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Mafia 88: Hey Pikmin, Four..m A Mafia! Day 5.

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Oh crap. The Nintendo Direct got me all distracted from thinking about the story post. I literally just realized I hadn't thought about the next day needing a story post until just now when I had made the thread title and then just looked at this empty post space and it occurred to me that this is a where a story post would go. Clearly, the story this game has really got my creative juices just overflowing....  :-[

Excerpt from the President’s Business Log:

Things are turning into a disaster around here. I've been answering the phone all day and trying to figure out the filing system here because my secretary has been away. I had to seem like I was willing to accept her demands to keep her quiet for now which meant letting her come and go as she pleased. Unfortunately, it's mainly just the going she's been doing and not the coming as she's hardly shown up the past few days leaving me to do her job. The arms dealer, Kenny the Killer, says he knows a guy that can help me out with the secretary situation called Bruno the Butcher. Of course, there's a cost involved so somehow I've got to find a way to get the moolah needed to hire this guy which is tough since I still need to pay off the Hocotate Freight Workers Union. Today a bunch of bricks were thrown through some of my windows as a reminder of the types of "accidents" that can occur without their insurance. Why hasn't Louie delivered those bananas yet? That order would really help get the financial ball rolling here! If only it was Olimar doing that delivery then it would probably be done already.

As it is, Olimar seems pretty happy with the current state of things. He says the foundation for the vacation home has been laid and there's been more progressing in building the perimeter wall and clearing out some of the dangerous creatures in the area. There was one particular creature that he hadn't encountered before that he was calling an Angry Orange because it seemed to look like the orange fruit but seemed to be doing a lot of angry stomping as it roamed around. He helped lead the attack with his pikmin against it and they put the squeeze on that orange and were able to mop up that problem. I do wish he'd get this done faster so he could get back here and I could get my wife off my back. I've got nothing to show her yet and she's still mouthing off about how I never look after her like the husbands look after her friends and shower them with luxuries. I dream about the peace and quiet I'll be able to experience once this home is built and I can ship her off to there for weeks at a time. It's been helping me get through the days here.

Announcements Post
Previous Day’s Results


Mop it up - Townie (Killed by Mafia Hit)

No one was eliminated from the Day’s Vote again. The Mafia gained a pellet with the value of 1 from the hit which has been automatically added to the Master Onion's total.

Current Master Onion Total: 2

Voting Time: For Day 5, the Day Thread will be open for a maximum of about 48 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at 1:30 AM EST Feb. 12 aka 10:30 PM PST Feb. 11. However, the Day could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 14 players still alive in this game meaning 8 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today’s Inaccurate Pikmin Quote:

How now, Brown Cow?

Breadbug is frustrated that the strange alien and his army of crunchy snacks took this food pellet before Breadbug could get to it.

Well, may as well make it official
No vote

I hesitate to vote again since it seems to be of little use with the No Vote carrying the day more likely than not. Are people that scared of the Bomber? Better death by explosion than boredom. :P I'll unvote Luigi Dude. Wah's reasoning from earlier is as good as any for now.


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