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Just a heads up for all of you ...

The Forum rules have been updated and clarified, mostly to remove some of the redundancies and clarify a few salient points.  It would be wise for you all to check them out again, as your continued use of the Forums implies your agreement to abide by said rules.  

One point with which you need to be aware is that you are not to link to any graphic or media file that is not contained on your own personal webspace.  To do so is bandwidth theft, and PGC will not be responsible for stealing the bandwidth of other websites.  This is not a new rule, but again, a clarification of existing rules.  Just because you CAN link to an image doesn't make it OK.  Also, many sites will replace the graphic you are "leeching" with a different graphic, and these images can often be pornographic or objectionable in nature.  Of course, if this happens, it is YOUR fault, and you will be banned.  


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