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Mafia XC: Xenoblade Chronicles 1 - Definitive Mafia Edition. Sign-up Thread.

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At this rate it will be November before the game launches  :o

Could be, could be. However, I should probably get some invites/reminders going. Should check with ThePerm and Luigi Dude. Crimm and lolmonade would probably join if I contact them on Discord. Go through the rolodex and see who else I can check on. Plugabugz may want another shot.

I thought I'd hammer out the details on this a few days ago but I've let time slip away on other projects. That said, since it seems like most people signing up were already jumping on the Xenoblade bandwagon, I can confirm I'll make this a Xenoblade Chronicles 1 themed game. I've been thinking a bit on this and there's a couple things I might be able to do to bring some of that Xenoblade flavor to the rules of Mafia.

I know I had set the deadline of starting this game for Sept. 12 aka tomorrow but let's push that date back to next week Sept. 19. Hopefully that won't inconvenience too many players who have signed up. If all goes well, that time will allow me to find a few other players to get the player count up and I'll also start writing up the rules and roles to get those posted.

Finally, when it comes to roleplay, I'll be taking the character of Alvis so that one is off-limits. You know it makes sense for the host to have that role.

Luigi Dude:
Yeah I guess I can join.

Vote Khrushenada for inactivity  ;)

At risk of being spoiled on Xenoblade Chronicles 1 while I'm in the middle of playing it, count me in.


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