so. I'll get back to it at some point soon since I don't think it will take too long to do.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - Beat, not complete. Played this during Backlaugust 2022. Have wanted to go back to complete with unlocking a few costumes but have yet to do so. It's an odd games. Seemed more bare bones compared to the first game yet the mini-games felt a bit stronger in control compared to the first. Pretty forgettable though.

Just Dance 2 - Beat, not Complete. Played through all the songs. Still things to unlock and achievements to accomplish which I probably won't carry out.

Just Dance 3 - Beat, not Complete. Played through all the songs. Still things to unlock and achievements to accomplish which I probably won't carry out.


Picross e8 - Beat and Complete. You like Picross or you don't. Just something I'd usually boot up after Badge Arcade and play for a little while eventually all the puzzles were finished.

Picross 3D Round 2 - Beat but not Complete. Don't miss this gem before the 3DS eShop closes. Started this a bit after Backlaugust 2022 to see what it is like and as one of the few remaining games downloaded on my 3DS that I hadn't played. It was my big gaming obsession for September. Finished the first 40 books of puzzles to get the credits. However, I've been since dragging my feet on getting back to the game and going through the unlocked bonus puzzles. It's my part of my 2023 to-do list.

Wii U

Just Dance 4 - Beat, not Complete. Played through all the songs. Still things to unlock and achievements to accomplish which I probably won't carry out.

Splatoon - Beat, not Complete. Story mode is 100% complete but only at Level 7 for splatting. Need to get up to like Level 50 to unlock all outfits and weapons. Not sure that will happen especially with it being pretty hard to find matches at this point in the Wii U lifespan. I wish I had tried this out sooner as I've liked it more than I thought I might. Should probably move on to Splatoon 2 where it would likely be easier to get matches happening.

Super Mario Maker - Beat and Complete. Not much of a game left here at this point in the Wii U's life. As I write this, I have reminded myself that I meant to check out the old Mario Maker thread on the forums and see if other user's courses can still be found and played.


Hollow Knight - Beat. Maybe Complete. Did not expect to play this game as much as I did but it was an obsession for a few months this year. Was wondering if I could achieve 112% total completion. Got up 110%. Total completion would require having to play through every boss in the game in a row and I just can't see myself getting through all that without a lot more time spent memorizing boss patterns nor does it sound that fun. Trailed off from this game to get into Backlaugust 2022 and never returned but there were a couple more achievements I had felt I could tick off the list. With six months now passed, there's a lot I'd probably have to refresh my memory so I may finally be done with this one.

Lumines Remastered - Beat, not Complete. Another game that I left behind for Backlaugust 2022 and then never got back to. Unlike Hollow Knight, I still feel up to taking another few cracks at the challenges of this game. Have a few puzzles and missions to finish. Still surprised at how much I got into this game as I'm not a big falling block / puzzle gamer but this game ended up hitting a sweet spot of challenge and variety for me.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Beat and Complete. Not quite over the moon on this one like Neal who put it at number one of his top 25 of the year. However, it's definitely a top Kirby game and one of the best I've played this year. Enjoyed my time with it but after completing everything I haven't gone back or felt like replaying it unlike other games I've played this year.

Figment - Beat and Complete. Not great. Not sure I'd bother with Figment 2 after playing this. Pretty basic puzzles and gameplay and tonally weird.

Elli - Beat and Complete. Liked the look of it. Had BotW vibes with some of the visual palette. A bit of a step up from Figment but nothing truly memorable. You won't be hoping there is an Elli 2 coming soon. A bit unpolished at times to remind you this is an indie game. If you never play it, you won't have missed anything.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Beat, not complete. Finished this during Backlaugust 2022 but still want to go back to accomplish a couple of the speed completions. The game feels smoother and easier to get around with difficulty progressing on a more even pace compared to the first game. However, it does feel a bit smaller and it comes at the cost of only two "puzzle" dungeons compared to four in the first game. (There is a third dungeon but it is basically just rushing through floors to beat up all enemies within a certain time limit.) Unlike other games I've mentioned so far, I am looking forward to the next game to play in the series.

BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! - Beat, not complete. First beat in Backlaugust 2022 in single player. I ended up getting to play through the whole 2 player campaign a couple months later with my brother during a vacation. That was fun. The two player element brought something fresh and new to the game as the single player didn't seem to be doing anything that hadn't been covered in the three games for 3DS. Just need to finish through the single player Tall Tale section in which you play the rectangle piece. I should work on wrapping that up this month.

Super Bomberman R - Beat, not complete. Doubt I'm ever going to work at completing this game to unlock all the costumes and maps. It's a game where you can enjoy yourself for a couple hours and then completely forget about it for a year. It's fine in short little bursts or as a brief competition with a second player. It will make you feel stupid many times when you get caught in your own bombs. It just feels like it works best in bite-size playtimes and not something you'd want to play for a long session.

Super Mario Maker 2 - Beat, not complete. Story mode beat in Backlaugust 2022 but still have some levels I need to play. Would like to take some time to try and design a couple courses as well as play other user's courses.

Mario Party Superstars - Beat, not complete. Finally got to take this game for a spin in 2022. Played through all the boards. Some multiple times. Still things I need to buy in the shop and achievements to accomplish. Just one of those games to casually chip away at over time as I play it with friends.

Wheel of Fortune - Beat and Complete. Complete in the sense that I've unlocked everything for the customization menus. I don't think I've gone through every puzzle in the game yet. No idea how many of those I've encountered. Haven't won a million in the game yet but have gotten the $100,000 before. Best total was just shy of $160,000. You know how Wii Sports was the big phenomenon to get non-gamers into play console gaming? Well, in 2022, it has been Wheel of Fortune that has had all manner of non-gamers in my life willing and excited to pick up a controller and play a console video game. In some ways, it is the Mario Kart of game shows.

Jeopardy - Beat and Complete. Again, complete in that I've reached the highest level for whatever that does in this game. Not sure if I've seen every question but sometimes it feels that way. Compared to Wheel of Fortune on Switch, this game feels like a failure. It seemed like around my 10th game I was seeing categories repeat already. Yet, I can still seemingly encounter new things even though it can feel like 80% of the other categories are repeating from before. The board does not look like a Jeopardy board as they divided all the trivia into 4 different colors / themes. There's no Jeopardy set you are playing on like Wheel of Fortune Switch or Jeopardy Wii. In my first game, in the Double Jeopardy round, both Daily Doubles were in the same category. Something that would never happen in a real game. That has happened in one other game so far. It's all multiple choice which makes the game much easier compared to the Wii where you had to type in answers and needed to know your stuff. That said, there was a time where for close to a month I'd come home and play a round or two of this game before I got tired from all the repetition. Best score was around $474,000. Kept hoping I could crack $500,000 but need those daily doubles to line up just right.

Super Mario 64 - Beat and Complete. Played it again via the Switch 64 app. Been a long time since I played it. Still pretty fun to play through it all.

Dr. Mario 64 - Beat and sort of Complete. Played through Story Mode a few times and unlocked the two hidden characters. Tried out the other modes for a round or two. Didn't bother playing through Hard mode of the Story. Pretty much seen it all. 4 player matches could be interesting if you could get the players.

Unbeaten So Far


Jeopardy Wii - Better package than the newer Switch version. Still have some achievements to finish. Couldn't figure out how to unlock outfits but I think that can only be done if playing with three human players. Meant to look into that but ended up letting the Switch version take over because of the speed in booting it up.


Fire Emblem: Birthright - Started out 2022 really into this and then enthusiasm waned as it became rather repetitive. Been telling myself I should finish it already but haven't gone back since maybe March.

Badge Arcade - Still checking in daily and chipping away at badges. Biggest reason I'm still using my 3DS right now in a year that has seen my time spent on the system crater compared to all the years past since 2011. Not like I don't have games to play for the system but Switch was definitely pulling more focus from me this year.

Wii U

Paper Mario: Color Splash - Just started this on Dec. 31. Was regretting that I hadn't done any major gaming during time off at the end of the year. Decided to jump into a title I've wanted to play for some time. Am currently now working towards the fifth big paint star. (In loud Homer Simpson whisper: Don't tell Evan_B but I've been really enjoying it.) Once I start playing it, I just don't want to stop. There's always things to keep track of and do and I just keep playing to take care of this thing or that. Objectively, it is probably a stronger overall package compared to Sticker Star. However, having played Sticker Star first, it doesn't feel as fresh and there are things I feel Sticker Star did better or that I prefer. But then Sticker Star is a favorite 3DS experience of mine and I'm not some YouTuber unable to accept change or need Paper Mario to be an RPG only. We'll see you again in the what did you play in 2023 topic, Paper Mario: Color Splash.


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Sort of beat. I finished the first five cases aka Great Ace Attorney 1 but still have the second game and its five cases to play. Wanted to put some space between them and not suffer Ace Attorney burnout like others who played through the whole package at once commented on.

Bastion - Played the beginning of this one night in August and wasn't that thrilled with what I was playing. Never got back to it. Nothing like an including a game you played for maybe an hour on this list. Would have forgot about this if I hadn't had done it during Backlaugust 2022.

Rime - Started this at the end of Backlaugust 2022. Was really digging and enjoying this and then.... I just didn't get back to it. It was a weird state of things. I was sort of pushing myself to see if I could finish it for the end of Backlaugust so I made a lot of forward progress at the expense of not quite learning some of the past geography of the island. Realizing I wouldn't complete it in time for the month, I wanted to go back and revisit and explore the earlier areas and just left it in that state of whether I should go forward or back and played Picross 3D Round 2 instead. I expect to get back to it this year but not sure when. I'm feeling like going back to part 2 of Great Ace Attorney once I finish Paper Mario.

The Talos Principle - I bought this based on the trailer for it and it looked like a simple game of exploring and solving puzzles like a sort of Myst type game. Got through the opening area and reached a zone that allows you to transport to like eight other islands / zones. Went to one of those islands and was exploring it and a bit stumped on it when I last stopped playing and didn't get back to it. It's been ok so far. Puzzles had been pretty simple until I got to that next zone with things being more vague. Part of the reason why I dropped off from playing it though is that it gave me weird vibes. I don't know if it was a combination of the music and mood or and something about the movement of the environment but, when I think of the game, I seem to trigger a feeling of slight nausea or unease. I have no idea if anyone else might have that effect. Not sure if it was just something coincidental at the time I was first playing it or if it might go away when playing it some more but that's probably been the biggest hurdle of me getting back into after a quick couple play sessions.

Kirby's Avalanche - Started playing this again with its release on the SNES app. Was curious to see if I could beat it thanks to save states and rewind feature. The challenge in this game is no joke. There's a three stage tutorial opening and I was struggling against the third part of the opening. Started getting on a bit of a role but opponents were getting tougher and faster and I still have regained the Puyo Puyo form I had 20 years ago when first playing this on the SNES and almost winning. I think I paused this just shortly before Backlaugust and never got back to it since possible leaving off against the Sun and Moon.

Mario Party 64 - Been playing this a bit with its release on the N64 Switch app to refresh myself on it. Will I keep going to unlock everything? Not sure but it's been eye-opening to go back to something I haven't played in 20 years particularly with the GC Mario Party games being what frequently get chosen and played when having people over. Would like to do some real multiplayer with it again rather than just the bit of single player I've done so far. (Also find it hilarious that the only options were 20, 35 and 50 turn games with 35 being what is recommended as a normal game. This would soon change to 20 being the normal or default amount.)

Yoshi's Story - Just barely started into this. Played through World 1-1 sometime in December and it is the next thing I want to replay right now in the N64 App. Juggling between it and Mario Party 1 for now.

Replayed Titles

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
51 Clubhouse Games

Just a couple Switch games that I've played before and already completed. I just know I've done some more gaming in them again with other people. (Although I still have yet to get into the Booster Pack stuff for MK8.) Throwing them in because I can remember playing a bit of them as well this year. Could be something else I'm forgetting like a Mario Party 5 or 6 or something else on the SNES app for example. I don't keep as careful notation of games played as I do movies watched although even with movies I'm more concerned with tracking new movies I've watched rather than when I rewatch a film. That's my 2022 gaming review. At least 38 games with varying levels of time spent on them.


--- Quote from: broodwars on January 04, 2023, 07:43:46 PM ---Games I beat in 2022:
- Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Games I played but did not complete:
- Rive
- Pac-Man World Re-Pac

--- End quote ---

I am curious about these games. I am on the fence with Kena. Would you recommend it to others?
For Rive, I really enjoyed, enough so to go back and do some post-game challenges. What was it that made you fall off that one?  Sort of the same question for Pac-Man. I have it for Switch, so I will be giving it a try eventually, just wondering why you did not complete it.


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