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Mafia XC: Xenoblade Chronicles 1 - Definitive Mafia Edition. Sign-up Thread.

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Over halfway there when it comes to the player count. I should light up the Discord signal as well to make others aware.


--- Quote from: Khushrenada on August 25, 2022, 01:10:16 AM ---Theme to be determined? What? I thought it was set that XC would be Xenoblade Chronicles X! Well, that was my plan but I also thought I'd have finished the game by now only to have trailed off in Chapter 10 last year and not gotten back to it. That said, XCX doesn't really work as a real roman numeral so I suppose it could happen later during the XC period of Mafia games. I have played the original Xenoblade Chronicles so I'm currently thinking of maybe making that game the theme. While it would have been nice to have XC open to the whole series, I don't think people want XC3 spoilers right now and I still need to get through 2 so that would make the general theme difficult to do from my hosting perspective thought it could probably be done.

--- End quote ---
I can 100% sustain a successful roleplay without spoiling anything. That is what battle banter and memes are for.

In, Monseuir!

Mop it up:
But it's gotta be Xenoblade Chronicles as the theme, it's just gotta! I've a feeling that we're gonna make it that even if you choose something else anyway! And you don't have to worry, I myself have played only XC1 and XCX so there won't be any spoilers for 2 and 3 from me.

I am going to have to sit out this one.  I am getting a packet of info and the housing voucher so my time in September will be finding a place out in Mesa so I have to step out of the game.


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