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BTW, another think I've noticed is that these new forums seem fast -- I've got a slow connection and many sites are pigs (including PGC's main site [and ezboard]), with severely bloated HTML and useless gee-gaws out the wazoo, but these forum pages load very quickly!

p.s. So don't go bloating them with dancing GIFS, hear?

p.p.s. Also I love that you can edit your posts retroactively; I never notice mispellings until after I've posted....

agree with the speed, this board seems to render way faster that the old one, and the PGC homepage.
lookin' good.

edit: and please no avatars. i know alot of people want them, but i honestly could care less about which lame little picture is forced on my minimalistic bandwidth. or at least an option to turn them off.

Yeah, I gotta admit it, too.  I'm loving the new forum design.  The only thing that's buggin' me right now, is the loss of my avatar and custum forum title.  I AM teh Juno Master afterall!    And I miss my Juno pic BADLY!  Anways, keep up the great work guys!

If we ever did turn on avatars, in your "Customize" settings, there will be an option to choose the "Standard" Graphics Mode, which I beleive will turn them off anyway.

It's more of an issue of the additional bandwidth load than anything.

aoi tsuki:
Well done!! i like the color scheme; very neutral. Out of curiousity, have you thought of changing the really pastel purple (#E1DFE4) to something like #DFDAE5? i doubt most people that come to the forum will notice that there is a purple tint on the page. Giving it a bit more purple/indigo would give it more of a "Gamecube" feel.

Is there any way to allow users to change the font size? i'm running 1600x1200 on a 19" monitor and it's a bit small; smaller than EZBoard. Not like i can't increase the font, but it would be nice to have that option.

Avatars would be nice (despite the fact i never used them on EZB), but considering that you guys are hosting the forum now it could bite you in the ass down the road.

Can't wait to see what happens when you really get things rolling.


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