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Morrowind characters.

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Hey, Explain all of your Morrowind Characters in here.  And any other info you would like to explain about the (such as their armor,  weapons,  spells etc...)

Edit: ok.... i guess not many people have morrowind.  When someone replies i'll post my character.

I just kind of started, but i am a wood elf.  I have a silver viperslayer sword, an orcish curiass, orcish boots, orchish pauldrons, orchish bracers, a druegh shield, and a dreugh helmet.  I also have a glass dagger, wizards staff, and crossbow, but i dont really use them as much as my sword.  I also have a wizard robe from Caldera but i forget the name.  It replenishes your health like 10 points every time you use it.  I also have a graveward amulet, ring of wizards fire, and some other ring that damages fatigue.  I dont really have that many spells, i think i have like 5 or 6, but i dont really use them as often as my rings or amulets.

I used to have morrowind but i sold  it. Didnt have the time for it. Im kinda sorry that i did though cuz i see all the threads on the xbox forum and just how deep this game is. I was also a wood elf. I tend to be elf in rpg games. The are the best. They are archers, pretty good in magic, and aslo have decent melee skills. And they  are also very agile. But if you want to see all kinds of characters go to, if you havent done so already, and post it there. Itll be flooded with responses.

I don't have morrowind, but I know that Ian, who draws the very funny webcomic did a PC Morrowind character mod with a Moogle fron Final Fantasy.

Someday he'll also put out his sword mods, tha tinclude several Final Fantasy swords (Like Clouds Buster Sword), and The Master Sword from Zelda.  

Oh yeah i saw some of that! it looks pretty good but he needs to work on it some more. i'll look for the links.

Oh yeah i'm a female wood elf (aren't wood elfs so cool?!?!!).  Yeah my name is Link Karkarikov (i love zelda. added a V to Kakariko). I stole glass armor from the armorer in ghostgate and have all glass armor pieces except for glass greaves.  Yeah it's so cool. I also have redorean clothes on.  the expensive skirt and shirt.  I enchanted a ring to give me 95-100 opening powers.  I have a couple of full grand soul gems.  I also have the ring of far reaching from my  quest in the thieves guild.  I'm finished with the bal mologmer quest so i think i'm past a ringmaster.  what else...... oh yeah i took a house next to the blade master (i think his name is cassious currio... never started the main quest yet) and i put a lot of candles leading to the door.  It looks really cool.

when i'm done with the thieves guild quests i might start to join a house and do the main quest. I had this game for soo long man!


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