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Anyone else disappointed in their Xbox?

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I got a Gamecube on release day and then my brother bought a Xbox bundle on release day with a one year warranty, if it wasn't for the warranty I would have been out of an Xbox months ago(I bought it off of him when he moved) yet my Gamecube hasn't broken down once! Anyone else have a similar experiance with a consle

Yeah, but not with a next-gen console.
My N64 actually froze when I was playing Perfect Dark sometine last year! Although I HAD been playing it for around 5 hours straight, that was totally unexpected.
My Gamecube is perfectly fine. I take VERY good care of it. After I finish playing, I unplug the power and video cords, and put it on the table (which looks great cause of the handle), and I put my controllers beside it. This is the first time I have ever taken such steps for a console. I have always left my N64/SNES/NES on the floor, where it always collects dust. Now, the Gamecube is spotless.

My friend has an Xbox, and it's pretty hard for him to carry it around places, and do what I do to take care of it. I have heard that in Japan, the Xbox console itself was chwing up game discs! Has this happened to anyone over here in Australia, Europe or Amercia? I would REALLY like to know.

I had a bad Xbox when I bought it (Dec. 2001) it just wouldn't turn on. My GameCube was also bad when I bought it (March 2002) wouldn't read a memory card. .

PS2 is a different story. I went though 2 launch ones before the third one worked. Then about 20 days after that it stopped reading my PS games and audio CD's.  So I had to get another one!

I guess I have bad luck with this gen. systems.  

Koopa Troopa:
GC: No problems.

2nd GC: No problems. (Yeah, we own two.)

XBox: No problems.

PS2: It broke after 6 months, had to get another.

I've had my PS2 since day #1.  No problems.  I also had a first gen Japanese PS2 that worked fine (Ended up selling it).

My gamcube every once in a great while won't read the memory card or disk, but it's never been a big problem and just power off/on fixes it.

I got my Xbox thanks to a program at work that got me a free Gamecube, but since I didn't need 2 GC's I swaped it and paid $50 for the Xbox.  Being only a $50 investment, and thanks to Microsofts retail site have not had to pay for a single game, or Xbox Live, I really can't complain.  I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it, I don't think it's worth it.


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